Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip!

Dedicated to illustrations that feature paint or ink splatters, smudges, smears and/or drips as an illustration element. No photos or paintings (abstracts/still-life) please. Illustration should feature a clear subject and be highly visual and captivating


  • Reality by cadva
  • The Pink Cliffs at Heathcote VIC Australia by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • Watercolor Dream catcher by ancapora
  • Fashion Girl in Paris by ancapora
  • Irradiated Gorilla No. 2 by strangethingsA
  • Cheese! by lerson
  • Colorful seamless polka dot pattern by AnastasiiaM
  • Wulf Head by strangethingsA
  • Sweeney Todd by sandygrafik
  • Galaxy Moon by cadva
  • Galaxy by cadva
  • Skull Tank Variant 3 by strangethingsA
  • Skull Tank Variant 2 by strangethingsA
  • Blossom by lerson
  • Narcos - powder by Naf4d
  • Escape the Ink by Tumi-K
  • Imagination Is Everything by Elli Maanpää
  • So... Strange by strangethingsA