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Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip!

Dedicated to illustrations that feature paint or ink splatters, smudges, smears and/or drips as an illustration element. No photos or paintings (abstracts/still-life) please. Illustration should feature a clear subject and be highly visual and captivating


  • Furry Family by Caroline Johnston
  • Spring by Cameron Hampton
  • Cat Panther Painting Abstract Art Bright Colors by Ekaterina Chernova by Ekaterina Chernova
  • Harbor Hydrant by Scott Johnson
  • She Paints: commissioned work for Sara Hall aka RichesRoad by Lisa Murphy
  • Harvest by shpshift
  • Pink Yellow Blue FLowers by Ekaterina Chernova
  • "Retrofit" by Sabina D'Antonio
  • An Artist in Wonderland by © Angela L Walker
  • The Bunny Gets It by OutsiderArtist
  • Japan Girl  by OutsiderArtist
  • Eat Me Easter Bunny by OutsiderArtist
  • Goulburn River Seymour Vic Australia by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • The Polkadot Bow by Sarah Jarrett
  • 13th Inkblot by MightyRain
  • My Spidey blot is tingling... by MightyRain
  • Southern Spring I by Cameron Hampton
  • Untitled by Lauren Hughes