Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip!

Dedicated to illustrations that feature paint or ink splatters, smudges, smears and/or drips as an illustration element. No photos or paintings (abstracts/still-life) please. Illustration should feature a clear subject and be highly visual and captivating


  • Say Cheese! by lerson
  • Just Joking by Jonah Block
  • Dancing by lerson
  • BRUH Galaxy Print by cookiecatlady
  • Landscape by cadva
  • Holiday Ice Cream Cat by fluffymafi
  • beak by titus toledo
  • Tomato by lerson
  • Waiting by Thelma Van Rensburg
  • Girl on bed by Thelma Van Rensburg
  • Space-time by lerson
  • Fluid by James McKenzie
  • Rail Stadion under Construction by Enoeda
  • Smoke (II) by lerson
  • Smoke by lerson
  • Carnivowl the Owl by curlyartcloud
  • Inner Minds by Sonteeg
  • Nibbles by Chris Brett