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Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip!

Dedicated to illustrations that feature paint or ink splatters, smudges, smears and/or drips as an illustration element. No photos or paintings (abstracts/still-life) please. Illustration should feature a clear subject and be highly visual and captivating

Recent Work

  • Just Read and Learn. Read and learn. by Elli Maanpää
  • Paint It Like You Mean It by Elli Maanpää
  • Stag Design - Colour 2 by cadva
  • Stag Design by cadva
  • Innovation by lerson
  • Jellyfish Boy by sandygrafik
  • Lucky Elephant by Simplastic
  • Keep calm by LuigiMrz
  • Awaken the Gorgon by strangethingsA
  • Meat Cake by lerson
  • Glitch Horse II by James McKenzie
  • Zomb-Eye by strangethingsA

About This Group

….. for too long have we splatter-drippers been lurking in the shadows ….with not a single group to showcase our wares…. WE HIDE NO MORE! SPLATTERERS UNITE!

Welcome to Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip! ~ a group dedicated to and celebrating the use of paint & ink splatters & drips as textural elements in illustration!

So join up and share your best work that features paint/ink style drips and/or splatters as a prominent part of the design. :) Elements can either be digitally generated or photographed, as long as the final work is more illustrative than photographic, and the inky splatters & drips are a prominent feature of the overall work, and appear to be created by ink or paint. We realise this is somewhat open to individual perception but if you have any confusion about what we are trying to showcase here then simply check out the featured work – THAT is the kind of work we wanna celebrate :)…..and there is plenty out there so get on board splatter-fiends!

If your work is not accepted, doesn’t mean we think it’s crappy – it probably just doesn’t quite fit in with what we are trying to promote here…

As much as we respect the RB photographers, this group is for illustrated prints and T-shirts only thanks~! Let the splattering and dripping begiiiiiiiiin!

See the group rules and join this group here

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