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Recent Work

  • Strawberry Curls by barrowda
  • Watercolour Cats - Black Cat on Purple Spirals by Danièlle Lily Marie Blance
  • Ultimate Marbles by barrowda
  • Vorwex by blacknight
  • Feathered Portal original painting by CrowRisingMedia
  • Gotta Dance Sometime by Chazagirl
  • Mandies Star... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • What keeps going around... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Park by hannzoll
  • Black & White by hannzoll
  • Connection 4.3 by hannzoll
  • Park 2 by hannzoll

About This Group

Group overview**********************WE HAVE THE BEST ARRAY OF SPIRAL ART ON THE BUBBLE*Any format is welcome here.Digital – Painted – Drawn etc. All is welcome as long as at includes a Spiral*Only art that fits the definitions of a Spiral below will be accepted into this groupTee Shirts are encouragedGreat group for FRACTALS tooBring em on!All kinds of awesome SpiralsSpi·ral [ sprəl ] -noun (plural spi·rals)


1. continuous circling flat curve: in mathematics, a flat curve or series of curves that constantly increase or decrease in size in circling around a central point

2. mathematics
Same as helix (sense 2)

3. something with curving circular pattern: something that has a helical or spiral form

4. aviation flight maneuver: a maneuver in which an aircraft makes a continuous banking turn as it descends

Spiral adjective — Definition:

1. continuously circling with flat curves: with a flat curve or series of curves that constantly increase or decrease in size in circling around a central point

2. Helical: like a helix in shape (hel·i·cal [ héllik’l, hlik’l ]
adjective -Definition: —spiral-shaped: in the shape of a helix or spiral

Spiral- verb (past and past participle spi·raled or spi·ralled, present participle spi·ral·ing or spi·ral·ling, 3rd person present singular spi·rals)


1. transitive and intransitive verb move something in spiral: to move in a spiral, or make something move in a spiral

2. intransitive verb change at increasing pace: to increase or decrease at a continuously accelerating rate

spiraling inflation

3. transitive and intransitive verb shape something like spiral: to take on a spiral shape, or make something take on a spiral shape[Mid-16th century. < medieval Latin spiralis “coiled” < Latin spira (see spire2)]spi·ral·ly adverb

spi·roid [ sp royd ] adjective

We seek only Spirals that meet the above descriptions…

True Spirals…
Just Spirals…
Spirals only…

If your not sure if it’s a Spiral… then it probably doesn’t belong in this group…

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