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Special Moments

This group requires a hosting team. If you are interested in hosting this group, you can find out more here : https://help.redbubble.com/hc/en-us/articles/202270959-Groups-on-Redbubble


linmarie linmarie 2209 posts

THIS IS MY WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU.. to the members in this wonderful group… who come by every so often to congratulate our weekly featured fellow members or say thank you for their feature.. but truly show community and dedication to our group..
THANK YOU,THANK YOU,, FOR with out them there would not be a community,, a place to stop and feel a warm hug of appreciation… so I honor this month the following artists.. the works I am picking from their portfolios are not necessarily in our group.. I am just trying to show their talent and love for the arts..
I hope this list will grow and grow every week of more members coming by to show some love.. it takes a village to build a city.. it takes a hug to make one feel they belong, it takes a few short words of encouragement to inspire..peace and love linmarie♥

“When Metal Finds Love”
Biana Masquelier
“The way we were”
“A single Orange Rose”
Ginny York
“Blocked by the Clouds”
James Gibbs
“Brown Sugar”
Lorin Richter
“Tiffany lamp Butterfly”
“A Splash of Color”
Marie Sharp
“Water Fountain”
“Dining out in Croatia”
Tamara Kaylor
“Bee Perch”
Trish Nicholas
“Snake Skin”
Virginian Photography

THANK YOU,, you special, loving, generous people.. I really appreciate you making our village a home and hopefully a city some day!!

Barbara  Glover Barbara Glover 517 posts

Very nice images, well done.

James Gibbs James Gibbs 3512 posts

Congratulations to all the artists and thank you so very much linmarie!

Baina Masquelier Baina Masquelier 542 posts

How touched I feel to be sharing this page with wonderful artists…
Congratulations everyone… and
THANK YOU linmarie for your commitment and support. You are such a wonderful host :-)

virginian virginian 13292 posts

What a very sweet thing! Congrats to all artists and thank you for including me; an honor for sure! You are appreciated. -Judy

MarianBendeth MarianBendeth 1532 posts

Congratulations to all those incredibly talented artists and LinMarie..I am honoured to be amongst them! Thank you!

Ellanita Ellanita 861 posts

I feel so honoured to be in this selection with all you beautiful artists. Thank you linmarie. May we all be inspired by each other and live in gratitude for the privilege and gift of sharing our Art…blessings to all…Ellanita

Ginny York Ginny York 7016 posts

This is such a nice thing to do linmarie. I had a trying day today and this just lifted my spirits. It’s so nice to belong to a group where people care and really do make special moments. This is one for me. :)) Thanks so much. :))

Congratulations to everyone !

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 10448 posts

(¯`·.·´¯) (¯`·.·´¯)
`·.¸(¯`·.·´¯)¸ .·
×°× ` ·.¸.·´ ×°× Thank you so much Linmarie this is a pleasant surprise I am honoured and thrilled and congratulations to all the other Artists as well~ heartfelt hugs to all..You know Linmarie know you are appreciated for all you do within this group to make it special for us all and this was a wonderful kind hearted thing to do this is a wonderful group and its things like this you going that extra mile making it special for us all hugs,Thank you ever so much Know you are appreciated as well
Wonderful images Nicel selections and viewing Congratulations to All Nicely done and displayed in this wonderful group
Linmarie i think you should have a little something too so i made this up for you One gif is large the other small you can right click and save
them as your personal ones i didn’t put my signature in for there your pictures a little gift from me to you hugs

Lorin Richter Lorin Richter 194 posts

Thank you so much…I think I am going to tear up. Its been a bad week but it just started getting better.

Tamara  Kaylor Tamara Kaylor 607 posts

Linmarie you are the sweetest!! Thank you for this honor, it is VERY much appreciated as is your dedication and energy to this group!
Cheers, Tamara

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 13848 posts

Thank you so much for this honor! Also, thank you so for making this such a wonderful group!

OPUS1 OPUS1 69 posts

congratulaiotns to everyone featured such beautiful work. Thank you for your kind words Linmarie they are very touching and i feel so proud that you choose one of my photos when there are so many beautiful photos to choose from. :)

mablec mablec 2 posts

congratulation to all

Trish Nicholas Trish Nicholas 56 posts

Truly surprised to be included in such an enormously talented group of artist… Thank you! And congratulations to everyone!