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Speaking Out

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  • MaggieSummers

    You Lied by MaggieSummers

    I’m broken.

    I can’t pretend anymore.

    There’s no point in my being.

    Your will takes me and I am no more.

    What is goodbye but a promise
    that we shall meet again?

    This is not goodbye,

    43 words
  • juddarwin

    unscrolled haiku writes 6 a, b & c by juddarwin

    reading’s re-writing/
    accepting/changing/ . . ..
    ing: using / making one’s own
    (pictures waked, reading).
    same word dif image
    like naked’s not w…

    33 words
  • darkvampire

    no time by darkvampire

    it sat there alone in its perspiring

    87 words
  • RC deWinter

    the unborn by RC deWinter

    misstep and you’re lost
    misstep and you’re laughed at
    misstep and you may as well bury alive
    all your hopes of redemption
    your dreams of desire

    187 words
  • George Coombs

    Victim Again by George Coombs

    now, victim again
    mind raped by
    predatory existence
    light, please come
    to the forest
    of tangled dark
    i will no longer
    live if person
    wrung dry is
    like this…
    nails in the same
    cross, op…

    50 words
  • msdebbie

    Wordplay by msdebbie

    I wish for linguistic smoothness

    159 words
  • George Coombs

    Nobody's Here by George Coombs

    nobody’s here,
    door open i bring
    a mind lacerated
    by talons of fear
    yet, in this place,
    i share silence
    with those whose
    vibrations fill the
    place with safety,
    refuge from longing
    empty church
    peace at th…

    54 words
  • Elisabeth Dubois

    Giving up! by Elisabeth Dubois

    I feel all alone and have lost my will to live
    I cannot see what beauty lies ahead of me

    75 words
  • 8upchef

    THROUGH LOSS by 8upchef

    Even in dark days
    Times void of visible hope
    There is strength to be found
    In the prayers we share

    20 words
  • Misunderstood24

    For You by Misunderstood24

    I wait in the dark of the hallway
    and sip on my coffee , wondering if you’re thinking of me
    like I am thinking of you at this moment.

    Like your face.

    The soft, bittersweet cheeks
    I used to long t…

    227 words
  • RC deWinter

    Whippoorwill by RC deWinter

    Sometimes I think I’ll die alone,
    Sometimes I think I won’t.
    Sometimes I ache down to the bone,
    Sometimes I simply don’t.

    153 words
  • oscarelizondo

    I flew The Horse Of Wind by oscarelizondo

    In a peaceful place of rest I took the liberty to ride the horse of wind,
    My face felt the air of knowledge as someone announced it to my next of kin.
    It was a majestic view from the clouds above while…

    245 words
  • oscarelizondo

    I Have Vanished by oscarelizondo

    While walking in my private nature place I have begun to disintegrate,
    I’ve come here with a broken heart and I stayed to fully myself investigate.
    Feelings of neglect have surrounded my soul as …

    240 words
  • Rishani Sittampalam

    I For You by Rishani Sittam...

    If.. in my life, there are alot of I’s, it is because of you…

    If.. in my life, there are alot of I’s, it is because of you…‘I have done this’, or
    ‘I have done…

    52 words
  • RC deWinter

    morning meeting by RC deWinter

    your flame-red cloak – it taunts me!
    i am no bull prepared to charge
    at anything that stands before me.
    i can’t; i am a coward of the heart.

    221 words
  • 8upchef

    PAINT ME WHOLE AGAIN by 8upchef

    They pass slowly
    Studying me
    Critiquing me
    Judging me

    sweet slow running brook
    washing away my pain

    74 words
  • George Coombs

    Meditation by George Coombs

    still, statuesque sitting in circle
    breathing slowly like
    waves reaching for the shore
    then easing away
    no sound…mind merging
    into timeless realms…
    a sacred circle…a holy space
    free from a…

    82 words