Speaking Out

Speaking out of ANY real life experiences from your past, present or even someone elses!! Good or Bad let us hear you!!!

About This Group

We want to hear you speak out of real life experiences anywhere from personal thoughts, fears, happy moments, achievements, wants, changes, loss, neglect, abandonment or any type of abuse and how you overcame it or how you are wanting too! Whatever you want to talk about … you can say it here! No one will judge you here … we just want to HEAR YOU!!! Everyone deserves to be heard!!

And of course your voice for others who may not have a chance to voice it for themselves.


A “GROUP” means ….
a number of persons or things ranged;
considered together;
as being related in some way
“ALONE” means …
to the exclusion of all others or all else;
separate, apart, or isolated from others;
to allow (someone) to be by himself or herself
So when we say
your a part of this “GROUP”
We mean you are NOT alone
Nor would we allow
one to stand alone!!

Written by Cheryl

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