Southern United States Artists

Fine Art in Traditional, Photographic, and Digital mediums from artists in the Southern U.S.

Recent Work

  • Ode To Memory by MoonSpiral
  • This is not a good place for the nest!! by jozi1
  • Layers by Bill Wetmore
  • Sea Oats along the Beach by Jonicool
  • Urecht Canal by Cameron Hampton
  • Nicolaikerk Interior by Cameron Hampton
  • Changing Skies by Cameron Hampton
  • The Selkie by MoonSpiral
  • Altered, Chamber Street by Cameron Hampton
  • Winter Grove by Tibby Steedly
  • Utrecht Central by Cameron Hampton
  • After a Storm, Majellapark, Utrecht by Cameron Hampton

About This Group

Southern United States Artists welcomes all artists living and working in the southern states of the U.S.

Thanks for making SUSA a wonderful repository for excellent art and photography from born and bred Southern artists, and those who currently call the South “home”. You all make me proud.

F.A. Moore

BEST WORKS. Submit only best works to this group, because:
- our ultimate goal is exhibitions across the South

If some work is not accepted, please, do not get discouraged. It is probably because I may not think it represents your very best; let’s stay friends :)


MEDIA. Fine Art.
- traditional fine art,
- experimental fine art,
- original digital fine art,
- photographic fine art.

- to promote the art of Southerners through local or touring exhibits
- to encourage the betterment of individual artist members of the group

See the group rules and join this group here

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