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Latin America

Images and writing from the countries of Latin America


  • Ilse

    Adicciones Mortales by Ilse

    A veces pienso que me estoy convirtiendo en algún tipo de animal,
    Que te come,
    te ataca,
    te horroriza,
    Y que te hipnotiza.

    Soy el animal que come tus intestinos,
    Crudos y tibios,
    por el calor de tu cuer…

    381 words
  • ArtByMia

    La Operacion .. The Operation... FEMICIDE in Puerto Rico by ArtByMia

    no “official” program or policy on sterilization
    They call it a form of
    “birth control”
    “Curbing the surplus population”
    “Economic reform”
    “Keeping poverty at bay”

    426 words
  • Isa Rodriguez

    You know you are Puerto Rican IF.............50 things by Isa Rodriguez

    this one is for ALL OF MY COUSINS WHO ARE OUT THERE..
    AND for all of my bubblishus friends..

    ( Part of this was from an email I received quite a while back , and I have always loved it )

    You Know Yo…

    687 words
  • Skip Hunt

    Xilitla Miró by Skip Hunt

    …darting through the subtropical wood without concern of all the fresh scrapes and cuts I was getting from the brush and brambles… figured it was better than feral doggie-fang surprise.

    297 words
  • ifeel

    Nina a Mujer: Hermana by ifeel

    hermana mia, que en este dia te vistes con colores de nina a mujer. Aunque no estoy cerca de ti, sierra tus bellos ojos y escucha me humilde puecilla. Que dios te vendiga siempre, y rezo para que…

    160 words
  • ifeel

    Hermano Mio by ifeel

    Hermano mio
    Que lejos estas de mi
    Desiertos y mares entre tu y yo
    Que poco hemos compartido nuestra infancia, adolescencia and madurez
    Cosas de la vida, pues haci los quizo Dios
    Pero nunca olvides que yo …

    91 words
  • ifeel

    Eres mi bebe by ifeel

    Eres mi bebe, eres mi amor, eres mi adoracion
    Por los dias, de los dias, mi bebe eres tu

    Eres mi bebe, eres my amor, eres mi adoracion
    Por los diad, de los dias, mi bebe ares tu

    38 words
  • ardwork

    30 metres more? just pick me up on the way back down! by ardwork

    14-16 April 2002

    Altitude, it sucks your energy away. Luckily my partner Anna and our guides Hugo and Jorge were not about to leave me sitting so close to our goal. I wasn’t impressed but 20 minute…

    1242 words
  • ardwork

    Salt, sand and a 4wd! by ardwork

    My aim was to get to Puerto Montt in Chile and catch a 4 day ferry to Patagonia. With only 7 weeks remaining I wanted to make the most of my time to explore the deep south. That was about as detaile…

    1336 words
  • Francisco Larrea

    The hell of whales. by Francisco Larrea

    Some lines about one infamous whale trade.

    356 words
  • Francisco Larrea

    Echoes from the past. by Francisco Larrea

    This autumn I visited a little town called San Rosendo next to the Biobi­o River and near Concepcion. In the 40’s the Chilean rail industry built a big engine house that had the capacity to fit…

    293 words
  • Skip Hunt

    Wirikuta by Skip Hunt

    …then popped it into his mouth and let out a huge laugh as his stoney face broke into a smile almost as bright as the desert sun suspended in the brilliant blue sky.

    3709 words
  • Skip Hunt

    Mexico City by Skip Hunt

    Then his hand was on my leg and started to caress it as he suggested we take a walk to my hotel for a complimentary suck.

    590 words
  • Robxavier

    Death of a Sibling by Robxavier

    A family of 9 turns to a family of 8

    That loss of one is 1 loss too many

    184 words
  • Juana Luján

    s/t by Juana Luján

    Se ha asustado
    al sentir el coágulo
    bajar de súbito por la entrepierna.
    Se ha asustado
    pero esa sangre no es como la sangre
    el coágulo huele a hembra
    y dice
    Dice: Esto
    es de una herida más profunda.

    45 words