Songbirds of North America -Color Photos Only...No B/W...Correct Identification of the songbird, and where the image was taken is required (e.g. city and state, province or proximity to the closest city, if taken

Identification and location where the image was taken must either be in the title or the description.

Features for Sunday 27 October 2013

Larry Trupp Larry Trupp 728 posts

Good Evening Folks a warm to the Songbirds of North America
Just a friendly reminder Folks
Correct identification and the location where the image was taken must either be in the title or the description.Information about the bird is welcomed but not mandatory. However, quality images and accompanying information will be given priority as feature material.

The following link Birds of Passeriformes Order will take you to a comprehensive guide to identifying birds found in this group. Just click on each individual bird to get a better description . It is user friendly, a great asset and learning tool.

For further reference please use the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds (Eastern Region and Western Region)… NOTE: The Rocky Mountains are the birds guiding line for determination.

Here are the images chosen for Sunday 27 October 2013
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White Crowned Sparrow

by Michael Cummings

Swamp Sparrow

by Michael Cummings

American Robins

by Michael Cummings

Sitting Pretty

by Janice Carter

Black-headed Grosbeak (Breeding Male)

by Kimberly Chadwick

Carolina Wren on July Morning

by Bonnie T. Barry

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Good Birding and do take care now Folks



Michael Cummings Michael Cummings 36 posts

Thank you very much for the honour of being Featured Member.

Janice Carter Janice Carter 22 posts

Beautiful work, Michael. I’m honored just to have my name on the same page as yours. Your photos are beautiful!

Barb Miller Barb Miller 667 posts

Nice selection of songbirds Larry. Yesterday I saw a Sharpshin sitting of a feeder top. Not a songbird in sight.
I really don’t see them that often. Hopefully they are not nesting nearby.

Congrats to the artists.