Solo Exhibition

Artist solo exhibitions, juried invitational exhibitions, and workshops


  • in the field by glennbrady
  • Siena skyline by Alessandro Andreuccetti
  • My homeland by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Lisa by Alison Gilbert
  • Dinner by lerson
  • Pillars by Katy Breen
  • hot evening by tensil
  • As far as the eye can see by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Two Lifeguards by Claire McCall
  • Vincent's Tree by RC deWinter
  • West of the Equator by Alan Taylor Jeffries
  • Bruised by Valentina Henao
  • Broccoli Mountain by lerson
  • 'The Embraceable Day (Expressionist Sunset)' by Jerry Kirk
  • In Good Faith by © Angela L Walker
  • Sculpture in the Park by tensil
  • summer landscape with boats by tensil
  • Mountain Lion by Lyn Green