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Patricia Ariel's Gallery

Reynaldo Reynaldo 193 posts

Outstanding watercolour work, Congratulations on your art Patrricia…excellent story telling through well designed and interesting renderings Bravo dear :) Rey

frenchblue frenchblue 11 posts

ohhh im so glad you have featured her work as i have not seen her before…she is an incredible artist!!!….
amazing work and truly talented.
Congratulations Patricia!
cheers!! cm x

catherine walker catherine walker 142 posts

so wonderful, amazing paintings!..well done and congratulations!

caradione caradione 121 posts

oh wow what an amazing artist you are patricia… i have never seen your work here before and now that i have a feel i could fav them all.. absolutely wonderful work and since it is oh so late here and i must head off to bed i look forward to coming in for a morning cuppa and a better wander through your show… xo

Cathy Amendola Cathy Amendola 215 posts

I’m sure the words BEAUTIFUL and Ethereal have been used before describing this amazing work…BUT I must say the same to discribe the feeling looking at any of these pieces….also the layers upon layers of intriguing images wrapped in gauzy figures…entice the viewer to want more….congratulations!

tsena74 tsena74 37 posts

GORGEOUS work, Patricia! Great choice, Fran!

Colin Cartwright Colin Cartwright 132 posts

Exceptional fantasy female portraits. The pose and colours, are beautifully portrayed.
Excellent art, Patricia.

Deborah Glasgow Deborah Glasgow 100 posts

To acquire such depth and dimension using a medium, which, in my opinion, is difficult to achieve, you are a poster child for watercolor!
Strong, delicate and emotional, not to mention that each piece is stunning…….
Congratulations, Bravo and Kudos!
And, Frannie, you are a true workhorse with an eye for art like no other!

retuhrmoi retuhrmoi 18 posts

the talent here is indescribable, you are in your own league, Congratulations on your Show, stunning and very impressing :)

Sandra Guzman Sandra Guzman 20 posts


FionaStolze FionaStolze 78 posts

Yay, you’ve picked one of my watchlisters. I adore Patricia’s work. “Duality” and “The Mirror” are particular favourites of mine but to be honest, I love her whole portfolio. It’s lovely when you can instantly recognise an artist’s style…you can certainly do that with Patricia and yet every piece has a style and life of its own.

Bravo and such a well-deserved honour. :-)

ys-eye ys-eye 19 posts

Love every aspect of her fabulous work!

Midori Furze Midori Furze 182 posts

What a beautiful works, Patricia!!
I’m so glad to see your works as i have not seen yours before.


Bec Schopen Bec Schopen 90 posts

So deserved, one of my most FAVORITE artists on RB!

fullcirclemandalas  is Marg Thomson fullcirclemand... 104 posts

What a totally inspiring, brilliant artist you are, Patricia. Your work is so beautiful… xoxox Marg

djpercival djpercival 20 posts

Totally amazing artwork!!

clizzio clizzio 18 posts

You have such a creative talent. Congratulations!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Patricia, when I mailed for the SoJie 2 awards show, your notice appeared at the top, as it was the previous email I sent to the group, and RB shows 2 messages per inbox person. How fun that you have new visitors. I love it.

@Clizzio, Debra, Marg, Bec, Midori, ys-eye, Fiona, Sandra Guzman, Maggie, Debra, Colin, Tom Sena, Cathy, Caradione, Catherine, Frenchblue, Reynaldo, Dave (Blythart), Lesley, Laureen (m-mission), Betty Hermann, Andy, so glad you are taking in Patricia’s now Permanent Gallery. Welcome!!

Paulina Kazarinov Paulina Kazarinov 31 posts

Gorgeous works!!!!!

Kestrelle Kestrelle 28 posts

absolutely stunning water colours – amazing talent


TedBlackall TedBlackall 97 posts

I love your whole style Patricia. So evocative and poetic.Carries all the stories so gently yet clearly

StarKatz StarKatz 93 posts

Absolutely speechless, the intricate detail, the perception, I’m totally awe struck! Congratulations!