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Inside Solo, vol 12 (2009-10-02) (locked)

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Friday October 2, 2009


Beware the Gambler by Hilary Morden

by Hilary Morden

Beware the Gambler
by Hilary Morden
Beware the Gambler; his cards fall like razor blades onto the faces of those who love him. His dice are bullets that slay his children; his slavery spreads like an infestation of Plague.
Beware the Self-Righteous Man; his mirror reflects the children of his nightmares. The locket he keeps about his neck contains only his own flesh. His punishment is the country he pretends to love.
Beware the “Inverted” Racist; his lies return as a Curse and cut his head like wire. He delays the Age of Equality by the promiscuous nature of his greed; he simpers and whines his way to the Pit, deserting the oppressed and stealing their liberty. His religion will not save him.
Beware the Senator; he swims through the waters of freedom into the Maelstrom. His dynasty will not free him, nor his gold. He will knock at the gates of Hell and receive admittance, unto Pain without end.
Beware the Dissector of Children; his offspring shall be monsters.
Beware he who defrauds the Labourer; penury shall be his lot in the World to come.
Beware the Addict; the white powder he consumes is the currency of slaves. The pin-holes in his flesh are tunnels into the Underworld; Gorgons live there.
Beware the Phoney Reasoner; his irrational rants attract fools like a dead lodestone.
Beware the Unhappy Prostitute; she trades her skills for lucre, without love or warmth. Her reward is Ice without Fire.
Beware the Hunter; the blood he worships shall cover him. The Pain he teaches to beasts shall he feel ten thousand fold.
Above all,
Beware MAN, whose heart is black.

Hilary Morden (darkvampire) is in Solo Exhibition all this coming week, October 5th – 11th. Join us in the forum for his artist reception.

Editor in Chief: F.A. Moore

Feature Writer: Richard Sunderland

Feature Writer: Mel Davies

Contributing Writer: Anita Inverarity

SUMMARY Today’s issue highlights the upcoming virtual Solo Exhibition of Hilary Morden, from the United Kingdom; touts gallery shows, magazine covers, and exciting developments for Solo members, plus notes new groups and challenges, and features eight (8) exciting artists of Solo Exhibition, including 4 mini-features! We wrap up with Photoshop Tutorials and public domain images banks, celebrating the tools of the art trade for digital artists, all month.

Hilary Morden’s Solo Exhibition starts Monday, with an open-forum reception all day! See this month’s exciting all-digital exhibition schedule!

Enjoy this twelveth weekly issue of Inside Solo


    Marg Thomson in the Civic Centre Art Space City of Casey Council Offices in Magid Drive at Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia, above. (photo courtesy of Marg Thomson)

Other Member Exhibits

Scott Naismith – Ian Kenny Gallery, 172 Quarry St, Hamilton/Glasgow, Scotland – Oct 2 – 31
Daniel Barrie – Red Door Creative, 937b Old Northern Rd, Dural, Australia, Oct 9 – Nov 30
Jedika – Coffee & Art Cafe in Bulli, New South Wales, Australia – Sept 11 – Oct 31
Jeff Stroud in the Salem County Art League exhibit at Beans Coffee, Woodstown, New Jersey, U.S.A.


Sunlight & Shadow, Lansdowne River, shown right, by Solo member, Louise Green , was awarded “Highly Commended in Pastels” at the Scone Art Prize, Scone NSW, Australia in September 2009. Congratulations on your award, Louise!

(We featured a similar, work, also, with the subject of Warren’s Lane, The Green Archway, Warrens Lane – Lansdowne in Inside Solo, vol 4)
The original of Starburst Pony, an acrylic painting in Louise Green ’s “Painted Ponies Series”, now resides in the tasting room at the Retreat Hill Winery in Navasota, Texas, U.S.A.

Moreover, Starburst Pony (shown left) is the image on their new Texas White Zinfandel grape wine label, named “Blazin’ Blush”. The winery expects to release the label in November 2009. Congratulations, Louise, for your commercial success!

Colin Shafer snagged the September cover for Asian Photography Magazine!
Colin Shafer ’s moving photo, a sister called trust, shown left, makes a winning cover for Asian Photography Magazine.

This photo, also in the Solo Exhibition Gallery, was one of a series he took on the sisters in Van Vieng, Laos.

Congratulations, Colin!

Colin has also entered the image into Digital Photo Magazine’s Your Best Shot contest. May you win!

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New Groups worth a look

Cartoon Critters Anything cartoon and inanimate
Nothing Else…Friesian Horses Everything that has to do with Friesian horses
Living Maine all things Maine
Ontario Photos of Ontario, Canada
Entrances Prominently feature an entrance, like archways and doorways
Art in Asia Art from asian artists or by artist who reside in asia
Italian Architecture Image & reference to Italian architecture; no HDR
Frame In Frame Images with a Frame like a doorway, window, archway; not a border!


  1. Abstract Art and Digital Writing Enlightened Horizons
  2. Feminine Intent Eastern Feminine
  3. Freedom to Shine Garden gnomes and other yard art critters
  4. Friends of RedBubble Meeting Places
  5. ! Inspired Art ! Inspired Art ~ Autumn
  6. Sleeping Creatures Sleeping Birds
  7. Visual Collaborations (No Writing) Work Your Magic
  8. Impressionism Cafe Cafe Terrace at Night
  9. Impressionism Cafe Still Life Fruit Display
  10. Impressionism Cafe Still Life Floral Display
  11. Impressionism Cafe Landscape with Fruit Trees
  12. Impressionism Cafe Copy a Master’s Impressionism Painting
    Deadline in less than 24 hours
  13. Feminine Intent Naked Women and their Intent
  14. Core [C.O.R.E] against abuse!!!


Monday and all next week!

Hilary Morden (darkvampire)
You might be surprised that someone entirely self-taught in Photoshop, as is Hilary Morden, would also have a degree in Art History. Armed with that and a keen appreciation of composition, light, and to one degree or another, the shock value of Surreal, Macabre, and Dark Art; Morden is cutting a dark swath across the digital dance floor.

Some consider Morden’s art disturbing; because the artist questions and prods the viewer to think. Hilary Morden has fully considered the human spirit and mortality, and challenges the viewer to see death and life from a consequential perspective, based on the things we do that tear us apart.

Solo Exhibition is proud to feature images of twelve (12) of Hilary Morden’s digital artworks, Monday through Sunday of October 5th – 11th, 2009, on Red Bubble.

An open house reception for the artist will be held on Monday, Oct 5th; where more of Hilary Morden’s works can be viewed. It’s open for viewing to the public and open for comments to members of Solo Exhibition.

This exhibit is for mature audiences only, as some content disturbs, in order to provoke thought. Some works will have a protective “workplace filter” that may be selectively turned off for viewing any one piece.

Solo Exhibition Upcoming Artist Shows:
| Oct 5-11 | | Hilary Morden
| Digital Art |
| Oct 12-18 | | NavyBrat | Digital Art |
| Oct 19-25 | | Desirée Walstra

Alkmaar, Netherlands| Digital Art |
| Oct 26-Nov 1 | | Yvonne Emerson

Oklahoma, U.S.A.| Digital Art |

Solo Announcements

  1. Committees. Please read this announcement and request for help. Thank you! This is important to me.
  1. Solo Exhibitions are scheduled through Bubblemail. Please read your bubblemail from me. 2010 shows will be scheduled starting next month.
  1. Host, get your name in for January’s, GROUP HOSTS celebration month. I will solo as many group hosts as possible. You’ll get plenty of publicity, early. Sign up now for this special event!
    Note, only opened to hosts who joined solo in July and August. If it was obvious through your activity here that you joined on or before Sep 11th, I may make an exception. No other exceptions.
  1. Please welcome back Richard Sunderland as a Feature Writer this issue, and welcome Mel Davies as a Feature Writer, and Anita Inverarity as a Contributing Writer. These three contributed greatly to this issue, and I hope the artists are as pleased as I am with their articles. Thank you!


Inside Solo, Vol 10 – pdf (3.4 MB) ISSUE w/Amanda Rae

Inside Solo, Vol 11 – pdf (2.9 MB) ISSUE w/Ruth Palmer

Inside Solo, Vol 12 – pdf (16.1 MB) THIS ISSUE w/Hilary Morden/darkvampire

Artists and Artworks of Note


“I mainly create images for my own pleasure, but shared joy is doubled joy….” -- BG. Barbara Glatzeder, Laben, Germany.
Working as a part-time Media Designer and freelancing stay-at-home mom, Barbara is working toward a group photography show in 2010. Her powerful, strong willed, female faces literally grab your attention.
Slipping through my fingers, shown right, is a wild Wuthering Heights — Cathy looking for her Heathcliffe. The graphic, Pop Art style is immaculately rendered and clearly shows the professional touch of the designer. This image has a great narrative. We can engage immediately with the subject, yet also celebrate the physical painting.

Glatzeder’s technique allows the simple four-colour scheme to sell the image. I love the flat colour and precise shape, and that the graphic line and accuracy of shape make the face three dimensional. Hair floats in front of the nose; and I can see and put my hand under those wind-blown tresses. Tonal shapes reveal depth to the light and shadows, as they move across the face, and the sense of the moment becomes apparent.

Slipping through my fingers
by Barbara Glatzeder

Blue, black and silver watercolour on 180d pitted drawing paper
Featured in Creative Cards, Works on Paper, and All Things Black.

by Barbara Glatzeder

lime watercolour on 180g pitted drawing paper
Marina Lynchuk, model
Featured in Eat Sleep Draw

I became a fan of Barbara’s chalk pastel and watercolour, curvy, and decorative lines, crisply defining the paper.
by Richard Sunderland, Feature Writer
Hidden, shown left,
is equally full of drama, more confrontational and in your face. Glatzeder’s vivid colour scheme sells the picture with sharp acidity. The spiraling composition takes us right into the eye of the painting, almost like a spatial journey to a distant galaxy.

Hidden’s eye almost looks like a cluster of stars, where the observer is drawn in. I am now conjuring and questioning what is she looking at; what is this moment of reflection. Like a flash back, you come zooming back to reality, staring at this face, like you know her. The reality is exactly that, like when you are window shopping trying to see yourself in the reflection to check your hair; and you suddenly stop in case someone is looking!

New Birth, shown right, by Paul Alleyne, Palmdale, California U.S.A. is one of those photographs that establishes you among professional artists. It speaks volumes in total silence.

It is left to the viewer to imagine the birth pangs and moans and groans that ensue, the little head and tiny hands and feet that will soon pop out, and the smile and laughter from family and friends who derive pleasure from the new born baby.

But in the midst of it all is a woman who is in the moment of pleasure, pain, and wondering what will be. Alleyne keenly focuses on her pregnant belly and grained skin, celebrating her blackness with light. Her face doesn’t matter.

We are focused, as she is, on what is beneath the surface. When will it come…what will it look like…girl or boy…healthy or not? She cradles her belly like a water balloon so that it won’t burst. And I find myself hoping that all is well. Paul Alleyne has masterfully seen to that.

by F.A. Moore

New Birth
by Paul (Quixote) Alleyne

Faerie bridge’…
by valzart

watercolour on hot pressed paper, 14 × 10 in.
al fresco in Langley Woods, Norfolk, England
Featured in First Things, Creative Cards, Hand drawn or painted Art, Works on Paper, and Eastern England
Faerie bridge’… by Val Kelly, a.k.a. valzart, Malaga, Spain, is representative of the artist’s love of color.

For one primarily familiar with the artist’s hundreds of digital works, it may come as a surprise that Val is so adept with watercolor. Painted in situ, Faerie bridge abounds with the charm of a bright autumn day meant for the wee folk.

Val saves her bold strokes for the dense trees, through whose trunks she emits a rainbow of light. She delicately outlines heart-shaped leaves and stones dotting the landscape, and lightens the scene with spring green moss surrounding a meandering creek.

The faeries are hiding though, while the viewer enjoys their colorful shire. Tree leaves fairly dance in anticipation of their arrival. When I reluctantly turn my back on this piece, I have no doubt that tiny feet will scamper across the bridge meant only for them. I hear their giggles in the woods, even now.

by F.A. Moore


Margaret Harris, Tillsonburg, Canada, owns a masterful understanding of light and tone. Using light and tone, she creates realistic images that capture the very essence of her subject. Her drawings have a delicate softness to them whilst still displaying fine detail. Adept with watercolor, pastel and graphite, her pencil drawings are the focus of our feature.

In Born To Be Wild, shown right, the souls of the subjects are clearly portrayed, making it one of my favorites. With selective colouring, Margaret made the sunglasses reflection the focal point of the scene. The use of light and tone in varying degrees has created wonderful textures, especially in the beard.

Born To Be Wild
Graphite and watercolor pencil on Coquille paper cold press
Featured in Painters of Modern Times, Accentuate the Eyes Group, First Things Group, Imaginative Realism, Your Accepted, 1 0n 1 Fine Art, Two Being Group, Soul Mates, Live Love, Dream; and placed in top 10 challenges

Gone Fishing
by Margaret Harris

Archers drawing paper, 2H to 9B graphite pencils
Featured in Graphite Pencil Drawing, Imaginative Realism, Art and Stories Made for Children; and 1st Place in Graphite Pencil Artists Open Challenge

Margaret Harris is probably best known for her delightful drawings of children.

I like the composition of Gone Fishing, show left. An imaginary triangle, formed by the subject and the rod and line, serves to draw the viewer’s eyes downwards, to see what the subject is looking at.

The choice of paper with its vertical grain has worked well in emphasizing the timber grain; and Margaret’s clever use of tonal gradients and time consuming attention to detail have achieved realistic textures.

Movement and atmosphere within Seashore viewer, shown right, immediately attracted me to this drawing of a 14 year-old girl, in this case, the artist’s daughter.

I can almost feel the breeze against the seagulls’ wings. Graphite from 2H to 9B has been applied in layers from light to dark to create the textures, from the soft folds of fabric through to the light play on the water.

by Mel Davies, Feature Writer

Seashore viewer
by Margaret Harris

Graphite on Coquille cold press paper
Featured in Your Accepted, Graphite Pencil Drawing, Handdrawn Art and Painting of Happiness and Joy, First Things Group, Good News Group, Real Life Artwork; and Winner of Real Life Challenge “People on the Beach”

Quelling The Tirades Of Impurity in The Gold Coast
by Jason Asher

3 blended exposures (EV -2, 0, +2),
450D and Sigma 10-20 at f/16 and ISO 100
Post processing in Photoshop CS4
Featured in The Gold Coast, ! 100% !, All Around the Styles, and SEA

Quelling The Tirades Of Impurity in The Gold Coast, by Jason Asher, was captured just as Australia’s Winter turned to Spring, when the water pulsated through the sandy rocks of The Gold Coast.

Jason, of Brisbane, Australia, who first picked up the camera just a year ago, blended three (3) exposures taken with a wide angled lens, then followed with post processing in photoshop, to portray the sensation of moving, red water up close. The Currumbin Creek is one of only three (3) creeks in The Gold Coast area that empty directly into the Ocean.

Orange-red echoes in the skyline point to a city on the distant shore— a forgotten city, as you focus on the great whitecap crashing against the rock less than 100 meters away.

Red veins sizzle through slabs of rock— I’m guessing iron ore veins in Basalt, resulting from ancient volcanic flow. A small boulder in the forefront echoes the deep blue sky and rich volcanic iron. It seems, itself, like a painted aboriginal artwork— a treasure that you feel you must pick up and turn. You wonder about its past, but leave it for the parting waters to flow one more day around its soft edges, into the shore and back out to the ocean.

by F.A. Moore


MoonSpiral, a.k.a. Tammy, uses a variety of medium and is probably best known for her pastels and acrylic works; although recent forays into pen and ink have seen her retain her style and produce gorgeous detailed pieces. I like to think Tammy’s women are all parts of her inner goddess.

In the pastel painting, Bindi, shown right, Bindi’s hypnotic eyes and creamy tones are characteristic of Tammy’s pastel works. Bindi’s colours are both sensual and calming, with the cool blue/greys balancing the rich earthy red.

The upwards line of the shoulder adds to the confidence and directness of the the womans gaze— serene, sensual, and confident.

Tammy says Bindi evolved by “accident”— a gypsy woman who tranformed culturally as the drawing was worked. The eyes draw us in, like a window into the woman’s being. Perhaps Bindi represents part of the artist’s spirit.

by MoonSpiral

9×12 pastel on Colorfix paper
Featured in Contemporary Pastel Painters, and Incredible India

White Witch
by MoonSpiral

9×12 pastel on Sennelier La Carte paper
Featured In Myths, Legends, and Fairytales; Inspired Art; The Divine Feminine; and Dream and Fantasy Art
White Witch, a pastel shown left, is a rendering of a photograph by Jessica Walker.

I see the owl— an addition by Tammy, as representing knowledge, an ancient wisdom, a protector of the night. The White Witch is respectful of the owl, grateful for its company and guidance, whilst on her lonely vigil through the snow. I sense it may be her familiar, or spirit guide.

Tammy has cleverly contrasted the wintery blues with pinks to uplift the piece, giving warmth to the snow-flurried scene.
Spirit of the South Wind is from a set of 4 pastel paintings that evoke the elementals and divine feminine, a recurring theme in Tammy’s work.

Tammy’s use of vibrant colours allude to Spring. The flowers and butterfly seem to represent new life and the change in seasons, the warm South wind carrying the seeds of renewal.

by Anita Inverarity, Contributing Writer

Spirit of the South Wind
12×18 pastel on sanded Wallis paper
Featured In Feminine Intent, You’re Accepted, Strictly Human Faces, Contemporary Pastel Painters, The Love Of Eerie And Enchanting Artwork, and The Patchwork

by Ingz

Canon 350D, F/5.6, 1/60sec, ISO-400
Freedom to Shine, Flowers in macro, Flower and Foliage, a Fascinating Purple, Outsiders, Weekly Theme Challenges, The Feature Fraternity, Colour me a Rainbow, Gorgeous Flower Cards, The Woman Photographer, and Winner of: Purple Petals challenge, All Purple challenge, A Fascinating Purple May Avatar, and a Red Bubble Homepage Feature

by Mel Davies, Feature Writer
Ingz, a.k.a., Ingrid, a self taught photographer, has a keen eye for detail and composition.

Her macro shots cleverly highlight simple, elegant patterns of nature with clean, crisp lines.

Through her handling of composition, light, and focus, Ingrid draws attention to subtle details and depth within each image.

Ingrid’s clever choice in title adds something extra to her work. In Purplicious, displayed left, the colors of deep purple and bright yellow-green compliment and highlight each other, really popping the colors.

The repetition of the star-shaped flower base in the larger shape of the petals, draws your eyes down each long petal, bouncing them back up again to the top right hand corner, effectively maintaining your focus indefinitely.


William Vanden Berg, Hudsonvile U.S.A. is a master acrylic painter with an eye for detail. His deft brush strokes bring nature alive.

It is brilliant to find a painter with William’s, skill— a real master with the brush. In “Grizz”, we don’t quite have the cuddly grizz; rather a weatherworn and cunning hunter on the scent, running into the picture plane. The hair ripples with every pounding footpad.

by William Vanden Berg

Acrylic on canvas, 48 × 48 inches
Featured in Wildlife and Pet Paintings

Detail of Grizz
by William Vanden Berg

detail section of Acrylic painting, Grizz
Attention to detail is amazing— even those fluffy small hairs are visible catching the air flow over the bear’s body. They are so fine and sharp they could almost be scratched into the paint.

Directional brush work is cleverly used to create the detail. Highlights link in colour to the simple contrasting blurred tones of an out-of-focus ground that surrounds the bear in a dust storm, possibly as the result of the impact of his paw on earth.
Sunset on the pond is another example of Vanden Berg’s understanding of composition. Note the placement of geese, the spacing of reeds slanting across the foreground, creating carefully used screen with apertures, framing the solo goose and his friends and their reflections

For me, the reeds are the painting. They are the structure of the composition that brings this almost silent image alive. The colours of each reed change subtly along their length, ending, as we rise, with tips of clear light.

Sunset on the pond
by William Vanden Berg

Acrylic on canvas, 30 × 40 inches

The reeds link the top to the bottom, dividing the painting rhythmically to compliment the water. But the magic is in how these verticals are fanned, each blade expertly defined, seeming to have a compositional purpose, perhaps catching a breeze or sound. The geese give us the clue; because they have just turned to sense it. Spectacular painting.

by Richard Sunderland, Feature Writer

Tutorials celebrating Photoshop
Photoshop: Dazzling Dance Photo Manipulation

Photoshop: Romantic Movie-Like Sunset

Photoshop: How to Create Lightning – video

Photoshop: Simple Explanation of Layer Masks

Photoshop: Fantastical Tree Painting – from drawing

Photoshop: Awesome Sunset w/Gradient Map Filter

Cameras: Camera Reviews
Public Domain Images: U.S. Library of Congress (check individual images)
Public Domain Images: Scanned pics from old books out of copyright
Public Domain Images: John Leech Sketch archives from Punch
Public Domain Images: World War II Posters
Public Domain Images: Old Book Illustrations

Inside Solo is a weekly magazine for members of Solo Exhibition group of Red Bubble. It features news, artworks, and information of interests to members, and is copyright 2009, F.A. Moore-Corpier. The creators of the artworks shown are the sole copyright holders of the respective artworks, which are used here by permission.


Inside Solo, Vol 10 – pdf (3.4 MB) ISSUE w/Amanda Rae

Inside Solo, Vol 11 – pdf (2.9 MB) ISSUE w/Ruth Palmer

Inside Solo, Vol 12 – pdf (16.1 MB) THIS ISSUE w/Hilary Morden

Article Reprints – pdf of the 8 feature articles in vol 12 (for the writers and featured artists):

  1. Barbara Glatzeder feature by Richard Sunderland, article reprint
  2. William Vanden Berg feature by Richard Sunderland, article reprint
  3. Margaret Harris feature by Mel Davies, article reprint
  4. MoonSpiral feature by Anita Inverarity, article reprint
  5. Ingz feature by Mel Davies, article reprint
  6. Paul Alleyne feature by F.A. Moore, article reprint
  7. Val Kelly feature by F.A. Moore, article reprint
  8. Jason Asher feature by F.A. Moore, article reprint
  9. About Hilary Morden by F.A. Moore, article reprint
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Inside Solo is such an innovative concept, I’m so thrilled to get a mention for the Happy Challenge Top Ten with “Affirmation”, thank you so much!
This issue is full of the most interesting articles and images … you have created a wonderful platform for expression here, so classy too.

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Spectacular, beautiful and fun works in here! Looking forward to Hilary’s Reception! The opening image was a wowser!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Thank you, Karin. I think news about the members is most interesting and people seem to read and notice the section too. We all like to share in those little JOYS we have as artists! Art News makes up about 1/3 of the magazine.

Yes, a wowzer is a good way to describe that cover image, Maxy, thank you!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

(Note, if anyone was downloading the pdf about 4:13AM GMT on SAT and got an error mid download….. I just switched the files. oops, apologies in advance.)

nishagandhi nishagandhi 228 posts

wow amazing works!!

Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker) Belinda "Billy... 88 posts

Hey Frannie. most impressive issue. Fantastic. Want to download the PDF but the above link did not let me. Let me know when I can download link as I save all your issues in a folder for when I have the time to read it all the way through. Looks fabulous. BillyLee

BGlatzeder BGlatzeder 191 posts

Wow, thanks so much Frannie, thanks so much Richard for the excellent commentaries :-)) I am thrilled and honoured! Excellent edition, as always, very interesting read. I am amazed at this Mag every time – what a great effort and a wonderful result :-)) xx

MoonSpiral MoonSpiral 799 posts

I am so honored to be a featured in this wonderful edition!! Thankyou Frannie, and thankyou Anita for such kind and thoughtful words about my work. It is obvious that all the writers and contributors put so much into this. I always find a new artist I haven’t found before, and I see work from artists I have found in new ways after reading these. Thankyou for your effort!

brunowubik brunowubik 66 posts

splendid..Still of big talents which are presented here.. I like to discover it.

Joanne  Bradley Joanne Bradley 207 posts

Congratulations Frannie on another spectacular issue of Inside Solo! They just keep getting better and better! Looking forward to visiting Hilary’s reception!

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Great issue!! Thank you so much for doing this Frannie!!

Linda Gregory Linda Gregory 473 posts

I continue to be amazed at all that you do for this group, Frannie. This is another wonderful issue of Inside Solo.

Margaret Harris Margaret Harris 176 posts

I have to agree with Linda on that one Fran…You put a lot of hours in and it is appreciated..and do a wonderful job….Thankyou so much Fran !! :)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Billy Lee, and all who came before this post, all Vol 12 PDF links are consistent now and point to the file. I had mistakenly typed in Title case in some, and Capital case in others. I’ve tested all. This download will take some time, as it’s 16 MB.

For those featured and the writers, your Reprint Articles are available for separate download at the links, just above the close.

@Margaret, yes, hours have been put into this, not only by me, but also the writers, like Mel Davies, who I believe produced an outstanding article about your work (bravo Mel!), Anita Inverarity, and Richard Sunderland, referencing in this issue in particular; and Linda Ridpath and Joanne Bradley, and Linda Gregory, in other issues. For my own part in it, I can say that it is very much a joyful moment, when I see it all together. You all are so very inspiring. It’s a joy to pour over your art.

Ingrid Beddoes Ingrid Beddoes 145 posts

I am so extremely honoured Frannie for my mini feature, absolutely speechless as I never expected it…thank you so very much. I would also like to thank Mel Davies for writing such kind words about me and my work. The work that goes into putting Solo Exhibition together is outstanding and so appreciated by everyone. You are totally amazing. So humbled, thank you xxxxx

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Tammy, so glad you enjoyed your feature. Anita wrote in such glowing terms, originally, that I had to tone it down a bit. :D) I tell all the writers, that our job is to illuminate the artwork, not give our opinion of how beautiful or great it is. We leave that for the viewer to decide. Your feature was Anita’s first article with the magazine. I think it was fantastic, enjoyed it immensely, and look forward to more from Anita’s enlightened perspective!

Congratulations, Tammy!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Barbara, thrilled that you’re thrilled with your feature and Richard’s excellent commentary. Love the images he chose to write up, as well! It’s like Tammy commented, I saw something new in them.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Nisha, Bruno, Joanne, Leslie, Linda, thank you, from all of us contributing writers and artists to all of you artists!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Ingz, I was delighted when Mel Davies introduced me to Purplicious. Sometimes things get past me in the gallery; and this is one that had. It’s so completely unusual and has garnered many features. Congratulations on this piece. I’m so delighted that you are pleased with your feature in the magazine. Thanks, Ingz; and thanks, Mel!

Valerie Anne Kelly Valerie Anne K... 638 posts

wooOOT! Congratz to everybody – what a wondrous mag this is – so full of eye candy lol! ;] happy hippy hugglez

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Val, wooOOT!! Congratz to YOU for the beautiful Faerie Bridge. I know it is a goldie oldie, but I’ve loved it since I laid eyes on it. And I’ve been holding it in my bookmarks until the beginning of fall (well, here where I live, anyway).

Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and heart, Val!

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

Fantastic Issue Fran- So much new discoveries once more for me and I am really looking forward to the next exhibition.
So happy to have done my little bit too, and Tammy enjoyed it. Its quite different for us artists to speak in words rather than pictures.
Keep up the fabulous work :)))) xx

Sam Dantone Sam Dantone 40 posts

Wow, absolutely amazing! You have put so much into this. The whole issue looks fabulous…

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Anita, yes, quite different, but you did it superbly— a challenge for you that you won! Thank you so much and I look forward to more.

@Sam, wow, love Sam sez “Wow” seal of approval. I guess it’s kind of like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, only better!! Congrats on your big top 10 finish in the Happy Challenge. There were thousands of votes cast in that RB-wide contest. I absolutely love that yours is in there, also with Karin and Daniel’s. Fantastic. Will be interesting to see what the designer comes up with for his movie!!