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Solo Exhibition

Artist solo exhibitions, juried invitational exhibitions, and workshops

Inside Solo, vol 5 (2009-08-14) (locked)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Friday August 14, 2009

Editor: F.A. Moore

Today’s issue invites you to a brick and mortar Australian show that features an art student and member of Solo Exhibition; plus featured works of ten (10) more artists, including three (3) mini-features; brings you the who’s who of current Solo artists; suggests some brand new groups, and provides links to competitions, (mostly) international calls to artists, and more tips! Remember, if you have any news or challenges in your group, just drop me a note in Inside Solo – submissions. Your exhibition news, group news, and tutorials are welcome contributions. Enjoy this issue of Inside Solo!


Cate Townsend, Australia, is showing Ophelia 9…. starting this weekend at Lake Russell Gallery. The image is Life-Size at 6’ 2" (if you’re a female basketball star). Then again, Ophelia is larger than life.
Another work on exhibit, that I think is sensational, is Cate’s sculpture, Aztec Butterfly. That is some bodacious sculpture, purely feminine. The original (about 46 cm. or 18 in. high) is for sale through Cate. Please welcome Cate to Solo and tell her you saw her in Inside Solo.
Ophelia 9….
by Cate Townsend
Aztec Butterfly
by Cate Townsend

The Lake Russell Gallery is north of Coffs Harbour, Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia. How can one miss it; it’s the only place on the map whose name is wider than the page! The show opens from 3 – 5 pm Canberra-Sydney-Melbourne-NSW-time, Saturday August 15th, and runs through the end of the month.

  1. Solo members, Tammy and Barbara Glatzeder have been selected to show 3 t-shirts, each, at the Manly Arts Festival tee exhibition.

Tammy’s Tees
| | | |
| Conscious Observation Reuniting Earth | TRIPLE GODDESS | Triskelion |

Barbara’s Tees
| | | |
| Spread your wings and fly | Gemini | Medused. |

Congratulations to you both for getting your womanly tees in the Manly Arts Festival.

New Groups worth a look
At least 3 of the following groups are founded and hosted by Solo members, named and linked.
Let’s network!

  1. New Traditional Collaging Group
    Fine Artists who understand the work of Picasso and Braque and who incorporate collage into traditional medium; check out the new group formed by BillyLee. Photography, Digital Art, or Scrapbooking is only accepted if incorporated into traditional medium.
    An educational group, it requires descriptions to include medium, glue, ground, etc., for educational purposes.
  2. Watercolour-Pencil Art
  3. Yachts and Sailing Boats
  4. FROM THE EARTH, Vanessa Barklay, founder and host
  5. Vibration in Art and Verse – VaVoom!, Linaji, founder and host


  1. Red Bubble challenge open for entries now. Fine Arts Influenced By Literature Challenge: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte!
  2. RedBubble open for entries. Demo T-Shirt Challenge Extravaganza. The theme is Music Machines. Your Tees could hang in a boutique on London’s Carnaby Street.
  3. Art and Stories Made For Children. Childrens Tee Challenge-A Salute to Children and their fun and laughter

The following challenges close within 24 hrs. of publication!

  1. Just Watercoulours group weekly challenge. Paint this Photo. Entries close Friday, 14th or Sat 15th.
  2. Just Watercolours, PAINT THE ART STUDIO OF MONET, CEZANNE. RODIN. SISSLY AND CASSET (there is only 1 entry; maybe they will extend the time)
  3. Bubble Jeopardy plant photo challenge. Open through Friday.

Call For Artists and Competitions

  1. Two and Three Dimensional. California Residents Only. Santa Cruz Art League presents Beasts on Broadway, Animals Galore, Oct 24 – Nov 22. monetary awards. Up to 45% commission on sold works. Deadline, Aug 21.
  2. All small media. International. Must be 10 inches or less, standing or ready to hang. APW Gallery in Long Island City, New York presents Small Works Big Idea Vol.2. Deadline, Aug 25 2009. Prize is a solo exhibition. 20% commission on sold works.
  3. All media. U.S. Only. Emerge Midwest Art magazine distributes quarterly issues to 100 galleries. Nine artists are selected by jurors for the issue. Deadline, Aug 30.
  4. Unconventional Photography. Diffusion (print) Magazine Group Showcase 2010 Deadline, Aug 31. No entry fee.
  5. Teapots, functional or sculptural. Juried invitational exhibit at the Elms Gallery, December 5-27, 2009. Deadline, Sep 10. Two purchase awards. Gallery takes 50% commission.
  6. Oils, Watermedia, Pastels, Graphics, Sculpture. No Student work or computer-generated art.
    The Allied Artists of America 96th annual Exhibition. Exhibition Nov 13 – Dec 1. Deadline, September 14. $23,000 in cash prizes.
  7. Most visual media. International. Infinity Art Gallery, Oct 15 2009-Apr 15 2010. Deadline, Sep 15. $2500 total awards.
  8. Photography. International. WPGA, The Four Seasons Contest Deadline: October 18, 2009. Prize trip to India to work with Juror on a book, plus exhibition in Asia and Europe.

Congratulations for home page features to Jessica Jenny, August 13, for Vintage Rose ; to Ursala Rogers, August 12th, for Signing in the Rain ; and to Kseniya for her homepage feature August 7th, for her Letter E T-shirt design .

Ursala Rogers was Featured in Inside Solo, vol 3 with the same image in a Mini-Feature. Kseniya was featured just last week in Inside Solo, vol 4 and will have a Solo Exhibition, here, the week of August 24th.

More Buyer’s booth images of Solo Exhibition member art:
Congrats to Lynette Shelley and Susan Kimball for card sales of Green Stag and Dog in the Garden, respectively. Congrats, too, to Ruth Palmer, whose Sweet Inspiration was purchased.

Barbara Glatzeder’s Susie and Tree Nymph cards were purchased by Anita. (Not Shown)


This Weekend!

Blas Reynoso, known on Red Bubble as genaro1, is a photographer whose images are surprisingly easy to spot in a group of thousands, as we have in the Solo Exhibition gallery. They have a relaxing quality about them. You feel as if invited to a friend’s home in the mountains— a respite. You don boots eagerly to go on a nature walk and breath in fresh air, gander at the skies, maybe go spelunking. You feel like a carefree kid.

Always at peace in the places Blas leads you, you will go away from his Solo Exhibition thanking this photographer for the overwhelming feeling of renewal and relaxation that you take away.

Blas travels with his photography; but I have selected many images of New Mexico, in the American SouthWest for his Solo show. Please join me Friday evening in the U.S. or Saturday Morning early in Paris, or Saturday for coffee in Australia for an artist reception honoring Blas Reynoso, genaro1, who will be on hand for a couple of hours. The world clock link below will show the time and day in your city. A few times are listed below.

Reynoso’s exhibit is in the Feature Gallery of Solo Exhibition Friday – Sunday, August 14 – 16th, 2009.

Artist reception for Blas Reynoso (a.k.a. genaro1), Fri 8 PM Eastern, Aug 14, 2009; or Midnight Fri/Sat GMT

  1. 10 AM Sat Sydney
  2. 9 AM Sat Tokyo
  3. 8 AM Sat Perth, Hong Kong
  4. 5:30 AM Sat New Delhi
  5. 4 AM Sat Dubai, Moscow
  6. 3 AM Sat Jerusalem, Bucharest
  7. 2 AM Sat Paris, Prague, Cape Town
  8. 1 AM Sat London
  9. 9 PM Fri Brasilia
  10. 8 PM Fri New York, Montreal
  11. 7 PM Fri Houston, Chicago
  12. 6 PM Fri Montana
  13. 5 PM Fri San Francisco, Vancouver
  14. 4 PM Fri Anchorage
  15. 2 PM Fri Honolulu

world clock for Blas Reynoso’s reception

Linda Apple’s art elicits a smile. Ever the subtle humorist, she turns the tables on people-watching: catching the oddball pose, the fanciful mindset of a street person, a play within the play, a picture within a picture. Her bright palette and clean blocks of color simplify what might be complex detail on another artist’s canvas. A Columbus College of Art & Design scholar, Linda has gained international recognition over her 40 year career as a full-time artist. She has been exhibited in North America, and is in collections worldwide.

Solo Exhibition is proud to present twelve (12) works of Linda Apple in a Solo show, Monday through Sunday, August 17th – 23rd. An artist reception will be held at 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time (New York) on Monday. That is Midnight GMT/UTC Mon/Tue. A few city times are listed below. The worldclock link is preset to this exact date and time.

Artist reception for Linda Apple (a.k.a. LindaAppleArt), Mon 8 PM Eastern, Aug 17, 2009; or Midnight Mon/Tue GMT

  1. 10 AM Tue Sydney
  2. 9 AM Tue Tokyo
  3. 8 AM Tue Perth, Hong Kong
  4. 5:30 AM Tue New Delhi
  5. 4 AM Tue Dubai, Moscow
  6. 3 AM Tue Jerusalem, Bucharest
  7. 2 AM Tue Paris, Prague, Cape Town
  8. 1 AM Tue London
  9. 9 PM Mon Brasilia
  10. 8 PM Mon New York, Montreal
  11. 7 PM Mon Houston, Chicago
  12. 6 PM Mon Montana
  13. 5 PM Mon San Francisco, Vancouver
  14. 4 PM Mon Anchorage
  15. 2 PM Mon Honolulu

world clock for Linda Apple’s reception

For August, Solo Exhibition is pleased to feature the following artists:

  1. Helene Kippert – digital fractals, August 3-9
  2. Ed Kinnally – digital fractals August 10-13
  3. Blas Reynoso (gennotype1) – photography, August 14-16
  4. Linda Apple – paintings August 17-23
  5. Kseniya Beliaeva – ink drawings, August 24-30

Remembering Roseann
Roseann Caputo, known simply as Roseann on Red Bubble was a friend to many.
She’s taken down her site here. Gone are her 3D characters, fanciful fractals, and photographs. Roseann left over differences with Red Bubble on what she perceived as lack of enforcement of safety filters.

She gave me permission to use these screenshots of some of her art work thumbnails.
I captured them as she was pulling everything off RB; so fast, in fact, that an errant tooltip was caught in the capture.

Roseann’s new art home is: http://roseann-caputo.fineartamerica.com/ for those who want to stay in contact. Her contribution to this community will be missed.


Artists and Works of Note

C J Lewis, Australian artist and writer, works in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and other medium on canvas, board or paper. Her pieces often have the look of “Raw Art” or “Outsider Art”; but CJ is no outsider to art. Lewis has a solo exhibition coming up in November in New South Wales, Australia, and offers four (4) art books for sale. Her acrylic, Into The Darkness, right, caught my attention with its color and surreal effect.
  Into The Darkness
by C J Lewis

Oils on canvas
Susan Bergstrom is from Mesquite, Nevada. Her color pencil/pen and ink drawings highlight the beauty of a cowboy’s life, and often take a close look at the Southwestern United States’ indigenous cactus and fauna. Susan’s photography, especially of trail rides, is from the enthusiastic viewpoint of an insider. But I’ll leave that for another feature. Meet Susan’s pastel and color pencil work in End of The Trail, left.
End Of The Trail
by Susan Bergstrom

pastel, prismacolor pencil on card stock
Graham, a.k.a. PhotosByG, Brisbane, Australia is one of those, WYSIWYG Photographers— What you see is what you get. That’s by his own admission. Heck, Graham doesn’t even crop. But you wouldn’t know it. His images, literally, transport you to Brisbane, and frankly make me want to visit, soon. Check out Graham’s portfolio to see it all through his lens. In the mean time, here’s the Melbourne’s Princess Theatre, showing the new stage built for Phantom of the Opera, left.
by PhotosByG

Bunny Clarke, Mission Viejo, California, left the world of commercial art (and the “restraints” it imposed) for the freedom of photography and digital art. While Bunny has submitted some lovely nature photographs to the Solo gallery, she is probably better known for her organic fractals. The one that caught my eye this week was completely different however. It’s based on fountains installed by her friend. I think JuliaN’s Fountains, below, looks like a steampunk clock factory’s secret works! What world does it conjure up for you?
| |
| JuliaN’s Fountains
by Bunny Clarke

Apophysis 3D Hack and Photoshop

Enigmatic, Isa Rodriguez, Fort Meyers, Florida, points and shoots her camera probably 200 times a day, so I’m told. Imagine selecting just a few images from all those to upload to Red Bubble. While Isa is prolific in her photography of everyday people, places, and things; this submission, Boy at the restaurant, left, stood out for its simple subject and compelling angle— a boy, caught in time, dining out with his family, on a cruise ship no less.
Boy at the restaurant
by Isa Rodriguez



Kriss, a.k.a. CliPiCs, London, England. Photography
Kriss is one of those photographers who seems to have one eye toward art, and another toward commercial. That is a great mix; because what makes either commercial or artistic photographs exceptional is the ingredients required of the other for success. While his portfolio includes some digital manipulations, I present, here, a taste of his photographic range. Look for more great digital art and photography in Kriss’ portfolio.
| | | | |
| Exige
by CLiPiCs
| Tribute to three Wonderful People
by CLiPiCs
| ’Arry’s Violin
by CLiPiCs
| Funny Face
by CLiPiCs

Harmeet, Roorkee, India Photography is the common language of advertisers, journalists, researchers, artists, and yes, even Mechanical Engineers. Harmeet, an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has delved into photography with a passion and states in his profile that he is open to critique. Below, see a selection of his imagery that I’ve found inspiring. Harmeet’s portfolio.
| | | | |
| Colors
by Harmeet
| Whirl
by Harmeet
| The Last Journey
by Harmeet
| Relax
by Harmeet

Daniel Barrie, Cherrybrook Australia is a self-professed “newbie”. May 2009, first camera. August 2009, first digital photo manipulation. But Daniel Barrie has been an art lover for a long time. And it shows in his work. I believe you’re looking at a rising star. Here’s Daniel’s portfolio, and a sample of his recent work, below.

Light Inside
by Daniel Barrie
A Drop Of Rich, Dark Life
by Daniel Barrie
Surreality Tv
by Daniel Barrie
No Rain in the Silence of the Night
by Daniel Barrie


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How to Paint in Watercolor
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Photography – Painting with Light

Inside Solo is a weekly magazine for members of Solo Exhibition group of Red Bubble. It features news, artworks, and information of interests to members, and is copyright 2009, F.A. Moore-Corpier. The creators of the artworks shown are the sole copyright holders of the respective artworks, which are used here by permission.

helene helene 359 posts

Another excellent read frannie – thanks! :o)

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Great info! I Love reading these when they come out…lots and lots of good stuff to discover!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Hey 2 early birds before I even sent the b-mail. Thank you Helene and Tom! Makes me feel good.

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Wow, Frannie – so much work has gone into this! The presentation is fantastic. Now I have to go and check out some of those wonderful artists – thanks so much for bringing them to our attention! :))

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Another issue packed full of fantastic information! Thank you so much, Fran.

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Proud and glad to be associated with the group and thanks FA Moore for this feature…

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Again…another suberb edition! Thanks for the intro to new artists and information contain therein. Great work!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

OH, thank you all for embracing this.
It takes research, (yes, you’re right on, Barbara); but it’s worth it.

It’s also my way of spreading the wealth, a bit. We have such a talented group, and this magazine allows me to bring attention to several artists a week. So I hope you all will reach out and meet and greet them where they live (on their comments pages :)

I’m going to be mostly out of pocket until the reception tonight. Hope some can make it. Harmeet, I know it’s a weird hour in India; I’m sorry about that.

Have a great weekend! :D

Ursula Rodgers Ursula Rodgers 457 posts

Really fabulous work Fran! I really enjoy reading these :)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

I love it that your Signing in the Rain was featured in RB homepage, after I featured it here. Couldn’t help but add that bit.
So glad to see you over here Ursula. And thank you.

Isa Rodriguez Isa Rodriguez 11035 posts

O h .. this is just so fantastic!.. it feels like a professional family album.. because it is so perfectly well presented, AND , because so many of these artist I have come to admire and get to know ..

what great work, by you Frannie, and you have a gift for words and description. .. this is OUTSTAnding! and stunning and fun.. bravo to you and thanks so much for placing me here. it almost brought a tear to my eye +)

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Absolutely love to read this page, what a great job you doing here Frannie….Super edition and info, big thank you for YOU!! :0))

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Hi Isa and Mariska, great to see you here! Isa, wow, I love your description— a “professional family album”. What a beautiful thought. You have many fine captures, Isa, and I’m loving where your digital art is taking you, too— to a new level. I thought the image of the boy in the restaurant special since the day I laid eyes on it. It begged to be seen in a spread like this. Classic photography.

Mariska, you don’t know how happy I am to hear that you are getting something out of this. It takes a lot of time. Comments like yours make it all worth while. Thank you.

Cate Townsend Cate Townsend 228 posts

Wow Frannie THANK YOU so much. What great publicity for the exhibition. What an honour to have such a wonderful write up about my work. It’s wonderful people like you that produce such fantastic opportunities, encouragement and publicity for us fellow artists, that givesme the inspiration to keep pushing forward. I’m so glad I found you and this wonderful group. It’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing family!

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Wonderful exhibitions with beautiful work.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Hi Cate! We definitely have plenty of Aussies in the group. Hopefully some of our group in your area will be able to make it. Love your work, and don’t those two pieces look GREAT together!

Maria, yes, I remember your Japanese Doll. I believe that we might have been featured at the same time in either Divine Feminine Group or Featured features (used to be Featured Fraternity). Such creative drive and talent you have. Welcome to Solo Exhibition.

Rosie, so delighted to see you. It makes me happy that you like the issue and what’s in it.

Hope to see some of you in a couple of hours for Blas’ reception.

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Thank you for including “JuliaN’s Fountains” in this volume’s edition. You really made my day.

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Fantastic edition, love the presentation, many informations and artists ! A big thank you for your fantastic job, Frannie !

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This is the first time I have had the chance to look at the Inside Solo magazine and I must say … what a fabulous magazine Fran … and what a heck of a lot of time you have put into it with all the research … full of interesting reads, great art and terrific to be able to read what artists are getting up to with exhibitions … and how honoured I feel being featured in this great edition … thank you so very much for both the magazine and the feature … but mainly I appreciate you and your wonderful input with Solo Exhibition group and this great read :)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Hi, Bunny, Elena, and CJ; thanks for visiting AND leaving a comment.

CJ, my pleasure to feature one of your works. You are a lady of many talents. Delighted that you made it over here. The issue breaks every Friday, usually my morning (EDT/New York). Lots of news to use, hopefully, as well as features!

Bunny, “JuliaN’s Fountains” is major. What fine art. It is my pleasure to feature it in the magazine.

Elena, I’m always delighted to see your face, er, uh, flowers!…One of our most beloved Solo Artists! Thank you for following these issues. :)