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Inside Solo, vol 27 (Mar 7, 2010) (locked)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

#Inside Solo, vol 27 (Mar 7, 2010)

NEW! Now each feature with AUDIO!
Listen while you read.

Every article has an audio link. Let us know how you like it. For audiophiles, there is more to come.

Featuring the Sailing Photography of Linaji

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“Save target as” or
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or something similar :)

(10.0MB, 32 pages)

Do NOT try and open this in your browser. You will see a blank page for a long time if you try to do so. DO Download, and then double-click to open the file. :)

Alternate: Featuring the Digital Abstracts of Linaji

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(11.3MB, 32 pages)

Bob Bremner Solo Exhibition and Artist Reception – Monday – Sunday, March 22 – 28

New Galleries
Elisabeta Hermann Gallery
Colin Cartwright Gallery
Linaji Gallery
Scott d’Almeida Gallery

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5562 posts

Ok……I have 20 minutes…….hope it makes it before I go… pressure!! LOVE LOVE THE COVERS…..I think I like the second the best, but both are really stunning!!

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

WOW!!!…these look GORGEOUS!!!! Unbelievably beautiful both of them!!! I like both equally…they are two different beauties!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Elizabeth Bravo, sorry about that. I think you left already. Well, when you land….

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Elisabeta Hermann: Betty all the features of both magazines are the same, except for Lina’s. For the sailing edition, only her sailing images are reviewed in the feature article and inside cover story. For the abstract edition, only her abstracts are reviewed.

Note that now there is audio linked to each feature.

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

Yes, I noticed, that really sounds great! Can we listen already, or we have to wait?

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8071 posts

Fantastic covers both…I can’t wait to look inside….and listen too…

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Elisabeta: Betty, No waiting. The audio links are on each article.

Let me know how that works for you. I’m looking for feedback.

@Janis, thanks a bunch! Let me know what you think. I plan on doing more audio.


Wooooowwwwwww, I just know about this amazing magazine. It’s truly super exceptional presentations from talented artists and great curator. Good luck for the artist and thanks share this magazine to me. Will wait the next edition.

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

I would like to congratulate all the artists mentioned in these great two Editions of the Magazine. The Covers look exceptional and the content is great too. I participated in Betty’s exhibitions, and I was amazed to see the great unity Artists on RedBubble developed. I am member for some month now, and I can say I became addicted realizing that on this site virtual feels real :) Great Community.

Also, I would like to thank you for naming our newborn Group, PAINTERS UNIVERSE and *SELF-TAUGHT ARTIST ON REDBUBBLEin this wonderful Magazine.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@ronipix: Roni, it’s so good to see you here. I very much appreciate you downloading and reading the magazine. We do have many talented artists in the group. And you are one of them. Thank you. Enjoy!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Mary Sedici: welcome, Mary. You have stormed onto the RedBubble scene, even though you are new. Yes, I noticed that you are co-hosting two new groups. I see how well you have adapted to RedBubble life.

Especially here in the Solo group, virtual is real. And it pays to have a good sense of humor, too, We can laugh that we sit at our computers and drink real coffee, but drink fake (virtual) champagne to toast and celebrate artists in exhibition. :D Real enough for fun! And serious enough to celebrate wonderful art, and artists. Thank you for reading!

Kathryn Potempski Kathryn Potempski 120 posts

outstanding either way,how professional a breath of fresh air .congrats to all and well done on an exceptional presentation .

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Kathryn, thank you on behalf of the other writers and myself.

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 804 posts

Fantastic!! I needed both!! :)

Grace Anthony Zemsky Grace Anthony ... 144 posts

I am constantly wowed by the quality of work on RedBubble and am equally amazed at the wonderful presentations of your Inside Solo featured artists. Great work, Fran, and congratulations to the artists/photographers. You have all seduced us on visual journeys of discovery and I am glad for the escape!

Andrea Ida Rausch Andrea Ida Rausch 492 posts

Oh Frannie, what a wonderful job you did again! Great

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@GraceNotes: You, indeed, are full of grace, with your beautiful comment. Thank you, and I, too, thank these seductive artists, for allowing me and my fellow writers to document a small part of what they do, and share a bit of their essence, from our perspective.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Andrea Ida Rausche: It’s such a pleasure, Andrea, to have you as an active member. Your energy and smile is absolutely contagious. I thank you for bringing it here, today. You are a big fan of Lina’s, so I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from this edition of the magazine.

A.M. Ruttle A.M. Ruttle 119 posts

Hi Frannie and gang,
Wow the audio ROCKS! I feel like I’m walking though a very exclusive gallery with each of you writers/commentators speaking to me personally about each piece… a private tour. The audio adds SO much! I hope folks will see it and experience it because it’s mind blowing. Thank you so much for the link to the NETT article by Martin Hosking; it’s a fabulous overview and peek into the soul of this wonderful community. To Lina and all the other artists, congratulations and keep up the inspiring work! Wow, so much going on… WELL DONE everyone! amr

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@A.M. Ruttle, Ann, it is so wonderful to know that you have really taken your time to go through this edition. I’m proud of it for so many reasons.

The artists in the issue are absolutely brilliant. It was a joy to feature Martin Hosking, in Art News, who obviously does so much legwork and promotion for RedBubble. What a great representative he is for the community.

The audio, I too believe, is a wonderful addition. You will see more of it. You are the first to comment on it. Yours is the kind of feedback I was hoping for. Thank you, so much!!

Cathy L. Gregg Cathy L. Gregg 49 posts

WOW You do such an incredible job with this. I am in awe!!! Thank you for putting my image of Barchan of Oceano in there. I am truly honored and it was quite unexpected.

Vickie Emms Vickie Emms 5073 posts

I love the covers too, the second one best in my eyes. I’m so sorry though due to my satellite internet speed I can’t d/l that large file or play audio, I can’t even listen to a YouTube video on this internet (wahhhhh), it’s little better than dialup:-))

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Cathy Gregg, Thanks Cathy!!

@Vickie Emms, oh bummer that you can’t download the PDF file. Now if you are trying to load in your browser that is slow and not recommended. But you’ve tried downloading the 10 MB? The audio’s are only about 1 MB each. They should load (and then be playable, even if they load slowly, once loaded they will play.)

Well I have often thought of moving to the country and using satellite internet. But … maybe not! :-/

Vickie, thanks for your support!


That’s fabulous !
Thank you for all the hard work Frannie !!!