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Solo Exhibition

Artist solo exhibitions, juried invitational exhibitions, and workshops

Human Figure Workshop Show and Tell

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37044 posts

Human Figure Workshop Show and Tell

The show and tell is where we exhibit all the finals from workshop participants, along with related work in progress images.
It is an eye-opening experience to walk through so many excellent artists’ process with them, leading up to their mesmerizing artworks.

more to come…

Artists, please place your finals at the top of your comment; just as you would in exhibition. Below that please tell your work in progress story in pictures and words! Thank you!

Danilo Lejardi Danilo Lejardi 276 posts

Hi, everyone! Here’s the final version for the translation to digital art of “The Dream” by Mel Brackstone.

Visiones de un Sueño (Visions on a Dream)
by Danilo Lejardi

The Dream by Mel Brackstone.

© Karin Taylor © Karin Taylor 3780 posts

Here’s my final drawing, which was added to in Photoshop CS4, with some additional hair brush work and changing of tonal values, the addition of light, shadow and reflections…..transported into another world for her to enjoy! Thank you everyone for so much fun and enjoyment, especially thanks to DeeZ for allowing me to translate her little girl into another version through referencing her beautiful photograph!

seaside holiday
by Karin Taylor

video of progression of my painting

Here’s the original reference photograph I used by DeeZ:

∗See Ya…∗
by DeeZ

Here’s the drawing before final touches were made in Photoshop CS4

Work in Progress

First Stage digital drawing in Procreate on iPad, there’s the first initial sketch and following that I use partly transparent ‘paint’ to fill in areas with a sort of watercolour appearance.

Second stage digital drawing in Procreate on iPad (when working on the iPad it’s really easy to take lots of photos as you go, and quickly use a program to paste them all together in a row) … lots more layers and filling in with darker layers and highlights, I use a variety of digital pen brushes, thick and thin, markers and watercolours, and thicker more opaque ones

This was as far as I could go using Procreate on the iPad, I then saved the file and sent it via email to my Mac so I could work on it further Photoshop from here. Just building up layer upon layer of colour, texture, light and shade. :)

Jim Phillips Jim Phillips 75 posts

The Muse's Vision
by Jim Phillips

Acrylic painting

Thanks to my partner, photographer Jean Laffitau, for furnishing such a fine photograph.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37044 posts

Fantastic start to what proves to be a beautiful exhibition in itself! Please do feel free to add your WIPS below your finished work.

Excellent @Danilo, Karin, and Jim!

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 933 posts

The Dare
by Richard Gerhard

I first started with this Pic

I dare you!
by Jean M. Laffitau

I cut the woman out of the pic and then colorized her with Photoshop Tools. I then placed her on a leather bench. I then created the room. I added the window and the birdcage. and then place the woman and bench into the background. I then added the cobwebs, blood and the dead bird. From this I used Topaz, layers, textures and overlays.

The Dare (WIP)
by Richard Gerhard

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37044 posts

Believable and fun composite, @Richard!

Dianne  Ilka Dianne Ilka 963 posts

The Pink Boots
by Dianne Ilka

∗See Ya…∗
by DeeZ

I fell in love with Dee’s image as soon as I saw it so I knew that it was the one for me :)

While I was waiting to get a copy of the image from Dee, I decided to have a bit of a play to get some ideas on how I was going to approach this.

I had a bit of a play with charcoal
(not planning on 2 girls – just scribbling)

pen and ink on yupo paper

And then just plain old pen and ink.
Leaning towards the pen and ink at this stage but not totally sure yet.
The basic idea is that the girl will be black and white and the boots will be pink :)

I really couldn’t resist making a “proper” start to this. My house is still in a mess and heaps of other things that I should be doing but the sweet little girl was calling out to me!
Pink to add to the background and the boots yet and more fine tuning of the sketch and hair etc. Not sure yet if I want some flowers and grass around her too :)

I really wanted to test out the pink boots and background.
The hair and up around her neckline still have a few issues, as well as the pink background but they will have to wait until tomorrow. Still not sure about adding flowers….

The Pink Boots
by Dianne Ilka

I’ve worked on this a bit more this morning. I used a paintbrush dipped in black ink to add more contrast and also a bit of grass around the bottom. I really think that I run the risk of overworking it if I do any more so I’m calling it done.
Thanks Deez!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37044 posts

@Dianne, what a beautiful pen and ink illustration. You have perfectly captured her energy and exuberance. Love it!

Claudia Dingle Claudia Dingle 696 posts

going out beyond the white breakers where a man can still be free
by Claudia Dingle



This is a translation in watercolour… I started by getting a feeling for the figure and his “energy” by making a sketch on normal paper first.

I did another sketch on the watercolour paper and started working on the torso first. I left out the tatoos, the bikes and the background to keep the main focus on the human figure.

Result after addinglayers of washes (red, brown, neapolitan beige mix). Taking off excess colour with a wet brush. Then adding a mix of black&indigo blue for the shadows in wet-in-wet.

Adding the wetsuit (black&indigo blue) and the shadows of the shirt/towel in his hands.

I kept thinking about the Colin Hay song “Beautiful world” as I was painting. In fact, I put it on as my music background.

“my, my, my it’s a beautiful world
i like swimming in the sea
i like to go out beyond the white breakers
where a man can still be free (or a woman if you are one)
i like swimming in the sea”

Detail of the torso and face after adding background washes:

This is how it looks like after adding the washes for the wall and ground

My idea now is to add waves beyond the wall in the background. But not “realistic” ones, rather the style of surfer art… inspirations like Erik Abel and Heather Brown come to mind.

I drew in the lines with a pencil and will fill the areas tomorrow with turquoise& blue watercolours and probably titanium white for the crashing waves.

Here are the waves on which I worked this morning.

And the FINAL:

going out beyond the white breakers where a man can still be free
by Claudia Dingle

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37044 posts

Lavender Mandolin

Lavender Mandolin
by F.A. Moore

Oil on canvas board
8 × 10 inches


The Musician
by Mel

Thank you Mel! This was a lot of fun to work on, once I got past the initial stage and into the present form.

By the way, here is my Black and White conversion of Lavender Mandolin:

Work in Progress



Final: Lavender Mandolin

WIP 8 refined and softened shadows

WIP 7 detailed mandolin, figure, and background

WIP 6 refined skin, lightened background

WIP 4 modified proportions and head; skin

WIP 3 glazes of mixed purples

WIP 2 glazes of mixed reds

WIP 1c brush sketch

WIP 1b knifed background, layer 2
Mel Mel Brackstone... 59 posts

I’m just loving seeing these finals after watching the works in progress! What a talented group of artists you all are!!

Jane Brack Jane Brack 573 posts

These blow me away! Amazing talent here!!

Darlene Lankford Honeycutt Darlene Lankfo... 1896 posts

All wonderful and amazing works of art! Beautiful!

Claudia Dingle Claudia Dingle 696 posts

bum eats swimwear
by Claudia Dingle

My starting point is a photo taken at a beach in Italy:

As you can see, this is a tongue-in-cheek work which will hopefully give you a smile. Because lets face it, most people don’t have a fabulous figure.

Here’s my first WIP, the preliminary sketch.


Started with the flesh. Washes of a mix of neapolitan beige, yellow, red and brown. Darker mix in a wet-in-wet technique for the shadow areas. Then taking off paint with a wet brush to lighten other areas.

Using the dark mix to indicate lines and shadows of the speedo swimwear.


working on the swimwear…and trying to think of a title.. lol

Taking off colour with a wet brush where the fabric would be shiny.

Next will be a wet-in-wet wash for the background in blue-grey.

Final (after adding some fine work to shadows and bum line etc.):

bum eats swimwear
by Claudia Dingle

Oh and last but not least… the (comic) relief to finish ;)

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

G and Me at the Sea … A Moment of Wonder
by Leslie Gustafson

Original Photo

! !
Sketch that late I needed to reposition. Instead of redrawing the figures, I traced them and repostioned them.

After procrastinating too long ( a trait I am not liking in myself lately as it reaks of perfectionism and I am not a fan of that ;-)) I blocked in colors lossely to get a sense of the piece and unstick myself mentally.

Beginning to work on the sea and its many colors ( this was my fave part of the piece to do)

Working on the figures which was challenging as there so many colors in skintones and I wanted to capture them – terra cottas, pinks, peaches, red, orange, cream, yellow/golds, deep brown.


G and Me at the Sea … A Moment of Wonder
by Leslie Gustafson

Finally got on a roll with the piece and was able to get alot done, “in the zone” as they say! had a great time enriching the piece with lots of color. I thought it was finished without clouds but then added them in to unify the piece and move the eye from the figures – to the sea – up into the sky.

This piece was painted for my home and I am pleased with it :-)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37044 posts

The sea, sky, and figures are all so gorgeous Leslie. The entire work has that luminous sunlit quality which is difficult to capture. Perfect lighting!

lilynoelle lilynoelle 1053 posts

The Ice Queen, version 1
by lilynoelle

Cotman watercolors on Canson art board <3

Translated from Blue-ish:

by Graceful Imaging

First step: The sketch, which changed a bit over time, but essentially started out like this:

Next came adding the base color, which was a mix of browns and reds. Not my finest hour. ;)

In order to remove the ruddiness, I liberally recoated the figure with LOTS of white!

work in progress to be deleted
by lilynoelle

… which lead to this:

Next I added a wash around the figure:

by lilynoelle

… and then made the base for her hair:

by lilynoelle

I thought I was finished, but her chin didn’t look good and it was ruining the picture!

by lilynoelle

Sooo I fixed that and here we have the original final:

The Ice Queen
by lilynoelle

However, for this workshop, my official FINAL is the version with white hair. I added a soft halo with Picassa, cropped the painting, and voila!

The Ice Queen, version 1
by lilynoelle

Making this has been a wonderful challenge and experience. I am so grateful to Graceful Imagings for letting me use “Blue-ish” ~ figure drawing is a great passion, and this workshop helped me discover new things and work with old ones. Now – onto finishing Eulalia!


Susana Weber Susana Weber 1407 posts

Morning Light

Morning light
by Susana Weber

I had intended to paint this 5ft x 4ft canvas with a scene that I photographed a couple of years ago on St Martin. The Workshop provided the inspiration
to get it done and I’m delighted to have finished it… and participated in such a fun, and encouraging event here on Redbubble! Thank you Frannie for
this delightful opportunity!!

Inspirational photo of Lucy’s Snack in Marigot.

WIP 1… I decided to change the composition to one tighter and more focused on the figure rather
than the building. I applied color washes to the primed canvas after sketching out the elements in
charcoal. I moved the figure closer to the unseen doorway… I didn’t want to plop her right in the
middle of the composition. And I gave her a skirt for some movement instead of the cropped pants.
She seems to be “trudging” along in the photo… and I wanted a little more energy. I hope I’ve
achieved that.

WIP 2… I began adjusting the colors and values of the color-blocked elements and color washed the
figure with orange which will connect it to the background visually.

WIP 3… Adding in more details, underpainted the figures clothing. I left out the iron gate initially as it
would be easier to over paint the orange background later. I feel it’s absence. It’s an important element
that pulls the viewer’s eye toward the left.

WIP 4… Continuing adjustments overall. I’ll change the size of the figures head by resizing the hat…
seems out of proportion. (see next WIP) Sidewalk and street stripes get attention.

WIP 5… Finally added the gate to the unseen doorway. I’m liking it better now. I was nervous without
that element. I felt the figure was floating, exposed. She is grounded now… moving toward something.

WIP Final

WIP detail 1

WIP detail 2

WIP detail 3

WIP detail 4

WIP Final detail 1… A tiny bit off the hat makes a huge difference in proportion. Yes? No?

WIP Final detail 2

There’s a picture of the finished piece hung in my kitchen HERE at the end of the description.
linaji linaji 6564 posts


FLOWING FORWARD… No looking Back
by linaji


Lina’s WIP’S

Another amazing Sojie workshop where I am always inspired and feel a bit of fear when working with another’s image.
Mel Brackstone
allowed me to use her image Bathing

Below are my WIPS showing somewhat of the process to get here.

Danilo Lejardi Danilo Lejardi 276 posts

OK. Here´s the final image of my translation of “Human Of The Year” by artist Tori Yule

Year Of The Human
by Danilo Lejardi

I created this Journal in order to expose all the creation process.

Human Figure Workshop. Solo Exhibition.
“Everyone has creative blocks, and it can be so frustrating when this happens. Sometimes I can’t think of a single idea or my work just plain stinks”.
This is how RB artist Tori Yule begins her description of her Human Of The Year image.

It’s a common scenario for all us artists. And that’s precisely the reason why I chose this image to make a digital tranlation. The truth is that I lock myself very often, too much _ I should say; many more times than I can allow myself. Sometimes writing, sometimes creating a custom image…
This is a very familiar topic to me. Years ago I did an image to reflect this state. I named it “When you were sleeping” and I posted it at the Renderosity site.

I guess the image explains by itself.
But what counts is that I felt very identified with Tori’s image since I first saw it.
However, now I feel locked again. Here I have the inspiring and evocative image of Tori, and I’m struggling again between displaying the artist’s internal battle inmersed into his/her mental block, or to reflect the idea that we always manage to overcome this situation, the idea that blockades in arts are necessary too.
Anyhow, here it is
WIP No. 1.
The immeasurably large canvas where the artist is lost and is found.

WIP No. 2
Well, I decided to explore how to represent the artist frustration facing the blank canvas.
Sometimes the lack of inspiration is presented to us as a black and white image, an almost soulless representation.

But I think the worst part comes when everything seems to be colored and we aren`t able to integrate our ideas into this world.

Finally, there is the intermediate option, which is also a way to represent the artist’s alienation from his own creation. By now, this is the image I like the most.

WIP No. 3
I wanted to recreate the original pose of Tori’s character to see how it would work in this new environment. Anyway, I think something is still missing here.

Well, I’ve come to the same point where the character of the original work was baffled. What is next? What decision to make?
The thing is that I have three options to offer as final image. Here they are.
The first is an allegory of the final result. It’s as if the work would have been creating itself in that moment. It’s like a spark of creativity. At the apex of the work you can see the original Tori’s image.

The second is a slight variation of WIP No. 3. I understand that it is the one that retains the best the sense of the original work.

The third one is a major twist regarding the previous direction of the translation.Here I wanted to express one of the possible outcomes of the artist. I like it because it expresses the idea that the artist always goes ahead, that creativity is endless, that we all just need to let go.

Dianne  Ilka Dianne Ilka 963 posts

Dance is the hidden language of the soul
by Dianne Ilka

by Alfredo Estrella

Thanks Alfredo for allowing me to translate such a fantastic photo


I’ve made a start by first getting down the basic shapes in charcoal pencil and then I’ve started to block in a few colours and the lighter areas


More blocking in of colours. I can see already that it is going to be a challenge doing a fairly small piece with my fat little pastel sticks :)


Still just blocking in some more basics. I’ll attend to the finer details after I have put in the background as its sure to get quite messy. Not totally sure what I’m going to do for the background so probably just going to go with the flow on this one. It’s a good thing that the sanded paper holds lots of layers.


I’ve blocked in some background colour but can’t say that I’m happy with it yet. Need some more colours added to it…


I sprayed the last layer with fixative so that I could add some more colours without it getting too muddy. I then went over the top with some pinks, purples, yellow and white. The background could possibly still change but for now it will do.
I also only just realised how crooked this photo is lol!
Next will be the finer details and adjusting the light etc.


This will more than likely be my last wip before a final.
I’ve still managed to avoid getting out the pastel pencils but I’ve been using black and white charcoal pencils. I’m happy that the legs are looking a lot better now. Also realized that I totally forgot to put in the brackets for the barr to be supported by so they have been added too.
Still left to do are the arms and the face. I’m quite concerned about tackling the face which I guess is obvious because I’ve left it until the end.

Martha Mitchell Martha Mitchell 245 posts

by Martha Mitchell

Thank you to Mel Brackstone for allowing me to translate her photo.

by Mrs Mel Brackstone

First I did the outlines with a pastel pencil and put down some colours, still making decisions about what colours to use.

by Martha Mitchell

Then I started layering on the colours in soft pastel with hatching strokes. I really wanted to keep the marks fresh and spontaneous, I wanted to show the marks instead of blending the pastel, so I tried not to overwork it.

by Martha Mitchell

Spiritinme Spiritinme 693 posts

by Spiritinme

by Graceful Imaging

WIP 1 …Cut out the model from her background and place her into a photo of mine. I then used a blue “wash” over entire image. I added stars and clouds for dreamy atmosphere.

Next I added some depth to the work with levels, contrast, brightness while leaving the model a bit more transparent. I wanted her to look like she was part of her environment.

Now I added reflection of her image to position her a bit higher in the art. I added streaks of blue to her hair, extended her lashes, softened her skin, added pearls at her feet, per the myths of Aphrodite.

I wasn’t happy with this yet, so, I redid the reflection, brought in more highlights and contrast, added a necklace, and put the earth in her hand. She is of love and beauty and is said to have come from the foam of the sea. This is where my ideas stemmed from in this art.

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3660 posts

Les Demoiselles au Spa
by Kathie Nichols

Interpreting Pablo Picasso’s painting – Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
oil on canvas
244 × 234 cm (96 × 92.1 in)
Public Domain Notes
Oil pastels and paints on textured watercolor paper 9″ × 9″, using paper blending stumps and fine brushes.

WIP 1 – 4, sketched in figures in pencil, started then blocking in colour for the figures. Next to add more colours and shadows in various skin tones. I then started on the background colours.

WIP 5 – More colours and blending and then the hair_________________________________________ and the FINAL.

Les Demoiselles au Spa
by Kathie Nichols

It was difficult to achieve the finer lines, so I bought some oil paints to block the colours better and complete the fine details in all areas and especially for the facial features which took quite a while dabbing in fine lines. Last was to use a very fine wooden stick to add the grey/white areas to the eyes. Variation in colours due to camera lighting and settings, untouched and unprocessed work!

I’ve always wanted to try something like this, and the figure workshop gave me the opportunity to do so. Thoroughly enjoyed working on this piece and am happy with the results…perhaps I’ll try a larger painting next time. Thanks for the wonderful support and feedback Frannie, the Solo team and everyone!