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Solo Exhibition

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Abstract Workshop

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3637 posts

I agree with the terms of this workshop. Down another new road…..going to try a digital art creation this time….my inspiration I chose from one of the suggested pieces Meditation – Flute, Japanese Garden

I chose the base image of a waterfall photo that I recently took while visiting Cairns, Northern Queensland. Josephine Falls. Then chose a few different textures from my rusty macro files and then some clouds at sunset which I shot in June.

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Wow Terri, I love the way you can change things up!! It is 6:30am here and when I went to bed I did indeed wonder… like colors and the textures you are applying!
Hi Kathy, what can I say but wow… Your macro work speaks for itself and using them here is like a double Abstract Whammy!
Love the modes!

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3637 posts

Thanks Lina….this is so much fun, I have thousands of textures, landscapes etc to choose from, I always knew I kept most of them for some future purpose….now I can use them in creating digital art! WIPS 4 & 5

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

That royal blue is so passionate, @Terri and I love it’s compliments.

@Kathie, great start, gosh you might be finished by now…? Looking good!

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3637 posts

Thanks Frannie, here’s WIP 6, a few more finer details to go :))) This step I used a filter – map – displace in GIMP….love discovering what these filters can do!

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Ohhhhhh my goodness you are amazing Kathie… love the feeling of landscape and moon and the depth you are producing!

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3637 posts

FINAL…..Worked with the burn and dodge tool for textures, highlights and shadows.


Moondance in the Night Garden
by Kathie Nichols

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

I have not started a new Abstract yet. But wanted to post the results of taking Lina’s Challenge!

Two days ago, I warmed up for the Abstract Workshop, with a digital artwork that combined 3 scanned
traditional works of mine.

I immediately knew the title of the work: “Working on it!”, because I have been working on my own personal
art this year, attempting to paint “fine art” for the first time. (I’m also working on an important professional project,
and making some major adjustments.)

So the following was uploaded on July 31st, just before logging out and hitting the pillow.

…But, I didn’t like it. Strong darks are not my normal style; and they made me feel very uncomfortable. The work
did not reflect me, as I see myself, anyway (unless I’m subconsciously working in the dark… and that could be).

So last night opened it up to work on it and decided to use Lina’s “merge” technique in her challenge.
Lina merges often and keeps going. I rarely merge, and when I do, I just save the file as a png and bring
that back into the PSD file as a layer; because I am normally working with 100-150 layers at a time, pre-merge.

But this time, since the principal image was already complete, and I just wanted to make adjustments,
I knew I would only be working with 2-3 layers at at time; so it seemed perfect for the merge and go flow

Here is my psd file screenshot for adjusting the high resolution image. You can see by the dimensions
below the image window that was first working on this at 8400 × 8400 pixels at 599+ resolution. (ergo 600dpi).

Adjustment #2. I created separate Hue adjustment layers for the master and various colors. This was because
I thought I might want to mask out some of the areas in a specific hue range. The masks are showing up blank(white),
becauseI didn’t end up doing that. Linear Dodge was used at an opacity of 86%. Labeling layers works well for
me, even I do it after the fact. Sometimes, that’s part of my clean-up process, before archiving a file.

Instead of merging these layers, though, I went back to my old ways of saving an intermediary PNG file.
(Note that PNG’s have lossless compression (you don’t lose resolution or pixels, as you do with a JPG). As it turns out,
I didn’t do anything with the adjustment 2 file. But it got me started in the right direction.

Adjustment #3. I continued working and added an inverted adjustment layer, and blended that on Hue at 31% opacity.
You will notice a label on this layer that says, Invert Hue31. That’s my own shorthand for the adjustment name, and
blending mode. I liked this more subtle one and saved it as a PNG file, version 3.

Adjustment #4. All I did here was change the Hue opacity from 31 to 59. I also saved this a PNG file, version 4.
At this point I knew I wanted to take versions 3 and 4 and play with blending them together.

Adjustments #5-7. I opened version 3 PNG and started with that in the bottom layer, and copy and pasted vs 4 into
the top layer. Of course then duplicated them and locked the originals down, something I’m in a habit of doing and
also encourage.

Then, I played with different settings on the duplicate files until I liked one, where vs 4 was in Overlay mode at 79% opacity,
above vs 3 layer. I merged those copies and called that vs 6, in order to keep these trials all in the same psd file.

After playing some more, with another set of duplicated copies of vs 4 over vs 3, I liked when vs 4 was blended in Color mode
at 51% opacity over vs 3. I merged those two copies, and labeled it as vs. 7.

All that was left then, was to replace my version 1 on RedBubble with version 7! And Done!

Final, updated image.

Working on it!
by F.A. Moore

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Kathie, I didn’t see your final when I posted, as I had been working on it a while. Didn’t mean to be rude. Sorry.

I love the watermarks that you get on the left side of the work. Was that through dodge and burn of a new texture layer?

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Hi Frannie, a bit of time before going to school, ahead of scheld! I am always fascinated by your processes as you know much more about the logistics of PS… your final reminds me of a POster Drawing and I like the effects of your masking techniques with the slight green and purple tones!

Lana Wynne Lana Wynne 595 posts

Kathie, what a gorgeous finish! Wow! Love it! Your colors and textures are wonderful!

Frannie, how interesting and unique! Merging those tree very different faces was a cool idea. Very creative! I like the addition of geometric figures and lines and a touch of color. Great creative abstract,congratulations!

Terri, I love your last WIP, is that a tree on the left? Anyway, it is looking wonderful at this stage!

I wish I could paint as fast as you, guys, produce your fabulous digital masterpieces!

Lana Wynne Lana Wynne 595 posts


This is my initial sketch of my abstract painting, “Homage To Paul Klee”. This is based on his painting, “Versunkene Landschaft”.


I have prepared the canvas with Gesso and put the first coat of acrylics. The next stage will be to build up the layers of acrylics and oil pastels on top of this base.

I don’t intend to make an exact replica of his painting but make it my own with some of my own ideas.

Antionette Antionette 1034 posts

“I agree to the terms of this workshop” – and a “workshop” it is going to be, because it will be my first abstract ever -“BEDOUIN BUSIC FROM WADI RUN DESERT JORDAN” – my inspiration in this was when I listened to the music I did not understand a word, but I understood the music – I do not understand Abstract art, but I understand creating art – does this make sense at all?

Lana Wynne Lana Wynne 595 posts

Absolutely, Antionette, it does! I am glad you are joining us here!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7994 posts

I agree with the terms of this workshop.

WIP #1 of The Hollow Men…Dyes and Watercolour
Shape without form…shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Oh my goodness, I’m loving hearing about your inspiration.

Yes, @Antionette, it makes total sense! What fabulous inspiration!

@Lana, Klee is such a great inspiration; I love the wonderful symbols assembled. Looking forward to this!

@Janis, taking shape. The Hollow Men, such challenging inspiration from one of my favorite poets (T.S. Eliot).

@Lina, I enjoyed the process of adjusting this. From the beginning, it felt better than the original.
Keeping the merged works together in the last psd file worked really well for me. Thanks for the challenge!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7994 posts

WIP #2 of The Hollow Men..

© Helen Chierego © Helen Chierego 131 posts

Love what I’m seeing here and will come back from time to time to view the progress of each work!
@Lina ,you are a great abstract art instructor with photoshop…wonderful to see your process and results…
@Frannie, what a great job you are doing with these workshops…so encouraging for the participants.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Helen, great to see you! I guess you don’t normally do abstract, but this is a great place to do it if you have a whim. Would love for you to participate!

@Janis, whoohoo, what a switch up. I love the color. Looks like blood. (Blood and water?)

Storm brewing so I need to get off of the internet. Will check in later!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7994 posts

Thanks so much Frannie…the poem is filled with grist for my mill, so at this point I have not decided which direction I’m taking…

Lana Wynne Lana Wynne 595 posts

Oh, Janis, I love your WIP! Gorgeous colors and those streaks of light/reflecton look wonderful! Looking forward to your next step.

Terri Maddock Terri Maddock 3176 posts

Kathie – Moondance is beautiful – I love the colours & textures, it really draws you in to find something more each time you look at it.

I only have Picassa for straightening & cropping photos – does anyone know an easy download of software? I’m fascinated watching the steps & reading how it is done, but none really makes sense until I give it a go.

Frannie – I liked “Working on it” the other day when it popped up on the the news feed – the new version is softer, easier to look at & shows up your great artworks underneath more clearly than in the coloured version

Lana – I’m sure this will be another one of your beautifully painted works

Janis – such a change from Wip 1 to Wip 2 – wonderful colours!

This will be another fascinating workshop – especially for pushing some of us who into traditional art into the abstract way – it really is a challenge! I’ve had to stop myself from starting to put in the recognisable details of the lagoon & go with the feeling of the summer holidays as kids. One of my girls saw it last night & knew it was our lagoon straight away – hmmm dont know if that’s a good thing or not!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7994 posts

Terri it will come together in the end…

Dianne  Ilka Dianne Ilka 965 posts

Great work everyone! I understand how you feel Terri. While I really admire a lot of abstract work I find it really hard to just let go and not make it realistic.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

@Dianne and Terri, there is a style called Abstract Realism. I linked to a group on RB somewhere, either on page 1, or maybe in the announcement in Solo’s “messages”. Often these are realistic scenes, or people, abstractly rendered. If you’re having a difficult time segueing, this might be worth looking into.

@Terri, oh, I’m glad you noticed it in the feed, thanks. I agree, this is easier on the eyes— my eyes, too. Thanks.