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SoJie 17

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

@Lana congratulations on your awards. I believe your subject (“Mia”) looks prepared to accept them on your behalf! ;) Great to see you!

@Scott, so glad you made it! You helped make the workshop wonderful and enlightening. Love the results of your lighting, cropping, and adjusting on your model, and I love that it’s in the show!!

Maree Cardinale Maree Cardinale 1798 posts

Thanks Frannie, that’s very kind of you xox.
It was an honour as well as being very interesting to be a part of the whole process. Thanks so much for having me xox

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

I’m going to take a little break and will be back soon.

Linda Miller Gesualdo Linda Miller G... 223 posts

Wow the work here is outstanding very beautiful and well done by all the artists my sincere congratulations to all, Hugs, Linda ♥♥♥

Tatjana Larina Tatjana Larina 68 posts

Sorry, for missing ceremony. Wow, its such great alive ceremony was – with red carpet and nice dressed ladies :) Enjoyed to read it :) Big congratulations to all winners, Frannie and Solo team!
Lily, you made great job on writing bio. Judges did a hard big work. My admiration for them, Frannie and all Solo team, who create and made this incredible show! Thank you! And want to give a special thank you to Janis Zroback for wonderful awards!
Congratulations for all! Well done, everyone!

anaisanais anaisanais 406 posts


Rob Beilby Rob Beilby 169 posts

Huge Huge congratulations to everyone in this amazing presentation. All of the awards are so well deserved, the quality and professional excellence is such a high standard.. well done. And YES, Frannie and Co derserve their own awards for a job so well done….

Randi Antonsen Randi Antonsen 185 posts

Hello dear all!
A Huge congratulations to all participants, all visitors, all judges and all the winners!
The show is an impressive display of varied and expressive portraits in so many media! Very cool :)
A delight for the eyes and soul
I want to give a special thanks to Janis Zroback for :
Fine Art
Award for Portraiture
Excellence in Drawing
and Esthetic Value
and Award for Portraiture
Excellence in Creativity

Kind regards

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10122 posts

Wow, I slept through the show out here in California, and woke up to find more than 200 messages talking about the fabulous winners of awards this morning.
Congratulations to all the artists and participants. Such a gorgeous gallery of work presented here! So enjoyable to take a stroll through and contemplate each of these portraits. There is so much to be learned by visiting with these images.

Congratulations to Frannie and team Solo for another well-done exhibition.
A big thank you to the judges who had a most difficult job choosing from these fine works.

Especially congratulations to dearest Lana whose portrait of Mia is so close to my heart.

Enjoy your day all!

paolo1955 paolo1955 3477 posts
The work here is outstanding very beautiful and well done by all the artists my sincere congratulations to all, Hugs-Paolo
Madalena Lobao-Tello Madalena Lobao... 6939 posts

Oh MG!!!
I am completely happy and happy…!!
Congratulations to the Team Solo for their hard work and congratulations to all the winning artists!

Natalya   Tabatchikova Natalya Taba... 30 posts
Well done and brilliant !!!
Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8763 posts

Congratulations to everyone. Excellent & stunning work!!!

Sorry to be so late to the show but it starts so very early for me here….

Thank you Team Solo!!!! Excellent work!

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

Hi SoiJie Team

I am so honoured to be included in this amazing array of talent. My online time has been limited lately but I managed to spend time looking through this extraordinary show today. Congratulations to all included and the award winners and a big big thank you to everyone at SoJie and the panel- Hugs to Frannie and huge thanks to Janis for presenting my Kurt with an award, I’m so delighted & will be sure to let people know to come visit your amazing expo :))

Luv Anita xx

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5021 posts

Gorgeous work, everyone, congrats!

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 19987 posts

Extraordinary work, an impressive exhibition!

Robin King Robin King 1067 posts

What a wonderful SoJie!!! Splendid Exhibition, marvelous work!!!!
Congratulations to all the brilliant artists who participated and also to those whose works received awards!!!

Hooray for the SoJie Team and the Judges!!!!! You are amazing!!!!

And special thanks to Janis Zroback for giving my “Remember Us” three awards for portraiture! I’m surprised and honored!

liesbeth liesbeth 764 posts

Great to have some extra time again to view all the extraordinary Art in this exhibition. Congratulations to all the Artists.

Nikolay Semyonov Nikolay Semyonov 222 posts

What a stunning constellation of portraits! Absolutely brilliant! Cogratulations!

Ellen van Deelen Ellen van Deelen 42 posts

Congratulations to you all, and Frannie , a special thanks to you and team!

WILT WILT 62 posts

Congratulations to everyone who entered,there are some very fine artworks here.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

Wow it is so good to see friendly faces here, people I admire greatly. Thank you so much for coming by to comment on the show.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

Thanks again to our fine Judges, who are solo artists, all. You can find a little write-up on each on page 5 of the show.

Stephie Butler Stephie Butler 49 posts

Firstly I want to say what an honour it was to be nominated, then a very big thank you to Frannie for all the hard work that must go into doing all this, I just can’t imagine the time you must spend on it and how fantastic it is. Ans to all the judges who also work so hard, it can’t be easy with such talent to choose from. A very special thank you to Janis for making me feel so good today. I didn’t expect any award so to get four, well I’m on such a high. To have someone see something in your work means so much, to know your going in the right direction even though you doubt yourself along the way, along with the inspiration all that brings, I can’t thank you enough for that…..

A big congratulations to everyone who won awards, i’ve never seen such a display of portraiture. Special congratulations to Jean who’s work I have greatly admired for a long time.

I wasn’t here when it was all taking place, I didn’t quite understand how it all worked. I think i’m getting to grips with it a bit more so will make sure I’m around to see the next one…..Thank you and congratulations to everyone…

Farfarm Farfarm 181 posts

Amazing all these awards !!! My head is spinning by all these comments and awards ribbons and bling-bling …. Thank you all for my awards !! Need some air and a drink now :)))