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20120504. Inside Solo - Works of the Day, Friday, May 04, 2012

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Works of the Day, Inside Solo

Friday. May-04 2012

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist” Oscar Wilde

Here are select works from inside Solo’s Gallery, today.


Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Digital Print of the Day

The Party
by Robin Webster





Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Inspired Perspective of the Day

by StephenElvidge

Acryli,pastel and pen on distressed card. 21cm x 28cm





Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Drawing of the Day

The Tafle
by Marzena Ablewska- Lech

ink on paper, 35×50cm





Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Photograph of the Day

Insult to Injury
by Athenawp





Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8893 posts

Excellent selections. Congratulations to all featured!

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 937 posts

Beautiful Work everyone…Very cool…congrats

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Thanks Richard and Lucinda for stopping by. It is always amazing what wonderful art we have in our gallery.

Evelyn Bach Evelyn Bach 89 posts

Awesome work!!! Congratulations all you talented people!

Robin Webster Robin Webster 604 posts

Elizabeth I am so thrilled to be included in these features! What an honour! Thank you so much!

Many thnks to Lucinda, Richard, and Evelyn as well for your kind comments! :))

Congratulations to Stephen, Marzena and Athenawp!!! All stunning images and wonderful work!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Elizabeth, Oscar Wilde’s quote is wonderful and I suppose both self-fulfilling and a relief for all here!

I have now visited each of these works and enjoy seeing them large here.

Robin’s dash of rain pours down like some Morse Code on “The Party”. “Dit Dot Dash. Look at me. Help. It’s raining. Isn’t it beautiful!”
Yes, yes, it is Robin.

Stephen’s “Beseech” begs for our attention, and captures it in the way that the subject apparently hopes. Painting and emotion are so inextricably tied, that they are one. I like the effect that the “distressed card” substrate has on the acrylic painting.

I had to look up “Tafle”, as it was a new word to me, although not a new concept. This is the most descriptive definition of sorts that I came up with: “The space where the worlds meet, between the depths, and the air; indefinite space moves in a tonal way, carring the reflection of what’s ‘above’ and ‘under’.” How can one look at Marzena’s, “The Tafle”, without admiring her skill with pen and ink and the beautiful detail. I could study this one for hours and be entertained by it. Such a monster!

Athena’s photograph, “Insult to Injury”, captured soon after severe flooding of the area, according to the description, highlights the sad story of industrial waste, which plagues nearly every corner of the globe. We can’t miss those fascinating billows of smoke— beautiful in their similarity to atmospheric clouds, ugly in their crime against the earth. Hoping we can find a cleaner way.

Great work everyone! And thanks to our curator, today, Elizabeth Bravo! Great job.

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9338 posts

Brilliant as usual! Congratulations to the creators!

Robin Webster Robin Webster 604 posts

Thanks so much Bea! :))

saseoche saseoche 102 posts

Wonderful works and congratulation to all!

Terri Maddock Terri Maddock 3192 posts

Great selection agan Elizabeth – congratulations everyone!

Darlene Lankford Honeycutt Darlene Lankfo... 2001 posts

Congrats to all!

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2652 posts

What a stunning collection of works. Congratulations to the featured artists. :o)

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Hi Robin….I see you up there. I have been fascinated with your pieces from the first that I saw them….this one is a fave for sure!! So glad to see you stopping by!!!
HI Bunny, Dee, Terri, Saseoche, Beatrice… nice of you to stop and add your congrats and comments. !!!

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 17577 posts

Wonderful, inspirational work – congratulations to the featured artists!

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3629 posts

Its always a treat to see the works of day, congrats to all…..great viewing :)))

Linda Bianic Linda Bianic 3213 posts

Congrats all,,, what amazing images!!

Robin King Robin King 1054 posts

Wow! WOW!!!!! all so wonderful!!!!!

linaji linaji 6573 posts

Ohhh such great selections Elizabeth. That photograph of the day completely knocks me socks off!