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Lynda Robinson Gallery

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3195 posts

I love to paint, and one of the best things I have found about being an artist is the heightened awareness it has given me of the the world that surrounds me. Everywhere I look, I find myself analysing the way the light falls, the tones, the colours and how I would go about turning it into a painting, whether it be a landscape, a face, a still life object or just something as simple as a bunch of leaves! I have tried all mediums, but the extremely versatile medium of pastel has become my passion.

I host two groups:

Realist Landscape Painting
Realist Paintings about Water

Below is a selection of works from my RedBubble gallery…to view the entire gallery click my name above left.

From ‘The Tarcombe Series’ – This is a collection of works painted in the Tarcombe area of Northern Victoria, Australia

'Breaking Through'
by Lynda Robinson

The Tarcombe Clip
by Lynda Robinson

'Hot Day at Tarcombe'
by Lynda Robinson

Beside the Creek
by Lynda Robinson

One of my favourite subject to paint is water. Here are a few examples from the ‘Water Works’ collection:

Pastel Splashes – Marengo
by Lynda Robinson

The Goulburn from the Esplanade (Seymour)
by Lynda Robinson

Shadows on the Howqua
by Lynda Robinson

I live in the middle of the Australian bush, and my studio is situated in the middle of eucalypt trees and native shrubbery. The bush is a constant source of inspiration for me. Here are some examples from the ‘Aussie Bush’ Collection

Symphony of Bush Colours
by Lynda Robinson

Cootamundra Wattle
by Lynda Robinson

Why I Live Where I Live
by Lynda Robinson

Drought Relief
by Lynda Robinson

I also enjoy painting portraits, so here are a few examples from my ‘Portraits’ collection

Portrait of Bruce
by Lynda Robinson

Portrait of Doug Dale
by Lynda Robinson

by Lynda Robinson

My Little Mozart
by Lynda Robinson

Portrait of Hubert Miller
by Lynda Robinson

Portrait of Con Conning
by Lynda Robinson

'Portrait of Tom Tehan'
by Lynda Robinson

Thought I would include a few of my ‘tasteful’ nudes:

Learning Curves
by Lynda Robinson

Nude Study with Satin
by Lynda Robinson

Reclining Nude
by Lynda Robinson


PhotosByG PhotosByG 1124 posts

Your work is amazing Lynda. What a talent you have! Congratulations on a beautiful exhibition.

Cathy Amendola Cathy Amendola 231 posts

If I ever needed to have my heart ‘started’ all the doctor would need to do…is show me one of your paintings Lynda…they make my heart leap…
Congratulations my friend…!


F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37016 posts

Lynda, I’m delighted that you have set up a Gallery in Hullabaloo. I really missed you last year. I’ve just been off to favorite in your portfolio, and some are already in my favorites.

You are known for capturing light. Yet, I am transfixed by the transition from shadows into bright sunlight in The Goulburn from the Esplanade (Seymour). Having lived in tropical Houston, Texas for a couple of decades, I know this transition and nearly blinding light well. You have nailed it, and the feeling of hot days, along with it.

Speaking of “hot days”, I really like your portrait, ‘Hot Day at Tarcombe’. I feel like I could have conversation with this character.

I’ll come back to comment more. Great looking Gallery, so far! Hope you’ll add more.

Geraldine M Leahy Geraldine M Leahy 341 posts

Wonderful work,Lynda! So full of light and colour!

Evita Evita 14594 posts

Fabulous paintings… my fave has to be ‘Breaking Through’ …. ☺♥
Can’t wait to see more….

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5081 posts

Gorgeous work, Lynda, love your use of color and mastery of pastel-drawing!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 9537 posts

Stunning work & gallery. Beautiful work! Love your use of color.

Darlene Lankford Honeycutt Darlene Lankfo... 2302 posts

Fantastic! Your work is so inspiring and so appealing, I love them all!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8037 posts

Such lovely light filled works Lynda….I love them all…

Maggie Hegarty Maggie Hegarty 934 posts

I love the Aussie Bush collection Linda, you have captured the light and colours of the Australian bush perfectly. I’m very aware how much more time the painters in the group put in compared to we photographers. Well done!

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3195 posts

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments! You make my little heart sing! I’m not sure if I’ve set out the works to their best advantage, as I am not so good with the technology aspect of Hulabaloo-ing, but I will see if I can tidy it up later.

Karen  Helgesen Karen Helgesen 341 posts

Wonderful gallery, Linda! Your portraits are especially poignant. I think don’t believe I could even pick a favortie! You are very talented!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2574 posts

Oh my goodness, Lynda!!!
I know your paintings of eucalyptus leaves are in my favourites, but I didn’t realise your other work was so amazing!!
What I love most is that it is recognisably “Aussie” ~ if I was still living OS your paintings would make me homesick… The colours, the subject matter, the light… it’s just so Australian!!
I hope you add a few more as Hullabooloo continues…
In the meantime, I’m adding you to my Watchlist so that I don’t miss any more!!

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9332 posts

Lynda, one of my very favourite artist on RB! Your work is a delight to the eyes.

linaji linaji 6577 posts

'Hot Day at Tarcombe'
by Lynda Robinson

I am so drawn to this man you have given so much life to Lynda. Your work is beyond reproach and the detail and tones are almost heavenly in light and vivid color choices. Gosh it is so wonderful to see your work in a collection. I wish I could be at one of your gallery openings wow!

John Holding John Holding 361 posts

Whew!!! what a great collection Lynda.

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3629 posts

Oh my…how glorious…such a wonderful collection of your work. You certainly are one talented lady, some of your work actually looks like photos, love the Australian Bush and your portraits are amazing. Clever you! This one took my breath away…if I could capture a photo like this I would be in heaven…LOL

Why I Live Where I Live
by Lynda Robinson

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3195 posts

Thank you again to all those who have dropped in and left me such wonderful, positive and glowing comments in the past few days! I am astonished at such generosity! Thank you to Linaji and Kathie for even taking the time to reproduce their favourite images in their comment. I am truly humbled.

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

Hi Linda……how wonderful to see more of your gallery. Here we can see what’s new or what you might have showcased that got lost in the back of your gallery. I think I see a lot of new. I love “Grace” What a great piece. She is so sweet!!
Congratulations on your gallery here in host hullabaloo!!

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3793 posts

Hi Lynda – wonderful gallery of landscapes full of sun and dancing colors. Your study of light shows very well in many of the paintings, awwww pastels are so fun to work with and the colors have beautiful saturation :)))
I can see few pieces which gonna make it to my faves – and I bet …there will be few more later to follow ;)

The Goulburn from the Esplanade (Seymour)
by Lynda Robinson

Drought Relief
by Lynda Robinson

Robin King Robin King 1056 posts

Lynda! Your Gallery is such a joy! It’s full of beauty and inspiration. Congratulations!!!!!!

Here’s one that I can’t stop looking at:

Slip Slop Slap
by Lynda Robinson


Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3195 posts

Thanks Elizabeth for your lovely words, and thank you Fiery-Fire and Robin for your beautiful comments and for highlighting some of my works for me! I really appreciate your visit.

ArtChances ArtChances 275 posts

OH Lynda your art is so beautiful ..had a hard time thinking which stood out the most to me >The Goulburn from the Esplanade but I want to say all of them..:)

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3195 posts

Hi ArtChances, and thank you so much for paying a visit to my Solo Exhibition Gallery. I am thrilled that people still visit here sometimes!!! Your comments have made my day!