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Host Gallery Setup Instructions

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

There is one requirement for setting up a Gallery in the Host Hullabaloo Exhibition:
You MUST be a group host or cohost. The way RB is set up, you must also be a member of Solo Exhibition, in order to post here. If it were up to us, we would not have this requirement, as our intention is to honor all RB group hosts who would want to participate. That said, we welcome you if you want to join Solo in order to join the exhibition! Don’t feel guilty. Embrace the fun!

Here are the rules of setup, so that your gallery will have a similar structure to other host galleries in Hullabaloo.

1. Begin a new topic HERE in this forum.
(You’ll see this Host Gallery Setup Instructions at the top of the forum.)

a) Check the box to Watch it.

b) Do NOT check the box to make it Sticky, Locked, or Moderated.

2. Title the forum with YOUR NAME Gallery. (Everyone’s title MUST be formatted the same.)
For instance, my gallery topic would be titled:
F. A. Moore Gallery

3. In the body of your topic that has just been titled with your name Gallery:

a) tell us something about you and your approach to art/photography

b) you MUST list ALL of the groups which you host or co-host.

c) the list of groups MUST be LINKED to the group’s home page.
(note that your gallery will be deleted if it is created without such a linked list)

If you don’t know how to make links on RB, then learn before you create your Hullabaloo Gallery.
Links are a requirement.

4. POST your topic.

Yay!! Now for the FUN part!

5. Create 1 new comment for each image you want to post in your gallery.

a) Use the Easy Button tool ONLY to create your image. Here’s the link:
Easy Button (http://solo-exhibition.com/tools/RB-url2image/)

b) You MUST post a main image that is either what we refer to as “Feature Large”.
On the Easy Button tool, “Feature Large” is under the section labeled “Displays”.
This corresponds to the size shown on your image page (550px on the longest side).
Feature Large is preferred as this IS a Gallery show. It’s not the huge one.
If you want your image the 800 size, then it’s up to you to change the dimensions
in the code.

6. You MAY post smaller product images below your main image, as long
as the products are for that main image. Note that the most recent version of the
Easy Button app include a price option for products. So if you want to show your
work as an iPhone cover product below the main image, you could show it something
like this, for example:

Pool Cat
by F.A. Moore

iPhone case – Pool Cat
by F.A. Moore

iphone case only 37.20 USD

*Note some are showing a small collection or series tightly related to the Feature image,
in a tabular form below the Feature image. This is okay if the you keep it to one row of
thumbnails (side by side), and they are tightly related. I believe that you simply overwhelm
your audience if they are not tightly related to each other (same color scheme, a series of
the same subject, etc.) See the Janis Zroback Gallery for an example of how this is done to
maximum (great!) effect.

If you use such a collection/series of thumbs below a Feature size image, then don’t
put a product, too. It should be either products, series/collection, or just the feature for
optimum impact on your audience.

7. Don’t worry if some people start commenting before you’re finished!
This is an interactive gallery! Comments are good! Avid fans are great!

8. Invite all of your friends to view and comment!
Once the gallery is filling out with other artists, tweet it, announce it on Facebook,
blog it, tell your hosted groups about it, and enjoy the extra views you’ll get!

9. Help each other! Feel free to post your questions in here, and to post answers to help others!
Remember this is YOUR show! But it is a group show… even more fun!

Solo reserves the right to moderate the works in the Hullabaloo show so that they comply with Solo guidelines.

Host Hullabaloo 2010
Host Hullabaloo 2011

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

You can post any questions here rather than in the galleries. :)

Please help each other out!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Here’s a quick summary of how to begin, now that you’ve read the specifics:

What you will each do is start a new topic in this forum. This topic is the how-to-setup topic.

RedBubble’s navigation is not as intuitive for the forums as it could be, or used to be.

But if you go to the very top of the page, there are some very light gray links.
The last link you can hardly read, and it’s this page. The second to the last link says
“HOST HULLABALOO! 2012”. Click THAT. And you’ll see this topic and the welcome
topic started.

You will each start another topic! With your name as the topic title. For example
“Janis Zroback Gallery”, or “Photos By G Gallery,” or in my case “F. A. Moore Gallery”.
(See the specific rule on this, above.)

Here is the link. Start your new topic there!
Pretty soon, we’ll have a long list of galleries!

Take a peek at these two, and you’ll see also how each person has their own
Gallery from past years:

Host Hullabaloo 2010
Host Hullabaloo 2011