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WIP Café for Traditional Art

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts


The WIP Café is a place where artists are whipping up art and sharing their Works in Progress (“wip’s”) with each other. If you have WIP withdrawal from the completion of a recent workshop, or just want to join in the fun, come on in!

Oddly enough, a member photographer, Rene Fuller, named our café. Photographers can have wip-withdrawal too!
But no more!

Show us your latest works in progress. It could be scary until you do it a couple of times, but it is most beneficial
if you post WIPs while you are in progress; before you’ve gone to the next stage.

Keep that camera out. We want to see!

This is an unmoderated forum, so please if you see anything out of line, including spam, adverstising, or remarks
unsuitable, please send any of the hosts a short message. Posting a final work, without posting a WIP would be
considered “spamming” and should be reported too to hosts, too, so we can keep delete such posts and
keep the forum as it was intended.

All Solo members are welcome.

visit the other cafés

This is not a “critique” forum. However by all means if you want suggestions, do feel free to ask for them, even opinions.
If someone does not ask, assume they are happily moving along under their own power; and don’t want suggestions. :)

This café was started the first week of October, 2011 to extend the experience some of Solo’s artists
enjoyed, sharing the process of their works in progress, during the SoJie 12, 13, and 14 workshops.

We’ve now added 2 more forums: one for Photographers, and one for Digital Artists. This forum will be for
Traditional works in progress, only.

Hope you will enjoy your own forum!

your host and friend

Team Solo
Elizabeth Bravo

Fancy yourself a Solo engineer?

We are open to “Team Solo Aides”. Think of this position as a congressional or parliamentary aide.
Might be an intermediary step to hosting. Solo hosts are taking a “winter” hiatus (winter in the U.S., at least),
as is our custom at the end of October, each year. But, with a few Aides, maybe we can keep some fires
burning here, while the core team takes a needed break from the hectic schedule, and prepares for the
big 2012 season.

I’ll post an update link to apply, soon!!

Samantha Aplin Samantha Aplin 533 posts

Frannie you are fab! we now have a place for WIP withdrawal!!
QueenEnigma has kindly allowed me to paint another of her lovely photos ‘Go retro, Flower power’

Go retro, flower power
by queenenigma

Think this may be my new favourite painting

by Samantha Aplin

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

What a fabulous idea!!! WTG!

dgrizzle dgrizzle 993 posts

awesome name Rene :)

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5309 posts

Sounds fabulous!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7984 posts

Great idea…some of my acrylic WIPs get trashed or painted over, but not often…I’ll try to remember to upload them…I rarely photograph WIPs of watercolours so it will have to be from other media…

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7984 posts

Painting has been scrapped as I have a different idea…

Elisabeth Dubois Elisabeth Dubois 1056 posts

All this happened whilst I slept, lol
I was going to suggest a name but as I progressed on, I soon realized it all happened pretty much instantly :)
WIP Cafe is simple, easy and perfect. Mine was going to be " WIP Medley"

Totally agree this is going to be great. As silly as it sounds, I too was having a withdrawal from my daily morning coffee and WIP’s, lol.
Great idea Frannie, love it.

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

Great idea and beneficial and fun for all of us. I want to see the behind of doors of artists paintings. And I have a couple or two to share. Just let me know where should it be posted. is there a special place for this WIPs?

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

This IS the place, @Elena. Right here in a comment.

We have some wip pros already posting up there, so just post yours.
Probably any specific questions you have about how to post WIPs etc. can be answered by others in the forum.

They have it down.

It’s a good idea to introduce at least your first post of any series of wips with a short description of what you are working
on and the medium. We love details!!!

In other words, tell us in the post, what you’re doing, or what you just did.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

That photo of QueenEnigma’s rocks @Sam. How perfect for you!

I can really see the brush strokes in this one, @Janis. Enjoying this stage!

LOL, @Elisabeth, it happened in a flash! WIP cafe seems simple enough.

Like Pnina, I’m not crazy about the acronym. But artists know what it is and this is a forum for our own enjoyment,
not for publicity. We can have some fun with the word. Speaking of which, maybe Elizabeth Bravo will whip us
up a logo.

Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5566 posts

@Sam…….I have just loved watching your works in progress…….this is amazing. So glad to see this forum.
I really like the way you changed the mouth on this. Great job!!
@Janis, I would say the same for you. I love seeing how you work and the final piece that evolves.
Nice start on this piece.
@EVERYONE……..WAVING HERE:)))))) Yay a new place to check out the WIPs……love it!!

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

Ok. Thanks, Frannie.I have a finished piece in 6 steps and I just want to add text to each step.It is in soft pastel somewhere between realism and impressionism.

Elisabeth Dubois Elisabeth Dubois 1056 posts

I have never taken photos of my work while in progress until the workshop.
As of now, I shall :)

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

The project i want to share is a piece in soft pastels inspired by my travel photos in Havana, Cuba, december 2010. I had a couple of photos with santeras in the cathedral plaza in Havana. I chose to do this one because has more atmosphere and arquitecture. The other photo was a close up of a santera.santero or santera is a priest /priestess in the Yoruba religion or Afro Cuban Orisha faith, a mixture of african cultic practices and Catholic faith.
Here is my first step.I started with the pastel pencils and chak pastel outlines.

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

the next step is to establish a background foundation.

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

work on the columns and attention to value.

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

creating depth and 3D feel in the columns.using thick strokes to roughly represent shapes. at this stage the use of pastel chalk flat is much emphasized in an impressionist technique.

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

concluding with adding all elements of the painting and assembling them in a harmonious unity.Note that at almost any stage I did not use blending which usually is done with your fingers.(by fat the best way to do it, believe me.)Line drawing and blending would be more appropiate for colored pencils as a medium or photorealism as a style which i do not aim in my piece.
I want the feel of a painting and for this the impressionist technique of applying specs of color and large strokes of pastel is more suitable to reach my objective.Using the rectangular pastel sticks flat on one side and dragging them to mold my volumes is what i am actually doing here.

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

and the final touch.

Rene Fuller Rene Fuller 791 posts

@Elena, that is exactly what this is supposed to be:)!! Photographers press a button and bam! it is done. But the creative process of an artist is what is important to me, it is something I (all of us photographers) can learn from, learn to see better, to compose and so on…

@Darcy, thx:)! It just clicked:) (And I love coffee and the cafe culture that comes with it:)

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

Rene your comment is most appreciated. Even if this is based on a photo, one can tell the color choices are impressionist and so is the technique, plus minor changes to better suit the subject.In a way fine art offers more freedom than photography. yet there is a ressemblance. What you can do with brushes and pastels you can do as well by editing digitally mostly any photo.

Elisabeth Dubois Elisabeth Dubois 1056 posts

@Elena, wonderful progression. I would also love to see the original concept ( the photo that gave you the inspiration).

Sally Sargent Sally Sargent 498 posts

Wow, Elena, I love your pastel. It is wonderful to watch it come together. It is such a wonderful technique to develop the entire composition slowly concentrating on bringing forth the shapes simultaneously rather than concentrating on one part at a time. Air really works well. Lovely pastel painting. Sally

ElenaMalec ElenaMalec 204 posts

Thank you girls.Ok. let’s see. I had to resize this.I used the snipping tool which was very handy:)