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SoJie 13 Workshop (locked)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

SoJie 13 Workshop


Artists are now taking agreements.

Translating artists should post the digitally signed agreements here, modifying them so that
paragraph 10 does not show, if there are private terms there. And Originating Artists should
edit their comment to show who is translating in what genre. See rule 9 for Originating Digital Artists.


This is NOT, repeat NOT the exhibition space. It’s the WORKSPACE.

Important Links:
Q & A thread

Summary: Digital artist provide pre-approved basis works for potential translation to traditional, digital, and photographic mediums, under an agreement that defines terms, copyright, and credits. Finished translations qualify both the translated work and the translation for Solo’s 13th Juried Invitational Exhibition, in September. Translated work happens in an open workshop atmosphere where works in progress are shared before the artwork progresses to the next stage.

About the Catalog We are looking for exceptional Fractals, 3D work, Digital Painting, Photo-manipulation (no stock), Abstracts, Digital Collage, and Tra-digital works. See the rules. It cannot have been nominated to a SoJie before; as that is a standing SoJie rule.

SoJies Category Guide

  1. “TRADITIONAL ART” – Painting or drawing in mediums as follows: oil, acrylic, tempera, watercolor, pastel,
          graphite, color pencil, pens, pen & ink, or collage. These can be mixed.
          Surface may be paper, canvas, board, wood, or anything agreed to.
  2. “DIGITAL ART” – software generated 2D, 3D, or fractal, digital painting, photo-collage, photo-manipulation
          of 2 or more (non-texture) photos, digitally colored drawings,
          digitally drawn or over-drawn works, mixed media digital (meaning any media
          including digital art as defined herein).
  3. “PHOTOGRAPHIC ART” – (one’s own photography is always assumed) straight photography, color, b&w,
          spot-color, film or digital photographic medium, single photograph w/ any number
          of “texture” overlays/underlays/blends, cropped, dodged, burned, or using any
          digital tools or methods which mimic darkroom methods.

Rules for Originating Digital Artists posting "BASIS WORKS (i.e., works to be translated)

2) Only DIGITAL ARTISTS currently in Solo Exhibition group as of June 30, 2011 may submit works to be translated.
3) DIGITAL ART posted must be of high quality, already be accepted into the group and be PRE-APPROVED.

Use the red Edit button on the top right of any Solo page and click the link that says “My Works”.
Those will all be works of yours that are in the solo exhibition group. Pick one of those.

4) This Special Easy Button version MUST be used to post.
      Solo hosts will go back through and enlarge these to the largest version without a center watermark.
5) DIGITAL ARTISTS should post ONLY ONE work.
6) Catalog works (basis works to be translated) MUST NOT incorporate any stock materials, MUST include only one’s own resources.
7) No posts will be accepted once there is a headline near the top of this page that says “Catalog is Complete”.


8) You may make only ONE AGREEMENT for TRANSLATION PER the following 3 official SoJie Categories, as defined below: “Traditional Art”, “Photographic Art”, “Digital Art”.
9) For each agreed translation, YOU are responsible for IMMEDIATELY posting a tag line below your catalog image here, which notifies all artists that the limit of ONE for a particular genre has been reached. That tag should read as follows (please do not make adjustments to capitalization or wording. Thank you.). Copy and paste it from here, then substitute the artist name and provide a link to their profile:

  1. Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by “artist name”(link)
  2. Digital work will be translated to Photographic Art by “photographer name”(link)
  3. Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by “digital artist name”(link)

10) For the work to be in the exhibition in September, your work must have been successfully translated at least ONCE, by a solo member in the workshop. “Successful translation” means simply that the translation must qualify for the exhibition. If the translating artists does not post works in progress, as outlined, for example, their work would not qualify for the exhibition. As long as one qualifying translation is made of your work, in any of the 3 official SoJie Categories, your work is also qualified.

  1. Digital Art which ultimately is not translated, will not be in the exhibition, proper.

11) You MUST WATCH the topic, so that you can see contact from artists, here.
12) You MUST LOGIN to RB regularly and check messages until and unless you already have a successful translations in each of the 3 categories. (Artists will be encouraged to move on to another choice if their request is not approved within 24 hours.)
13) Check back to make sure your post is still here shows APPROVED below it after August 1st.


There is no guarantee that your post to the workshop will be one of the works accepted for the workshop.

Remember, Digital Artists may also translate ONE work, initially (whether your work is in the ultimate workshop catalog, or not). Subsequent requests must be approved.

Approved artwork will say “Approved” below it. Artwork which does not make the cut will be deleted from the workshop.

Good Luck!


Rules for Translating Traditional Artists, Photographers, and Digital Artists

1) Only Artists currently in Solo Exhibition group as of July 25, 2011 may participate, unless specifically invited.
2) This particular Exhibit is for Traditional translations, Digital Translations, and Photographic translations.
3) Contact with the digital artists should generally and when possible be made in this workshop space.
4) But initial contact may be made by email.
5) Discuss with the digital artist your proposal to translate, including the MEDIUM, STYLE, AND SOJIE CATEGORY.
6) The digital artist must agree in writing with the provided agreement, to reduce possibilities for misunderstanding.
7) One digital work will be matched to one artist per each official SoJie Category. Two artists translating to the same SoJie Category will not be assigned to the same digital artwork. (see SoJie Category Guide, top)
8) DOWNLOAD THE AGREEMENT (top), fill your portion out and send to the digital artist to do the same.
9) POST THE COMPLETED, DIGITALLY SIGNED AGREEMENT back here in the comments. Before saving the comment, delete any private terms that you outline in paragraph 10. We don’t want to see those. :)
10) Any translation without expressed agreement is forbidden.
11) At least TWO Works in Progress posts are expected, HERE, in this workspace, even by Photographers. (Exception. Watercolor, only ONE WIP.) WHILE YOU ARE IN PROCESS(. (as opposed to when you post the final). The in-process posts MAKE the workshop experience.
12) If WIPS are not posted WHILE IN PROCESS, the translated work will be disqualified from the exhibition. The work will then again be made open for requests for a translation in that genre. If the disqualified work was the only translation of the original, then the original work will also be disqualified from the exhibition.
13) The above rule was apparently not stated strongly enough in the SoJie 12 workshop, where some leniency was applied.
14) Rules 11 and 12 WILL be ENFORCED STRICTLY for SoJie 13.
15) Finished works should be made available as prints and/or cards on RedBubble.
16) Works should be completed by the end of August, 2011.
17) Note. Artists/Photographers who have completed works may apply to FRANNIE, privately, to create more works.
    In such cases please provide your top 2 or 3 choices for private discussion.
18) The agreement as posted must be “signed” (with typed names and dates) between the digital artist and you.
    This is to protect both of your interests, so that there is a clear understanding between you, especially as to
    copyrights, credits, and number of interpretive works allowed.

If there is any reason that you cannot (or did not) follow one of these rules, just write a note to Frannie
and explain the situation.The main aim is the goal. But these other things simply help us to fulfill the goal,
in what seems at the moment, as a very good, useful way. It will always be the hosts’ option to exercise leniency or not.
The host may have knowledge about the situation that is not open knowledge.

SoJie 13 will be in: September, 2011

DIGITAL ARTISTS, before posting a work for the catalog, please get it pre-approved by Frannie.
This is an important step at this point, which was not required of the initial 23 posts in the catalog.

This, Special Easy Button version must be used to post.
Simply copy the web address that is at the top of your browser when you are on the description page for your image on RedBubble.
The description page is where you respond to comments, and is referred to as “public page” by RedBubble. If you are in Edit mode,
you will need to hit “VIEW” to see your comment/description page.

Paste THAT web address into the top of the SPECIAL VERSION of the Easy Button. Leave everything checked AS IS.
Scroll to the base and hit the little round Easy Button graphic. When the page returns, copy the code in the text box there,
and BRING IT BACK HERE TO PASTE TO A NEW COMMENT. Then save reply and you’re done.

Monday, August 1st, or before, we will notify solo MEMBERS and invite them to come make offers.

WATCH THIS TOPIC after you post. And stay tuned to your messages.
Workshop offers to translate, in the SoJie 12 workshop, were made on into the final week of July!
Don’t give up, ever, keep watching! Especially as there are three opportunities for translation!

This topic may be incomplete or have errors before.

Please post questions after reading previous responses to questions in the following message thread

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Wow! The workshop opened! Good luck to all of us! Looking forward for new collaborations and creations!

Tandem Bike Lucid Mutual Dream
by Ina Mar

I chose this image, because I think that it can be interpreted in many ways.
It is a meeting dream: Two people meet in their dreams and ride a tandem bike together, along the river, through the tunnels, over the city, over the clouds, till the first morning light comes and they have to return to their real lives. The image is also accompanied by a poem, which might give more ideas, but not necessarily.
This digital artwork has 31 layers (photos of people, bike and birds, digitally drawn parts, photos of textures from my own stock). All components were photographed or drawn by myself, so there is absolutely no copyright issue if you choose to translate this image.
Thank you.

Approved: Tandem Bike Lucid Mutual Dream, by Ina Mar – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Maria Paterson

C Rodriguez C Rodriguez 80 posts

This would be my first time participating in a SoJie workshop. Very excited!

Self Portait 06 – Fear & Anger
by Christina Rodriguez

Another one of my self portraits bought to life…Silent nervousness of mine…Inspired by my fears, anxieties,and apprehensions…

Media Used: background done with charcoal, pastels, acrylic, matte medium, various collage materials, on w/p, photograph taken by myself, than all was re-vised and put together digitally.

Look forward to see who would like to translate this piece in any medium!


Approved: Self Portait 06 – Fear & Anger, by Christina Rodriguez – f.a.m.

Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by John Poon
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Leslie Gustafson

Danilo Lejardi Danilo Lejardi 276 posts

by Danilo Lejardi

This is an original Cinema 4D render. (CINEMA 4D is a commercial 3-D graphics application). Main figure is DAZ V4 which I morphed and texturized within Cinema 4D; rest of elements were created by using some other free C4D plugins such as Ivy Grower and Reeper X.
I consider myself a debtor of the photographers; I come from the movies world, a place where photography plays an important role. I think the theme of this image and some or all of the elements in it could be used by photographers and digital artists to create their own version.
Also, this is one of the images that I’d have liked to create by using traditional techniques such as oil, pastels, watercolors… I would have liked to venture into these arts but life took me in other directions. I have the feeling that when translated into one of these techniques its message can penetrate deeper, and be much more seductive.

Approved: Hope by Danilo Lejardi – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by ArtPearl

John Poon John Poon 629 posts

Johnathan 2/3 – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
by John Poon

Inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull – wikipedia
Title by Pink Floyd’s song of the same name.

I’ve chosen to enter this image because the simplicity of the image, the subject matter, and the story line, should make it equally translatable for all three mediums while wide open for interpretations. This image is one of the Jonathan series I continue to work on. I am hoping to see the three “translations” taking inspiration from different points of the story.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the comment page to see the other renditions.

Approved: Johnathan 2/3 – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, by by John Poon- f.a.m.

Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Antionette

Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by Subhrajit Datta

Digital work will be translated to Photographic Art by Antionette

Sherri Palm Springs  Nicholas Sherri Palm Sp... 2755 posts

Garden Of Eden
by Sherri…Charmaine Nicholas

Approved: Garden Of Eden, by Sherri…Charmaine Nicholas – f.a.m.

Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Antionette

Syd Baker Syd Baker 128 posts

by Syd Baker

I chose this image to be translated by traditional media, drawing, pastels, any paint medium. It is a representation of my very expressive imagination as a child, how I could turn any object or place into a grand adventure, to solve the mystery, defeat the villain, rescue the maiden, or die gloriously trying. Or all of the above. A very young devotee of romanticism, even though I would not have known those words at the time.

Approved: Adventure, by Syd Baker – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Stella LilyNoelle Rothe

plunder plunder 837 posts

Magical Creatures of the Deep
by plunder

I chose this piece to be translated in any art form as I believe it would be challenging. It is an expression of another world, deep in the ocean depths, where few men ever travel. Wreckage litters the bottom showing the inaccessibility to the world above. It would be interesting to see how the ocean depths can be perceived by others. :) This is my best Bryce piece to date. One thing I love about it is the complexity of the models and different angles of the subject matter. It would be an honor to have this piece translated.

Approved: Magical Creatures of the Deep, by plunder – f.a.m.
Digital Work will be translated to Traditional work by Qnita

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Wild Blossom
by Jaclyn Hughes

I originally was going to pick one of my Bryce pieces for this opportunity but realized that I think Wild Blossom would be more interesting to see translated. I would love to see it translated in either traditional, photographic or digital medium. Wild Blossom was created in Apophysis 7x, a fractal program. It’s a raw fractal meaning there was no post processing of the work. Created solely in the fractal software.

Approved: Wild Blossom, by Jaclyn Hughes – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by David Barrow (barrowda)
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Richard Sunderland

Igor Shrayer Igor Shrayer 166 posts

Cold as Ice, Hot as Fire
by Igor Shrayer

I chose this piece to be translated in any art form.
This is a digital painting based on the picture captured in Paris on April 2011 by Canon EOS 550D / Lens EF-S 18-135 mm.
Manipulation and post processing done in Photoshop CS5.

Approved: Cold as Ice, Hot as Fire, by Igor Shrayer – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Ina Mar

wolfepaw wolfepaw 1255 posts

Apo Rainbow Garden
by wolfepaw

I chose this, one of my most favorite pieces, because it is composed primarily of individual fractals that I created in Apophysis (fractal software) and then put the individual fractals together as a collage in Photoshop. The only things in this that aren’t fractals are the sky, the clouds, the frame and the grass. I had a wonderful time putting it together and it remains one of my most commented and most favorited fractal manipulations/collages. I would love to see this done as a traditional work or as an interpretation by another digital artist. I don’t know if it would translate well as a photograph, but I would love to see someone try.

Approved: Apo Rainbow Garden, by wolfepaw – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Dianne Ilka

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4078 posts

Wayward Son
by restlessd

I chose this because perhaps it moves one to think about their own mortality or worth. The words that go with it might make one want to explore their feelings; aging parents or friends or even their own aging process. Layers upon layers of manipulated images; Digital ART: All my own images.
And of course the words:
Wayward Son a poem by RestLeSsD

Contemplation now
is his daily exercise
Wondering where his life was spent
Seeing out of hooded eyes.

Did he do enough
In his time upon this earth
To leave a small impression
Of what his life was worth?

As the twilight of his days
Darkens into the night
Will he be remembered
As one who brought some light?

Or will he be forgotten
As just another one,
Who was born and then who died?
Just another wayward son.

a rhonda original© 2011

Approved: Wayward Son, by restlessd – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Elisabeth Dubois

George Lenz George Lenz 244 posts

by George Lenz

Approved: Harley, by George Lenz – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Gerard Mignot

barrowda barrowda 2609 posts

Fractal Snowball (FSK3870)
by barrowda

Created in Fractal Science Kit as an abstract fractal based on equation Convergent Map 1 with complex inversion transforms Convex, Ztrans11, Ztrans5, Ztrans4, CpxF17 and Hacoversh as a Julia image. Best if viewed larger.

Lovingly dedicated to a wonderful dog that was a childhood pet of a friend of mine, but unfortunately died before our paths crossed. The real Snowball was an all-white Labrador Retriever with soulful eyes and a wonderful disposition. I hope this abstract fractal that just happened to look a bit like Snowball will be a comfort and pleasant reminder of the truly unconditional love that only a good dog can give.

My top-selling fractal image to date, this abstract image / accidental caricature made in a software package that nobody else on RedBubble uses seems to convey to many viewers a very special canine quality that realistic paintings and photographs don’t really capture. I therefore feel that if an artist specializing in graphic novel art could work with the elements of this image, the results could be really special, both for the artists, and especially for the owners of the original Snowball, and dog-lovers everywhere. Looking forward to the translation process with the right artist who truly “gets” what this image is saying.

Approved: Fractal Snowball, by barrowda – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by Jaclyn Hughes

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 804 posts

…In That Quiet Earth
by Keith Reesor

While exploring the tunnels that weave through this planet we came upon this cavern and were awestruck!! We entered what appeared to be the interior of a giant Cathedral. We still have yet to find any living beings, but their artifacts surround us.

Approved: …In That Quiet Earth, by Keith Reesor – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Photographic Art by Rene Fuller
Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by Hugh Fathers
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Elizabeth Bravo

Elizabeth Burton Elizabeth Burton 43 posts

Visions In The Dark
by Elizabeth Burton

I chose this image to be translated in any artistic format…The eyes are the window to your soul.

Approved: Visions In The Dark, by Elizabeth Burton – f.a.m.

Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Marsha Free

Digital work will be translated to digital art by Elisabeth Dubois

dolphindancer dolphindancer 1001 posts

The Magic Of Sunrise
by Diane Schuster

The sun is rising in the forest and all of the creatures that like to rise before dawn, start to magically appear in the morning light. The mist starts to rise and the birds call to one another. It is all so beautiful and breath taking to behold. We are constant witnesses of the glory of creation and its magical mysteries, one of our true gifts as the lucky beings that inhabit planet earth.
Original background image taken at Union Creek off of highway 62 in Southern Oregon.
Working with layers in photoshop, all deer were added as composites, using Topaz Remask2 to cut out the deer. The forest already had light rays slanting into it, I increased the light to look like sunrise by using the photoshop filter, render and using omni then increasing the light until I was happy with it.

Approved: The Magic Of Sunrise, by Diane Schuster – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Leslie Gustafson
Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by F.A. Moore

Randy Sprout Randy Sprout 173 posts

Fortuna On The Spot
by Randy Sprout

ArtRage painting of my boat the Fortuna fishing for White Sea Bass at sunrise.
That’s me in the blue shirt.

Approved: Fortuna On The Spot, by Randy Sprout – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Niki Hilsabeck

Vasile Stan Vasile Stan 70 posts

Your tears are air balloons of love
by Vasile Stan

Approved: Your tears are air balloons of love, by Vasile Stan – f.a.m.

  • Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by Linaji

Rookwood Studio © Rookwood Studio © 244 posts

Sleep Walking
by Rookwood Studio ©

I chose this work as it was the start of my journey into digital art – 2010. This work has been shown at Gallery Burlesque @ Tone in Sydney, Australia CBD and travelled with the MA Gallery to Design Festa, Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. It was one of my first art sales, selling to Harajuku girls and then was subsequently purchased on Red Bubble.

It was created in photoshop using my own brushes and a digitally drawn girl. It is a self portrait of me and my dream of Brenna, my spirit raven. A dream I had almost 16 years ago.

I would LOVE to see it re-done by another artist. I love collaborations and I am in the process of a joint Red Bubble exhibition to be held at the Gaffa Gallery in Sydney CBD in Spetember 2011.

There is attached music to this work, which may provide further inspiration.

Approved: Sleep Walking, by Rookwood Studio – f.a.m.

Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Lana Wynne
Digital work will be translated to Photographic Art by Jay Taylor

Matt Mawson Matt Mawson 262 posts

Santorini dream
by Matt Mawson

One of my earlier digital manipulations, based on photos I took in the Greek islands. Someone commented that it is “almost Escher like”. The not-quite-real stair motif helps give this impression. The elements of childplay and dreamlike architecture could make for interesting translations.

Approved: Santorini dream, by Matt Mawson – f.a.m.
Digital Work will be translated to Traditional work by Qnita

rocamiadesign rocamiadesign 2803 posts

Twisted Perception
by rocamiadesign

I chose this image because it dates back to my purest abstract fractal art, before I was influenced by other fractal artists. I was still experimenting with doing selfportraits and this has always been my favorite.

Approved: Twisted Perception, by rocamiadesign – f.a.m.

Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by wolfepaw
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Sally Sargent
Digital work will be translated to Photography by Robin King

ArtPearl ArtPearl 565 posts

Reflections on and of a Siege
by ArtPearl

This image was created using the software packages Poser and Vue. (Image size 2000×1513px). It explores the effects of reflection on perceived reality. There was only one person and one bush in the scene, the rest are reflections of those and reflections of reflections…So is she right to feel as though she is in a siege…Are the emotions of the person the same after reflections…
I chose this image for the workshop because I think it deals with a theme that many can relate too, but can be expressed in different ways and using different types of medium. Photographers, traditional artists and other digital artists may be inspired to translate the theme as a whole or incorporate visual elements from it. I’m looking forward to see your reflections on the subject!

Approved: Reflections on and of a Siege, by ArtPearl – f.a.m.

Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by Danilo Lejardi
Digital work will be translated to Photographic Art by John Holding
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Gili Orr

Georgia Wild Georgia Wild 327 posts

Christmas Tree Heaven
by Georgia Wild

When creating this fractal in Apophysis 7x I was delighted to see a field of “pine trees” come to life. Although the field of plain trees looked good to me, I could not resist decorating them with twinkling lights. My decision to enter this fractal is based upon the fun I experienced creating it and my love of Christmas. My hope is that this piece imparts a spirit of joy, happiness, and generosity to those who see it.

Let Every Day Be Christmas
by Norman Wesley Brooks

“Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…”

Created in Apophysis 7X with the Created in Apophysis 7X with the fantastic Puff Tutorial by pm-ark (thank you)!

Tree lighting done in Gimp.

Approved: Christmas Tree Heaven, by Georgia Wild – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by David Barrow (barrowda)

Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Marsha Free

Komang Komang 75 posts

Dry Season – When the leaves fall
by Komang

I chose this because it could feel the atmosphere of nature in its simplicity, the change of seasons and peace.

Approved: Dry Season – When the leaves fall, by Komang – f.a.m.
Digital work will be translated to Traditional Art by Lana Wynne
Digital work will be translated to Digital Art by Keith Reesor