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Meeli Sonn Gallery

Sherri Palm Springs  Nicholas Sherri Palm Sp... 2746 posts

Meeli, I love that you have so many beautiful images of our wonderful USA
wonderful girl!!!:):)

Tammera Tammera 1216 posts


loiteke loiteke 1235 posts

To all my female friends in RedBubble. Have the best day for ever. I plan to go in this day to Huntington Garden to make more photos. This is my gift for women’s day

loiteke loiteke 1235 posts

Thanks so much for looking my gallery here.

Sherri Palm Springs  Nicholas Sherri Palm Sp... 2746 posts

Hi Meeli, just stopped to see your beautiful beautiful!!!!

Magi5760 Magi5760 793 posts

Wonderful work in your gallery Meeli, well done!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8745 posts

Meeli your work is stunning. I really like this one. The light is excellent. I’ve been to Bryce and your capture is so beautiful.

Sandstone castles in Bryce Canyon
by Meeli Sonn

maxy maxy 17347 posts

White waterlily (Nymphaea odorata rosea)
by Meeli Sonn

This beauty is so fiery! Love it!

Sherri Palm Springs  Nicholas Sherri Palm Sp... 2746 posts

Tree reflection
by Meeli Sonn

Hi Meeli, its me again, just had to come back and look at the rest of your gallery
I love this tre reflection beautiful!!

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Tremendous gallery! Congratulations!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

Meeli, I need you to go HERE, ASAP, and add your permission to show your work on promoting your exhibition page.


F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

Meeli, since you like Macros, you will probably appreciate RedBubble community newsletter on the topic.

I posted one of yours from Host Hullabaloo, as a fine example, and linked it back to your gallery, here.

See Magnificent Macro Masterpieces by RedBubble Community

The above is just a screenshot of my comments. Click it to see the actual post and their article. Community’s posts are always interesting.

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Early morning in Estonia
by Meeli Sonn

What a beautiful view – the reflection, the ambiance, the beautiful air… WOW!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts


Maxy and Elizabeth have led us off. Now it’s your turn to join in!

YOUR Customized Journal is here:

Simply ADD WORK, create a Journal, copy and paste the code from the above link, and save.

Do NOT change your title once you save, as that creates a lot of work for me and temporarily alters the path of the ring. Thanks!

Let’s have some fun and wake everybody up!

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2717 posts

Splendid gallery of works. Congratulations Meeli. I can almost smell those beautiful flowers.

loiteke loiteke 1235 posts

Thanks so so much for all who had time to watch my gallery. I appreciate. My goal for this year is get more macros about hummingbirds and flight objects. I love colors and nature in all its beauty and I know you all do.