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Solo Exhibition

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Leslie Gustafson Gallery

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Thank you Ellis! I think the best compliment is when someone feels something in response to my work – thank you very much for that!:-)

Linda Bianic Linda Bianic 3189 posts

Marvelous gallery Leslie, so happy to get to know you and your gorgeous art… beautifully arranged gallery too!

Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell Geraldine (Gez... 164 posts

Wow! I am captivated by “How Could You”, so powerfully portrayed with colour and line. The colours in Peace indeed sooth the soul. Great gallery and i look forward to viewing some more. Congratulations

Chris Armytage™ Chris Armytage™ 1333 posts

Wow, Leslie, your portraiture is wonderful! I particularly like “When Will It Happen” and “Will this Ever End” really captured my attention

Great gallery, congratulations!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2531 posts

I have never seen your work before, Leslie! I think your watercolour work is especially beautiful – in particular, “Berries and Cream”. I am also really intrigued by “When will it happen” :)

When Will It Happen?
by Leslie Gustafson

I love the colours you’ve used! And she has such a ‘visionistic’ look upon her face – gazing into the future almost. Filled with confidence and hope. Fantastic work!

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

@Linda – thank you so much, what a lovely comment!

@ Geraldine – I am glad you like those pieces, and that you felt the soothe in Peace is what I was after so glad it worked!

@Chris – thank you too:-) “When Will It End?” was a reflection of how I was feeling at the time and thought it was a universal theme so I am glad it resonated with you:-)Thank you for the mounted print post too!

@Mieke thank you!! “Berries and Cream” was was first attempt at watercolor some 20 years ago before I stopped doing art. It has been well received here at RB and I so appreciate that, though privately I would like to do it over better! “When Will It Happen?” is one of 12 portraits in my Women’s Portrait Series entitled “Questions” where I painted in a variety of styles without much direction so they were “come to life” in their own way. I am glad you like her and see her “visionistic” expression – it pleases me that she reads that way for you!:)

Thank you all for stopping by!:-)

Here is my self portrait I finished yesterday that Frannie hoped I would post:-)

Self Portrait
by Leslie Gustafson

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Hope through the Blues
by Leslie Gustafson

Ever present Hope.
Even in the darkest times, hope continues.
We may not know it’s there.
We may not feel it.
But hope is there… always.
It waits to enfold us and embrace us.
Seek hope and you will find it.
Cling to hope.
Give hope.

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

I know your beautiful work Leslie…:), and I am a big admirer of your talent.
It is a real joy to look through your excellent Gallery here. All your work is AMAZING!
Thank you so much for such a gorgeous display.


Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Awwww! Look at that sparkly sign!! Thank you dear Elisabeta- what a generous and affirming comment!! You are so kind!! Thank you for stopping by!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Such a wonderful variety of talent and imagination! I love the expressions on the portraits! This is wonderful!!!

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Thank you Maxy! I appreciate you stopping by!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8781 posts

WOW Leslie – what a talent. Your work is amazing.

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8081 posts

Lovely gallery Leslie….it’s great to see such a wonderful selection together…

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Thank you Lucinds!! What a generous comment- I appreciate it:-)

Thank you Janis! It was nice to rearrange and highlight my work in this way!

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6347 posts

Today’s favourite from your gallery?

This one! :-)

Irvine Park Lake – Plein Air Quick Study
by Leslie Gustafson

mariart mariart 1459 posts

What a beautiful gallery youve put together Leslie, I really like your minimalist works such as hope
from the blues and peace,i havnt seen those before, very impressive

maxy maxy 17347 posts

your self portrait is so pretty! I’ve completely fallen in love with Irvine Park Lake – Plein Air Quick Study.. the colors are amazing!

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Aww, thanks Ellis!! I need to get back out in the open air soon and paint again. I am glad you like this one:-)

Hi Maria!! Thanks for coming by! I am glad you like the minimalist series. I feel like I could keep adding to that one for sure, but I get distracted by all the different things I want to do and then there is so little time it seems!. I appreciate the support a lot!

Hi again Maxy! I was told once by a portrait artist, it is always nice to flatter the subject you paint in portrait! ;-) I am also glad you like the colors I chose for the Lake. as long as I had a range of values whatever they were, I hope it would work.


maxy maxy 17347 posts

You do such an amazing job with your portraits and most definitely flatter the subject, bringing out a little spark of who they are beautifully! You also give a sense of their personality too which I find amazing!

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

You are so kind Maxy, so very kind!! Thank you!! Art is all so new to me, that I can do it all just blows me away sometimes. That others might get something from it – wow! bliss!!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Irvine Park Lake – Plein Air Quick Study is amazing. The colors really grab me and the beautiful reflection definitely gives this place so much elegance!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37026 posts

Congratulations, your work in Solo’s
Host Hullabaloo exhibition
has been featured.

March 1, 2011

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Woooow!! A feature in Solo is like gold to me- thank you so much!! I am delighted!:-D

Thank you again Maxy!!

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3777 posts

I think I would love to enjoy this view & sun

sea for two

Great paintings, lovely gallery !!!

Big congrats on the SOLO feature as well Leslie, well done :)))

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Thank you so much Iwona!! I would like that view and sun too:-) Thank you for checking my gallery out!