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Mieke Boynton Gallery

Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell Geraldine (Gez... 164 posts

Mieke your work enthralls me. It’s is abundantly clear in your work that you not only ‘see’ the beauty but are intimate with its essence. It was a real pleasure looking through this gallery for me and I especially value the Kimberly images. The Winter Walk in the snow also pulled me in and I felt like I was there too. Winter Whispers put chills down my back :)
Seeing your work in a gallery setting like this clearly shows your talent and I feel uplifted for the experience.

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

@ Vickie – what a compliment!!! Thank you so much!! :) :) I’m glad you enjoyed it!

@ Jen – well, I have Frannie to thank for this Host Hullabaloo gallery, as she has opened up the experience so that we can all have a ‘taste’ of what it must be like to have a Solo Exhibition. It’s very generous of her!! :) :) I’m glad you enjoyed my gallery!!

@ Geraldine (can I call you Gezza??) ~ that is the nicest compliment I could possibly ask for! Thank you! I haven’t finished adding the text yet – I am going to go back now and add a bit of commentary/explanation for the photos that are not accompanied by poetry :)

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6347 posts

Thanks for your reply to my comment and kind words!

Hey I am glad that you put “Dancer” there. I remember seeing that before and loving it… it’s still one of my favourites :-D

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

Thanks, Ellis! I just finished my gallery, so now it’s time to come and see yours!!! :) :) :)

liesbeth liesbeth 764 posts

Hey Mieke, i never took the time to really browse through your portfolio though some of your pieces are listed as favorites , smiles.. I did enjoy viewing your gallery here, looking at objects the way you have done.. especially your captures of nature i love, shows you feel the beauty,, loved the Amsterdam pics as well..;) x

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

Smiles right back at you, Lee! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

David's Photoshop David's Photoshop 651 posts

Truly lovely work Mieke, a great collection and so diverse too.

David xx

robpixaday robpixaday 3065 posts

Woweeeeee!!!! Such a marvelous collection! Glorious images…..beautiful, powerful, thoughtful!!!
And amazing words!!
What a joy!!!!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7360 posts

Oh Mieke – what a truly wonderful collection of photos you have shared with us. I was not familiar with your work, so it has been a very special delight to see it here – all galleried so beautifully. I love the way you have separated the colour and the monochromes -a stunning display.

You show your country off to its very best – its scale, grandeur, emptiness, beauty and power. What a talent you have.

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Exciting, fun and I LOVE your use of color, B&W and selected color mixed in this lovely gallery! Just gorgeous!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

Thank you all for coming to have a look!!! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my photos!

@ Maxy – this whole Hullabaloo thing is fun!! :) :) :)

maxy maxy 17347 posts

Thrilled you are enjoying it and I am enjoying it too!!! ((((HUGS)))

Cat2be Cat2be 4420 posts

Your landscape shots are amazing. I can never get mine to look like anything semi-decent. All your work really jumps off the page.
I really like this one

Morning Walk (near Derby, WA)
by Mieke Boynton

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

I can never get mine to look anything semi-decent


Are you serious???

??? You’ve got rocks in your head! Your work is awesome… I am genuinely amazed by your ability to capture a moment in time… so dynamic in comparison to mine! We take different photos – not any more “decent” or less :) :) :)

But I appreciate your very humbling compliment. Thank you very much.


Elizabeth Bravo Elizabeth Bravo 5562 posts

What gorgeous work. I am just loving your look, crisp and clean. Wonderful vivid colors!!
What a pleasure it is to browse!! I will stop by again!!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

Hi Elizabeth!!! Lovely to see you here! I am really looking forward to sitting down with a coffee this weekend and looking at all the Hullabaloo Galleries! Thank you so much for visiting, and for coming to write a comment on “A Vision Splendid” too!

Magi5760 Magi5760 793 posts

You have incredible work Mieke! Your photos are so crisp, clear and colorful- a pleasure to view!

Joanne  Bradley Joanne Bradley 206 posts

HI Mieke! Along with Kimba and Lucinda Walter, you are one of the most recent additions to my watchlist! I fell in love with your Sunlit and the relationship has been all upwards from that point on. Congratulations on your host exbition for Host Hullabaloo! This collection of your work is fantastic and I must draw attention to another of your images Dancer which totally validated the use of SC in my eyes. Never a fan of SC before, this image won me over completely in it’s drama, elegance and perfect use of the color RED!

Chris Armytage™ Chris Armytage™ 1333 posts

Your work is extraordinary Mieke, it has such a wonderful tranquility. Congratulations on this stunning gallery!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

@ Colin ~ thank you so much. I used to think I didn’t have a ‘style’ of photography, but after having it repeatedly pointed out to me, I have to agree that “crisp, clear and colourful” probably is my “style”… for the colour photography anyway! The B&Ws are a different kettle of fish :)
What would the Bubble do without you and Kim? Between you, you host SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal!! I don’t know how you do it! But thank you :) :) :)

@ Joanne – your wonderful comments constantly bring me much happiness! I am so grateful for your support! I’ve also noticed how supportive you are of artists who make it to the RB Homepage – and I’m surprised that you don’t host any groups! You seem like the perfect host! I know of a few that need a host if you’re interested…???

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

@ Chris ~ thank you very much! I look forward to viewing your gallery this weekend!

Bob Culshaw Bob Culshaw 1847 posts

You have a superb Gallery Mieke – I particularly like this image. I have seen a number of images of these Falls – but none have captured the scene and atmosphere as well as you have done here. Brilliant work!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2530 posts

Hi Bob! Thank you :) It’s really humbling to ‘hear’ you say that, as it’s absolutely true – there are many, many photos of this waterfall on RedBubble. They’re very photogenic :)
I look forward to having a good leisurely browse of your amazing work in your Hullabaloo Gallery later this morning! :)

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8781 posts

Congratulations Mieke. I especailly like Dancer – stunning work!

webbie webbie 362 posts

These are just Awsome ,love the frog lol great writting :)