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F.A. Moore hosts the Solo Exhibition, Art Nouveau, and Southern United States Artists groups.

The gallery is arranged in groups- rooms, if you will, to tour at your leisure and maybe pause for discussion.
The rooms are:
Artist’s Favorite Abstracts,
Artist’s Favorite Figurative Works, and
Footnotes . Thank you for visiting.


by F.A. Moore
One Gardener’s Dream
by F.A. Moore
by F.A. Moore
Breaking Barriers
by F.A. Moore
by F.A. Moore
A Little Bird Told Me
by F.A. Moore
by F.A. Moore
by F.A. Moore
FAMoore 20100530 #5
by F.A. Moore
Luke Griffin Luke Griffin 363 posts

Simply stunning work F.A.

robpixaday robpixaday 3065 posts


Stellar, all!

Linda Bianic Linda Bianic 3232 posts


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Beautiful work!

Sally Sargent Sally Sargent 498 posts

WOnderful body of work you have achieved. I love your abstract work. Of your figure work I favor pop cycle dreams and your exquisite manipulation of Michaelangelo’s Sybil. You can be very proud of this show, Fran. Sally

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4936 posts

Amazing Gallery Frannie!!!

You are sooooo talented! Congratulations for your ART!!!

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Gorgeous gallery!

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love your work so much , this is a wondeful display of your works favs and its hard to pick are lifegiver and chapel of the dragonfly. Excellent gallery!@liz

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HI FRANNIE!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! YOUR WORK IS YOU…. ADORABLE, BRILLIANT and ALL ENCOMPASSING (check the spelling on that one guys…!!)
You are an inspiration and I’ve missed you!!!!!!! Great to see you with this stunning collection!! Thankyou for sharing your work!

Ellen Keagy Ellen Keagy 253 posts

applause from me too!
You are an inspiration my friend!

Ellen Keagy Ellen Keagy 253 posts

ps I wanna be you when I grow up…grins

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Ohhh………. absolutely fabulous!!!!☺♥

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

You all are fantastic! What a pleasant surprise!

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by F.A. Moore

Digital Abstract Art by F.A. Moore, May 31, 2010
Dimensions: 5000 × 5000 @300ppi
Software: Corel Painter Essentials 4, Photoshop Elements 6

In abstract mode, I am wondering do some of us carry the DNA of Alien Species, not only that traces our past, but our future?

The basis for this work was created directly in Painter and PSE, then layered and enhanced in PSE. It reminds me of deep space travel when everything seems very clear but a little surreal, because time is inside out. But you may see something completely different. Let it take you there.

To appreciate the variations in the piece, please view enlarged detail sections by clicking their corresponding thumbnail, below. The enlarged details are at 100% scale, even though they are compressed. If you see a zoom tool as your cursor, click the image once more for the benefit of 100% scale.

I enjoyed working on this piece, immensely. It was very satisfying to paint in Corel Painter, then use Photoshop to layer, arrange, and paint on top of the re-imaged abstract. I admit to loving the deep saturated colors in this. “20100531-1”, along with the other four shown on the first row of the Gallery table convinced me that abstracts are in my future, as a working artist.

I believe that it was about this time that I started numbering most of my abstracts. Abstracts seem to impose an obligation on the viewer to get involved, in order to appreciate the piece, and an equal obligation, perhaps, on the artist, to step back, and allow interpretation and experience to form, without the constraint or suggestion of a title.


2010-06-05 FAMoore-20100531-1 featured in Digital Brushstrokes


“eye” detail

left detail

right detail

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

One Gardener’s Dream
by F.A. Moore

Digital Modern Abstract by F.A. Moore, July 2, 2010
8000 × 5333 px @280ppi

Digital composition of multi-media art includes personal items of: old B&W photo, scanned garden gloves, mostly pencil (a little watercolor) study for oil painting of sister’s garden (that I designed and planted), and various drawings done in the online HTML5 drawing app, Sketchy.


While I’m sure this image is not everyone’s cup of tea, I feel it is a real accomplishment, nevertheless. Although, completely digital, it brings together art forms within digital:
Scan of a pair of gloves – very 3D, a web “Canvas” drawing (in other words, creating and saving a drawing done on a web page, via a tool called “Sketchy”), a scanned photograph, and manipulated art from my own sketches in preparation for painting my sister’s garden (that I had designed and planted for her).

I believe the earthy red-brown color is perfect for the “garden” theme, as most gardens start as dirt. The circular open-shell design also appeals to me, and seems to evoke a garden path, or perhaps even a path through life. We do come full circle, eventually. The small rectangular area looks a bit like a postcard, or packet – (of letters? of seeds?), wrapped up for someone – maybe a lover, or maybe to be stuck in some box, in the attic, for future explorers to uncover. :)

Finally, I can’t let this opportunity go by without mentioning the light and the “rain”. The rain is the result of a scan of a stone wall. I have no idea how to recreate it. It just “happened”. How perfect for the garden. I love the light here, as if the sun is peeking through the clouds, during the rain shower.


2010-07-09 One Gardener’s Dream in Southern United States Artists

2010-07-03 One Gardener’s Dream in Digital Brushstrokes


map to detail sections, below

click thumbnail to see full size section, 1

click thumbnail to see full size section, 2

click thumbnail to see full size section, 3

click thumbnail to see full size section, 4

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by F.A. Moore

Digital Modern Abstract Fine Art by F.A. Moore, Aug. 1, 2010
Dimensions: 9000 × 6000 px @300ppi
Medium: mixed: a) scan of artist’s own oil painting, b) photo resource (bird), c) artist’s own digital abstract works, and d) digital blending and painting
Software tools: PSE 6

uploaded Aug. 3, 2010

Thanks to Maxy for permission to use her precious photograph of a Nuthatch (small bird).

The colors, tree, little bird, and energy forming at the base, suggest to me “renewal”, and thus the title. Otherwise, it would have been another “numbered” abstract.

I hope you feel the “renewal” that I do, here. If you do, please feel free to share the link with any friends who might need renewal.

The overall hue of Renewal is what appeals to me most, but the deep texture also is important. The heavy texture of the underlying oil painting is a huge influence on this piece. You can see it in the detail crops, below.

I like that the very light weight bird, a Nuthatch, photographed and lent to me by Maxy, totally balances the striking color and standout texture. It’s amazing that even small birds have the power to captivate our imaginations and capture our attention to that extent. To clarify, let me say that is not the actual visual weight of the bird, holding things in balance, but rather the weight of our thoughts and notions of the bird that empower it to balance the painting. Am I crazy, or do you “see” this, too?

As I often do, I’ve reused bits and pieces of my other art to create Renewal. Even so, I feel the artwork is totally original. Especially in the digital medium, where it’s easy to do so, I believe in recycling. It’s good for the environment, and it keeps me from going crazy. :)


2010-08-22 Renewal in Light of Love

DETAIL (click any thumbnail to see section at 100% scale)

nuthatch detail (click image to see section)

pink tree leaves detail (click image to see section)

river energy detail (click image to see section)

Kymie Kymie 896 posts

So fabulous, I love your use of colour and selection is just gorgeous :-)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Kymie, thank you for your wonderful comment!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Breaking Barriers
by F.A. Moore

Digital Fine Art by F.A. Moore, January 4, 2010
3200 × 2133 px @ 300ppi

Corel Painter/E4, PS/E6, Mac
Original abstract digital painting, composited and cropped in PS/E

Again, this was an experimental combination of Corel Painter abstract painting, relayered in Photoshop, and combined with a morphed manipulation of a favorite black and white tiling. The finished abstract is a tight crop of a larger piece.

Breaking Barriers’ title came to me after the work was complete. It looks as if the red vertical, right, is breaking through a heavy horizontal barrier. It started me thinking of barriers and how they are made to be challenged, and eventually broken through by the brave and the strong.


2010-01-05 Breaking Barriers featured in All Abstract Art

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

To be continued….


David's Photoshop David's Photoshop 680 posts

Stunning work Frannie, what a wonderful portfolio of work you have created, its an absolute feast to the eyes.

You are so talented and diverse, well done you.

David xx

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6350 posts

Love all of these… the detail (am thinking the nuthatch specfically) in each work is incredible. Now I know to study every part of each of your works to find all the details there! They look great up there :-D

Linda Bianic Linda Bianic 3232 posts

FABULOUS FRANNIE,,,,,,, you are indeed a talented woman, in art, and in computer mumbo jumbo,, thanks for the tutorials ,,, i think i may get it now!! lol xx
pds… your voice is wonderful!!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37018 posts

Linda, thank you, and I hope the tutorials help. I’m in the process of rendering a new “Save Lightboxes” video, but it’s got about 3 more hours of processing before I can start changing it out on the server.

I work very hard to make things easy for the user. That said, the app is in alpha.

Joanne, I’m glad you enjoyed the nuthatch detail. I believe that the detail clips of Renewal, in particular, show what can be done with digital to make it not so flat. I love Maxy’s bird photos. Her birds seem to have so much personality; and this little guy brought life, focus, and meaning to the artwork. It would have missed the mark without the bird.

David, your gracious comment is very appreciated.