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SoJie 10 - Solo's 10th Juried Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts

laureen warrington laureen warrin... 686 posts

This is such amazing news!

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2769 posts

It is fantastic news for all the worthy winners. Huge congratulations!

maxy maxy 17347 posts

WhooooHoooo!!!! You’re gonna be in a gallery and it’s gonna be fantastic!!!

patjila patjila 949 posts

Dashing in here! A bit late but wishing all the fantastic artists and ofcourse organizersof this marvellous event this:

Randi Antonsen Randi Antonsen 185 posts

wow! Fantastic news!!

Reynaldo Reynaldo 193 posts

Congratulations to all peers, and to you as well dear Frannie great job

catherine walker catherine walker 142 posts

wow..congratulations one and all.. so well done . there’s tons. of excitement in here..wonderful work too!!!
when I read that Bernard Lacoque had been honoured with first place..I could almost see him smiling ..fabulous
and how nice is that!….he was an amazing person and artist..I’m rapt for him!


withacanon withacanon 74 posts

I may not post to the group but I will surely come by to view the amazing works here :D

xzendor7 xzendor7 117 posts

Congratulations To The Winner Of The SoJie Exhibition
Continued Success

And Congrats To All The ReBubble Members That Had Their Works Nominated