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Artlacoque - Sediment and Sentiment

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Welcome to my SoMBA Gallery Sediment and Sentiment
Images posted were selected from the art gallery of Solo Exhibition in October, 2010.
My SoMBA Gallery features art that I LOVE!!

I hope you will follow the image and title links and see these artworks up close and personal.
In each month’s SoMBA Gallery I am excited to be able to include 2-4 works from my own art.
Enjoy my gallery and browsing the wonderful works I selected for you.


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ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

by Bob Bremner

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Bob Bremner did not give a title to his abstract . This gives a huge free space for the spectator’s own imagination and association. In this case I’m grateful for that and let my idea of SEDIMENT and SENTIMENT flow in.

Sediment (Latin sedimentum “sediment”) stands for: materials, during or after the geological process of deposition (sedimentation)Sediments can be divided according to their origin into three main groups:clastic sediments (by water, wind, glaciers, debris flow and so transported and so mechanically shaped

particles such as sand)
chemical sediments (by chemical processes from aqueous solutions by precipitation eliminated, such as carbonates )
biogenic sediments (deposits of organisms or from organisms remains, such as coral reefs )

I believe that there is sedimentation of human life while we live here on this planet earth. The deposition of human hopes after having been handled by the water-wind-glacier’s-treatment leaves traces.The smaller particles recline on the top, the heavier they are the deeper they fall.What happens to the sentiment during the attack against the material. How is it involved?
ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Go through it – peace is waiting
by ArtLacoque

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

On the other hand we can say that the sedimentation is only a transformation , a changing of the outer appearance and so eventually uncomfortable for those who are not used to changes, but not a negative thing in itself. Transformation , change, sedimentation……………..

How does it influence the sentiments ? Does it at all ?

Is sedimentation the going through changes to arrive somewhere and where is this somewhere, is it peace? Does a final place exist where the process stops?

Would it make me quiet to know that there is a final place?

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

So This is America?
by Brian Rivera

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

So This is America? is Brian Rivera’s sedimented question.
What has been divided in so many minisculous abstract parts that such a light and comfortable sentiment arises for me? The colours with light blue and an idea of purple somewhere have seen the transformational strength.
Change has come and for the creator of this beautiful abstract work an astonished look at his work “So this is America”.

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Blue stains
by stahlsz

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Blue stains by stahlsz .
Blue a colour of clarity .
Closed eyes.
Are there cycles of sedimentation and pauses in between or is everything an ongoing process.
The purity in this face is covered with spots and shadows. A fluviatil erosion about to take place in tiny steps, not to see just to feel?
Peace is in this work of stahlsz that breathes through the blue stains and leaves a sentiment that flows like blue water.

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Snow Approaching Stanage
by Sue Nichol

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Snow approaching Stanage by Sue Nichols.

I live in Sheffield in England which is bordered by a National Park in Derbyshire. There are many edges which are popular with climbers and this is probably the most well known.
(oil on canvas) 120×90 cm

Sue Nichols

These stones and rocks that shimmer in soft tones live and I almost hear them buzz and hum as Sue Nichols gives them the real life that they wear in themselves.
A living mountain to lend us a place to rest for a pause. And the law of sediments and transformation knows that wind and water will change his actual form, is already in tiniest steps about to do that.

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Face – Bernard Lacoque
by ArtLacoque

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

A Face of the collection of Bernard Lacoque.

Melting and disappearing as his faces always do, the instant sedimentation . The sentiment that arises here together with the face hidden in a wind rose is one of astonishment and sadness. Too fast it’s gone .

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Tantric Series… Core Reproduction
by linaji

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Tantric Series… Core Reproduction by linaji.

Warm red tones and growing passion overflow this work . Sediments have created in a harmonious and heated way a new form of embodying life.
No fear is alarmed about this new form of life .

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

she lets the river answer that she’s always been your lover
by donnamalone

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

by Leonard Cohen

Suzanne takes you down toher place near the riverYou can hear the boats go byYou can spend the night beside herAnd you know that she’s half crazyBut that’s why you want to be thereAnd she feeds you tea and orangesThat come all the way from ChinaAnd just when you mean to tell herThat you have no love to give herThen she gets you on her wavelengthAnd she lets the river answerThat you’ve always been her loverAnd you want to travel with herAnd you want to travel blindAnd you know that she will trust youFor you’ve touched her perfect bodywith your mind.And Jesus was a sailorWhen he walked upon the waterAnd he spent a long time watchingFrom his lonely wooden towerAnd when he knew for certainOnly drowning men could see himHe said “All men will be sailors thenUntil the sea shall free them”But he himself was brokenLong before the sky would openForsaken, almost humanHe sank beneath your wisdom like a stoneAnd you want to travel with himAnd you want to travel blindAnd you think maybe you’ll trust himFor he’s touched your perfect bodywith his mind.Now Suzanne takes your handAnd she leads you to the riverShe is wearing rags and feathersFrom Salvation Army countersAnd the sun pours down like honeyOn our lady of the harbourAnd she shows you where to lookAmong the garbage and the flowersThere are heroes in the seaweedThere are children in the morningThey are leaning out for loveAnd they will lean that way foreverWhile Suzanne holds the mirrorAnd you want to travel with herAnd you want to travel blindAnd you know that you can trust herFor she’s touched your perfect bodywith her mind.Une Ondine ( an undine, a nixie) Are you born with both feets in water???…You give your inks so much spirit !!! BBernard Lacoque at the time sent this comment to Donna. He felt deeply connected to her art and herself.This beautiful Walnut ink work of Donna is so splashing out of the paper like drops that jump when something falls in the water.Water, the main instrument putting sediments on their way, transformer and refresher.
ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Mother Earth
by helene ruiz

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Mother Earth by Helene Ruiz is an Acrylic on Wood painting.

The wood is found in the trash, that’s what Helene Ruiz writes in a comment.
It’s material that had had many other lifes before carrying this important work and message of a healing mother earth.It had lived life as construction material , as a tree, as earth and rain…
The material itself speaks partly of the same as the painted art .

In the womb of mother earth the transformation is prepared with water and waves again.
ALL she is, a tree with arms and brain, a human heart wearing female .
She is in transformation and brings this transformation along herself.

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Mother Earth-Spirit
by Vickie Bodie

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Mother Earth-Spirit by Vickie Bodie

Done in Photoshop
Used the liquid brushes 25 through 50

What happens to the Earth-Happens to the People
Mother speaks
all feel her
all hear her
all know her
Few respect her

Vickie Bodie

Not all is natural sedimentation that changes the place where we walk and breathe and live our lifes. A lot of change is against a natural order and hurts the physical and spiritual order.
We learn slow I suspect.

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

Nude/Face – Bernard Lacoque
by ArtLacoque

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

A Nude/Face by Bernard Lacoque.

The SHE in this painting, realized on wallpaper with acrylics, pastels and chalk wears the future , past and the now in itself. All woven into each other.
For me it expresses the desire of life after itself. The female principle of lifegiving is not only ascribed to women, the longing in the man’s face is not the longing of a male for a sexual act but the equality of masculine and feminine wish to push life forward in neverending dimensions. The expression in the faces are no personal ones. And the purple is the colour of transformation – a shimmering of heaven on a waters surface.

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts

by m-mission

ArtLacoque ArtLacoque 909 posts


Healing bath by m-missionHealing copper is often known as the “Love Metal”… helping us open up to Love energies.These images are from the large copper vessel used to pour cold water in the hamams in istanbul in the early 1900s.Healing copper is an essential component of the natural pigment, melanin that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes. Yes, copper helps stop our hair from turning grey and helps keep our hair thick.Healing copper is required in our body to make enzymes that stop our arteries from hardening and the resulting high blood pressure.Healing copper is required to support the enzyme lysyl oxidase. Lysyl Oxidase is used in the synthesis and maintenance of bone and connective tissue. If this enzyme is somehow not working properly, the maintenance breaks down. We believe that copper is essential to the activation of lysyl oxidase and supports both elastin and collagen, areas of great concern for arthritis sufferers.Healing copper is considered to have a positive influence on blood circulation and metabolism.Healing copper is considered a strong conductor of energy (considered an excellent combination with magnetic field therapy) as an aid for exhaustion.m-missionThe beauty of m-missions work alone would be reason enough to hang it here in my gallery.As I search reasons and arguments for myself about the indelibility of my idea of life I want to ask about how copper developped.Sediments have come along through an immense amount of time and created the now, copper is part of a formation within the process of sedimentation.m-mission lists all the qualities of copper , nothing ever gets lost through the attack of the outer world as sedimentation may take its time but is a creator.