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How to make your own SoMBA Gallery (locked)

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37046 posts

If you are a Solo Member, you only need 3 things to get your own gallery up and running quickly.

1) How-to SoMBA Video – Flash video. (alternatively, use screenshot tutorial in Setup Tool)
2) SoMBA SetUp Tool
— includes introduction code with critical links,
— includes thank you code for last comment of the gallery
— includes screenshot-style tutorial on how to set up your SoMBA Gallery

3) curator policies

TIP 1: view the 2 “sample” galleries
TIP 2: put all placeholders in immediately, in addition to the last, thank-you comment, provided in the setup tool .
— This allows you to finish the gallery over a couple of days, instead of feeling rushed.
— Prevents intervention by host to delete unwanted comments, on the art pages