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SoMBA Galleries - policies for curators (locked)

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How exciting that you want to curate a SoMBA Gallery boutique.

Solo Exhibition is behind you all the way. In the spirit of RedBubble’s new “curated galleries”, Solo adds its support to member involvement of sharing your favorite works. SoMBA Gallery stands for Solo Member Boutique Art Gallery.

Since it is Solo, we have a bit different guidelines. You should find them easy to follow.

Policies to which you agree
by adding a topic in this SoMBA Galleries forum:


# one Gallery/month
# featuring 1 or more Solo members
One Gallery per month limit.
# Not all 1500+ members will make a gallery, but let’s give everyone a chance.
# This limit MAY CHANGE. So check back before creating another gallery.
# Gallery of ONE or MORE artists is fine
# Artist(s) must be Solo members
# Your gallery should showcase 12-24 artworks
# TWO of your own artworks can be included per 12 total works
  1. frame or plain mount images but not both
  2. comment on why this work in the gallery | Format:
  3. Images can be ALL Framed
  4. Images can be ALL Mounted, plain (no artist info)
  5. They cannot be both.
  6. Gallery format is 1 image followed by 1 separate commentary on the image, relative to your theme. That formula is repeated for each artwork (see below) | The Why:
  7. Write a bit about why you selected a work
  8. the “why” is required and considered part of the gallery’s appeal
  9. the “why” goes in a separate comment
  10. the “why” should show in the comment post below the image post. |
  11. only artwork graphics
  12. 12 – 24 works | No Graphics:
  13. Post no other graphics, other than the artworks showcased
  14. No food or drink
  15. No dancing gifs
  16. No congratulations gifs
  17. This rule also applies to your guests | Hints:
  18. Start your SoMBA Gallery with an explanation of your intent. Keep it brief.
  19. Keep the Gallery small to medium size. 12-24 works.
  20. With the “why” comment to compliment each, 24 works will fill up 2 pages.
  21. If your inclination is to add more, start another gallery in a few weeks. |
  22. notify the artists
  23. spread the goodness around
  24. stay positive and theme-oriented | Courtesy
  25. Notify each artist, via bubblemail, of their feature.
  26. Your linked Feature Tag (see “my banners” link in your intro) is perfect for this.
  27. If they request removal from your SoMBA Gallery, replace them, promptly.
  28. If someone already has 3 “Featured in my SoMBA Gallery” tags on their artwork, choose a different work, and spread the goodness around.
  29. Keep comments relative to your theme, and never critical. The SoMBA Galleries are to highlight art and artists. |   |

Links You Need to Start
‘How-to SoMBA’ video (best viewed w/ no other windows or tabs open)
SET-UP TOOL formatted “Introduction” and links

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

Essentially your gallery will be structured like this:

When you create the topic, you will create the title. Keep it SHORT,DESCRIPTIVE and have your NAME in it.
When you create the topic, you will also need to fill in the “body” field. Put your Gallery description and introduction there.
Save your new topic.

Then you will fill the first page like this:
post 1 = image 1
post 2 = commentary on image 1
post 3 = image 2
post 4 = commentary on image 2
post 5 = image 3
post 6 = commentary on image 3


12 images and 12 commentaries, plus your intro created when you created the topic title, will fill page 1 with relevant commentary to your art.

Congratulations! You just made a gallery!

You can continue on the second page and make up to 12 more images.

Two out of each full group of 12 can be your own! Yay! So 4 out of a 24 image can be yours!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

There’s nothing like seeing.

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

There is now a special, professional “Thank you comment” provided inside your SETUP TOOL.

The code is in the 2nd box and is well marked. The thank-you is:

  1. professional
  2. encourages one to think about a purchase from the artist through RB
  3. gives visitors the how to somba link, so they can create their own gallery

DO NOTIFY EACH ARTIST via bubblemail, by way of the linked Feature Tag (found under your “my banners” link in your intro), that you have featured them.

IF THEY REQUEST REMOVAL from your SoMBA Gallery, of course, remove them, promptly, and replace the image. We quibble with no one. There are plenty of fish in the sea.