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Snow and only snow

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Comment Weekly B-Mails
4 topics 7 posts
about 8 years ago by blondiegirl
Comment Shot Of The Week!
15 topics 125 posts
almost 8 years ago by Jellybean720
Comment Challenge Information
5 topics 25 posts

We will post a copy of the Challenge Guidelines here for each of you to see, and Please feel free to add any ideas for challenges here.

Thank you!!

over 6 years ago by Manon Boily
Comment Why was my work rejected?
2 topics 7 posts

This is the place to ask questions on why a piece of your art may have been rejected. Please be patient with us getting back to you, we will always endeavour to answer your questions within 24 hours.
Thank you

about 8 years ago by Johanne Brunet
2 topics 4 posts
about 8 years ago by mazzfarrell
Comment Group News
11 topics 31 posts
over 7 years ago by ROUBLE RUST
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