Redbubble Classified

Group Rules:

1. Only one each of writing, journal and art will be allowed per person.
2. Journals are the place to write your personal history. This can be in the form of a resume or biography, detailing the skills whether they be fine art, photography, writing, performance or other that you are offering as a service.
3. Writing submitted to this group can be an example of your work which must be linked to your journal.
4. Art can be an example of your work but it must be linked to your journal.
5.1 Forums: The Spruiker Forum is a place to interact with others to discuss projects you are working on or would like to work on. It will be flexible in content.
5.2 Forums: Market Place, entries in this section must relate specifically to the types of notices you would place in a “Wanted” section of a newspaper, for example. This can either be work wanted, or person with a specific skill wanted. Any new topics in this forum must have posted date in title. The poster must also request it be removed if the post is filled or the project ends.
5.3 Forums: Classies Cafe, chat about anything here.
5.4 All forums will be monitored and anyone not playing by our rules or the Redbubble rules of etiquette will be removed from the group.
6. DISCLAIMER: Any deals, contracts, agreements formed between members as a result of interaction in this group IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Hosts will not be held responsible if deals go awry. However, we request any difficulties should be sent to the hosts as information referred to Redbubble administration as soon as possible. Please DO NOT air grievances in public forums as this will result in your removal from the group without any chance of appeal.