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Smugglers Havens

Group Rules:

Group Rules

Two uploads a day by approval. Any more will be rejected.

All work to be of high quality. Please keep work as varied as possible.

All work to be recognisable of a Cove, Harbour, Creek or Inlet in the UK & Ireland.
No ‘mini planets’.

All work to have full description as to its location, nearest main town etc.
What and where it is, In more than two words please. Please include the County.

HDR, Orton etc. We like this, but please do not over enhance the effect so making it unrecognisable.

NO seagulls, children or pets shots.

Please keep writing to the group theme.

No more challenges will be held.

to the hosts regarding rejected work will not be entered into.

Constant disregard
to the rules and guidelines could result in your removal from the group.
Personal abuse to other members or hosts will result in your expulsion from the group.

Art Theft is a Crime, and will not be tolerated in this group.

The Hosts decision is final.