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Smoke Photography

Group Rules:

3-5 Images per Day.

Photography Only!

Each image Must include smoke in some form or another.

  1. NO images of something that creates smoke unless there is distinct smoke also in the image.
    NO drug-related images.
  2. NO TOPAZ or other over-processed HDR!!!
  3. No Words Added to Photos (photos of signs with words on them are okay)
  4. No Cheesy Effects (aka no Flood and things like it)
  5. No Fractalius
  6. Texturing is Acceptable (but please don’t overdo it)
  7. Nudes are accepted but pornography is not; please be aware of the boundary

Hosts reserve the right to use Any Image submitted to this Group for promotions and/or Challenges.

Hosts reserve the right to accept or deny any image submitted to this Group based on Group Rules, Guidelines, and personal preferences.

Anyone not complying with Group Rules shall be quietly removed from this Group by we, the Hosts, without fanfare.

RedBubble Rules apply to ALL happenings within this space.

Before you join, please be aware that your work when featured will be displayed on a Permanent Gallery and also it may be used as an Challenge Avatar
It may from time to time be displayed on our Group’s Homepage as well…
And that by joining this group you’ll be consenting to the above..