STOP and Smell the Roses

Group Rules:

Group Guidelines: We are looking for quality in your images. If it is a art medium, it needs to look real (life like).
We will no longer accept dead or dried roses, selective color images, fading colors, framed roses, gardens, textures, black & white, no collages please.

1. Primary subject of an entry must be a rose or roses. If you’re unsure whether the subject flower is a rose or not – do not submit it to this group.

2. No extreme macro shots (i.e., petal, stamen only, etc.). We want to see the rose – not just a little piece of it. It should be immediately clear that the image is of a rose.

3. Please no images with words/text on them.

4. Journals are allowed.

5. Submissions to the group will be approved or denied based on the above listed guidelines.

6. No gardens please.

7. No dead or dried flowers.

If a member consistently fails to follow the guidelines listed above or harasses the moderator(s), they will be removed from the group. If you re-submit an image three times after it was rejected, you will be removed from the group. Be careful to read why your image was rejected. Do not re-submit it.

Thanks so much for your cooperation!!