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******STOP and Smell the Roses******

A group for all artists of all mediums, devoted to the mesmerizing and peaceful rose.


  • Rose 178 by secretgardener
  • Blue Rose by AnnDixon
  • Red Rose for Love by AnnDixon
  • Souvenir of a beauty by bubblehex08
  • Red rose by SIR13
  • rose by Keren Smithies
  • Lavender Rose Just About Perfect  by Sandra Foster
  • Delicate Rose by Margaret Stanton
  • Porcelain petals by Celeste Mookherjee
  • A red Rose by rom01
  • Rosy Red Rose by RickDavis
  • Happy Birthday Peonies by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Hidden treasures by MarianBendeth
  • Hansa Rose Buds by Sandra Foster
  • Rose 364 by secretgardener
  • Christmas Flowers in Glass Vase by Claire Bull
  • Colorful Flowers by Cynthia48
  • Misty Rose by DVJPhotography