Skyscrapers - Features up 14/9/15

Fill the frame with purpose built buildings over 15 storeys high. We also accept the views taken from skyscrapers.

Features for 26th December 2012.

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The features are up and you can find the permanent gallery here

I have not forgotten about a challenge I launched, alas there has been way too much going on offline and cannot face the computer for long enough to concentrate on more than essentials. On the plus side I am now caught up with all features. On the downside, challenges etc have to take a backseat. Then again, some group messages are getting, at best, 1 or 2 views and it has been like that for 2 or 3 months now, maybe longer… so maybe we ALL need a break.

I shall not promise to do better in the future but I do promise that this group is very dear to me and I shall not abandon it/you.

Take care everyone!