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Skyscrapers - Features up 14/9/15

Fill the frame with purpose built buildings over 15 storeys high. We also accept the views taken from skyscrapers.

Third Features: 23rd April 2012.

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6349 posts

So the third features of the group are all about City Skylines. Not much to say beyond that!

Some from the back of the group’s gallery, some from New Members and I think one from around the middle of the gallery.

Please take a moment to congratulate the artists! :-)

Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
by PollyBrown

Tampa Skyline
by Kim McClain Gregal

Downtown Jacksonville
by Laurie Perry

Brisbane River and City at dawn. Queensland, Australia.(9)
by Ralph de Zilva

Gotham City
by pmarella

Perth towers at sunrise
by EOS20

Sharon Brown Sharon Brown 2714 posts

Beautiful…and thank you so much for featuring one of mine. Well done to the other featured artists