Skyscrapers - Features up 14/9/15

Fill the frame with purpose built buildings over 15 storeys high. We also accept the views taken from skyscrapers.

Second Features: 10th March 2012.

JoAndCoCards JoAndCoCards 75 posts

What better way to feel the awe of Skyscrapers than to stand right underneath and watch as they graze the sky above? That is the point of this month’s features :-D

Enjoy and please take a moment to congratulate the artists :-)

Trump Tower & 330 North Wabash
by JCBimages

by titus

The Viridian Nashville – March 2012 – GOLDEN HOUR – Vintage Modern
by Daniel Oyvetsky

Gloomy Days Ahead?
by Ben Loveday

Atlantic Cityscape
by ctheworld

The Two Towers
by robigeehk

ctheworld ctheworld 7372 posts

Congrats to everyone, and thank you for including one of mine!

robigeehk robigeehk 45 posts

Wonderful work everyone. Thanks for including my shot in this great collection!

Daniel  Oyvetsky Daniel Oyvetsky 1 post

Congrats !! Thank You for including mine as well! – Daniel

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6349 posts

You’re very welcome :-D Welcome Daniel and thanks for making this your first forum post, that’s kind of awesome :-D