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Skyscrapers - Features up 14/9/15

Fill the frame with purpose built buildings over 15 storeys high. We also accept the views taken from skyscrapers.

A skyscraper reflected in another skyscraper. Win

Larry Lingard-Davis Larry Lingard-... 2485 posts

I have just been told I have won the “A skyscraper reflected in another skyscraper.” challenge with 7 votes.
I would like to thank all those members who took the time to vote and especially those who cast a vote for my image.
And also, I would like to thank the moderators for the great job that they do with this group.
So please show them your support in the forum by letting them know how you feel occasionally.

JoAndCoCards JoAndCoCards 75 posts

Congratulations Larry and thank you so much for the support!!

Now I feel embarassed that I did not spot this sooner :-P