Skyscrapers - Features are up (030314)

Fill the frame with purpose built buildings over 15 storeys high. We also accept the views taken from skyscrapers.

Recent Work

  • Going Down and Looking Out by paintingsheep
  • Behind every Window, a Job by njordphoto
  • Tzogos by Lucas D'Arcy
  • Stormy sunrise by Lucas D'Arcy
  • Bank Shot by Tim Wright
  • Kiss Of The Night by Evelina Kremsdorf
  •  Smart phone time by MarianBendeth
  • The Burj Al Arab ( 3 ) by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • Looking Up by Werner Padarin
  • Paris - City of Lights at Sunset by Vivienne Gucwa
  • Terrific Toronto by MarianBendeth
  • Singapore 1 by Werner Padarin

About This Group

Skyscrapers only thanks – that’s what this group is all about, or the view from skyscrapers!

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