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REAL skies in Images. SKY Images. The focus should be the SKY. Please don't resubmit work that has been rejected by the group.

September 22 Feature

rocamiadesign rocamiadesign 2803 posts

The only theme I followed for today’s feature is that each image had to have an absolutely stunning sky. Congratulations to all the featured artists for this well deserved honor! Please take the time to look at each image in full view. I hope they will inspire you as much as they have me. I can’t wait for the chance to take photos as spectacular as these!

February Stars …
by Jared Revell

Tafelkop Twilight
by Rob Southey

Grand Finally
by Robbie Robinson

The Arves needles
by Rémi Bridot

Sunset over Lake Martin, Louisiana
by cclaude

Forth Rail Bridge
by Don Alexander Lumsden

Sorry to put a damper on things
by MarianBendeth

Evening sky after sunset and before thunderstorm
by Irina777

Summer Storm at Enderby
by Jann Ashworth

Ominous Outback
by NautilusBlue

September Aurora & moon
by Frank Olsen

View of the Tatras
by RobertoRybak

Barbara  Glover Barbara Glover 450 posts

Oh wow, wow, wow, wonderful images. Well done all.

MarianBendeth MarianBendeth 1494 posts

I am just so honoured to be amongst these diamonds!!
Thanks so much!

Irina777 Irina777 88 posts

Thank you very much! I’m truly honoured to be featured here as well ! And congratulations to all the artist!

RobertoRybak RobertoRybak 1 post

Thank you very much for the featured.

P.S. real view was much beautiful than photo :)

virginian virginian 13013 posts

Congrats to all !