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Make a Video for YouTube

Gracey Gracey 1018 posts

I’ve got an account on YouTube where I upload videos – not camera videos, but videos created using flash and other forms of video manipulation. Some of what’s there have been requested, some are advertising in the form of book teasers etc. A couple are my own work.

I wouldn’t mind putting together a video of wildlife and nature work from the group and putting it up on YouTube. I won’t use work unless an artist gives the OK, so anybody who thinks they’d like to have their work in YT video based on the Top Shelf Wildlife and Nature Art, post a link here.

All videos have artist credits in them.

Samples here (most of these are fairly short):

Abfractfabulous (just for me)

Circle of Light (for Author Emily Roesly)

Naked Genius (for the Naked Genius Group of Artists)

sendao sendao 40 posts

Hi Gracey!
if you think my work is good Enough you can use it!…

TimADeVore TimADeVore 82 posts

If there is anything in my NATURE media you would like to use, you are welcome to do so☺


Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 3910 posts

More than welcome to use any of mine if it is what you need!….

BarbL BarbL 318 posts

Any of my photos are yours to use! What a wonderful idea!

Leslie van de Ligt Leslie van de ... 1286 posts

More than welcome to use mine if you wish. Thank you

KSkinner KSkinner 26 posts

I’m fine with my work being used if this is still being worked on. I think this kind of promotion would be a great asset!

Gracey Gracey 1018 posts

Yes, I’ll still be doing this if we can get enough participants.

Keith – I added the group link to the google search engine as well, which hopefully should boost views from outside the bubble.