Silhouette of photography or art

Recent Work

  • solitude by Siju Doniston
  • Bare Branches Salute The Dawn by David McMahon
  • Harvest Moon by Megan Noble
  • Sunset over Essaouira by EveW
  • Vivid Desert Sunset by Tori Snow
  • High Voltage by Justin Gittins
  • Summer Sun by Jessica Loftus
  • Jelly Watching by Gregory L. Nance
  • golden days by Siju Doniston
  • On the Jetti in lake illawarra by Ryan Conyers
  • sunset silhouettes.. by Michelle McMahon
  • God's Rays on Haying Day by Debbie Robbins

About This Group

Silhouettes of photography or art. 2 photos/art a day to allow others to have their images on the groups main page. No nudity please, there are plenty of groups for those images, however tasteful they maybe :)

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