"♥ show me a sign ♥"

♥ heART that is making a difference ♥

  • Hand Warmer by phil decocco
  • Hard Knock Life by phil decocco
  • Only We Can Save Us by Harlan Mayor
  • Homeless In The Sunset by phil decocco
  • The Impossible Dream by Ben Loveday
  • Shoeless by phil decocco
  • Old Lady by Mark Smart
  • Every child and every plant must be nourished by Mark Smart
  • Happy.... No Matter What! by Carole Brunet
  • Strength by Adnane Mouhyi
  • Lonely Christmas by Michael Woodward
  • once a musician, always... by byzantinehalo
  • All The Lonely People by Charmiene Maxwell-Batten
  • Ain't life a drag... by Mark Tull
  • The homeless by borstal
  • Homeless man by borstal
  • street kids by rainbowvortex