Shots in the Fog

This group is for those photographers who love to shoot in the fog or mist.


  • Foggy Red by Asoka
  • foggy tree line by dc witmer
  • Falls at Letchworth by Lisa Cook
  • Untitled by Nigel Donald
  • Out of the Mist by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Rocket Lane by John Dunbar
  • Talking Heads by redtree
  • Glade Creek Mill by dc witmer
  • The Journey` by Southernlass
  • Goth Night by Honario
  • All Hallow's Park by Honario
  • Playground with a View by Chris Chalk
  • Stillness by Caterpillar
  • Hathersage Moor by John Dunbar
  • There!Nowhere! by Sandro Rossi
  • reach the fog by dc witmer
  • Alone` by Southernlass
  • Woodlands walk by Southernlass