Shots in the Fog

This group is for those photographers who love to shoot in the fog or mist.

Recent Work

  • Untitled by Nigel Donald
  • Out of the Mist by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Rocket Lane by John Dunbar
  • Talking Heads by redtree
  • Glade Creek Mill by dc witmer
  • The Journey` by Southernlass
  • Goth Night by Honario
  • All Hallow's Park by Honario
  • Playground with a View by Chris Chalk
  • Stillness by Caterpillar
  • Hathersage Moor by John Dunbar
  • There!Nowhere! by Sandro Rossi

About This Group

This group is for those photographers who love to shoot in the fog or mist. Anyone with a passion for these type of shots is invited to join. I encourage all to comment on each other’s works to get them re-noticed by the public.
We all know fog is a chance subject, we dont have it available to use like we do sunsets or wildlife, or still lifes. So its ok to be on the group and add your fog or misty shots as you can get them.

Paintings of fog and mist are also most welcome :))

The group’s latest Sea mist foggy challenge has seen an amazing range of quality entries

TWO wonderful images have won in a stunning tie for first place, both with 16 votes each and runner(s) up hot on their heels.

So huge congratulations to Sue and Kristina for these wonderful images… and also to all the entrants who entered such amazing work!

Ghostship: Pasha Bulker in the Morning Mist by Sue Wotton


A Foggy Evening on the Wharf by Kristina Gale

Feel free to leave a message for them here

Maggie & Chris

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