Short Stories

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  • Edward A. Lentz

    Winter's Edge by Edward A. Lentz

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    1613 words
  • Matthew Dalton

    Kate by Matthew Dalton

    I will work for your love, not because I need it, but because you need to give it.

    191 words
  • Nancy Ames

    Card Play by Nancy Ames

    With a winning smile, he opened her door, with losers like hounds on his trail.

    148 words
  • Matty B. Duran

    Odyssey:The Summer of 1976 by Matty B. Duran

    This summer it will be 40 years since we lived inside the veins of L.A.’s fantastic freeways. It was the bicentennial of our country. Gerald Ford was president of the country. Disco coursed the veins…

    6691 words
  • Matty B. Duran

    Combative Run by Matty B. Duran

    Morning formation would be soon, and I didn’t even say a prayer. I couldn’t really swallow, my mouth was uncomfortably dry. I hadn’t slept, in what felt like days. I just Iaid on the bunk, as if in a…

    6884 words
  • Miles Moody

    The Unlikely Tale of Red Rufus No-Crow by Miles Moody

    That rooster felled every stalk, what with that cleaver stuck in his neck. A man with a sling blade couldn’t have done no better…

    2916 words
  • Miles Moody

    The Rock of Ages by Miles Moody

    …she slipped ever deeper into the darkness of the expanding crack. “Even the sun has deserted me,” she cried. “I have only the stark cold light of the moon to comfort me in my despair.”

    1607 words
  • Nadya Johnson

    ET's Mistake by Nadya Johnson

    Be careful where you drink! There could be some Strange Creatures in the joint.

    533 words
  • Ian Mooney

    She Flew Towards The Sun by Ian Mooney

    Sasha descended slowly, feet first into the book vault, her white wings folded into her back as tightly as they could go. The only way in was via this narrow chamber, positioned off to the left side …

    1705 words
  • Kelly Chiara

    A Prince and Blue Slippers by Kelly Chiara

    The room fell silent as the Prince stepped into the middle of the crowd, everyone moving back to form a large circle. "I would be honored…

    1058 words
  • Karen01

    Onomasiology by Karen01

    She moves with the innocence of the clear-eyed child, but with the wisdom of the crone in her core.

    828 words
  • Nancy Ames

    Her Boyfriend by Nancy Ames

    He felt like a fool running after her so he just walked fast, speeding up and slowing down as alternating waves of anxiety and self-consciousness washed over him.

    577 words
  • s sansom

    blue by s sansom

    there came a time when I had to leave the womb. say goodbye to everything and everyone I’d known, and dive into the abyss.…

    From an early age, I trusted my self and that was it.

    did I do it for me
    or f

    177 words
  • Miles Moody

    A Cinderella Story As Never Told by Miles Moody

    She was disrobed entirely but for a few scraps of torn clothing tied about her nakedness and splattered in blood as if she had been in close proximity to a massacre. I have attended matters of rape.

    6871 words
  • mortnevermore

    Blood Moon by mortnevermore

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    731 words
  • s sansom

    milk & honey by s sansom

    We are a thousand falling leaves. No one leaf the same as before, each a little closer to the soul.

    1662 words
  • ReadyMades

    A Cat Named Joyce by ReadyMades

    As I was walking home where my cat and dog lived with the big windows and lawns mowed by James Landscaping and Gardening of Qualicum Beach established many years ago by early settlers who built a sma…

    494 words
  • Nancy Ames

    The Crooked Trail by Nancy Ames

    All the voices had their own little self-conscious echoes. Toward the end all the echoes made the big room with the stone fireplace seem extra hollow.

    748 words