Quite simply, this group is about….

Recent Work

  • Evil Gal by Dana Horne
  • Walking barefoot into the big bad world.... by Bob Daalder
  • Single Red  by WoolleyWorld
  • Hoop n Boots by joan warburton
  • Flower Heels by RagAragno
  • LEFT and Forgotten! by Heather Friedman
  • Union Jack Custom Dr. Martens by Corbin Adler
  • Red Boots by phil decocco
  • High Heels & Glitz by sarnia2
  • Red Shoes  by ArtbyDigman
  • Red! Red! Red! by ulryka
  • Keep Calm & Wear Flipflops by BevsDigitalArt

About This Group

Quite simply, this group is about….shoes!

It can be a fetish but shoes are an art form alone. Some shoes are art. I know I have bought a few and cannot wear them and so have made them into art. I do printmaking and do prints of shoes, perhaps you make sculpture out of shoes, or maybe you like to photograph people and their shoes, Shoes must feature in the picture, right now this group is open to post as many shoes as you like. I may moderate closer lately. Please keep it to shoes only.

Thank you.

Let’s see your shoe art.

This weeks Superfeature is by Margaret

The Dangers of Drunk Dialing

Congratulations Margaret!

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