SHAPES and PATTERNS - Works ONLY & 1 per 24 Hrs

Unless you like rejection, Please submit ONLY works that meet the rules


  • Feathers and fleurs by Paul Pasco
  • Stone wall covered in moss. by Karen  Betts
  • Refelctions by Iris MacKenzie
  • Afghanistan from above #1 by Michiel de Lange
  • Deck View by barkeypf
  • Birds in Love by RumourHasIt
  • Snowflakes multicolor by dima-v
  • Paisley pattern in green by nikamartinez
  • Chinese Year of the Rooster - 2017 by missmoneypenny
  • Arabesque  by Danica Radman
  • 2016 AUTUMN COLOURS  by bgoddard
  • Luminous Ringed Circles on Green by Heidi Capitaine
  • Beach Wire by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Untitled by Rupert Russell
  • Progression by metriognome
  • Decorative Brick Work by Yampimon
  • Kissing Birds in the Blossoms  by JonPark
  • frozen fog by psychoshadow